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Contentious Times and People

It was a great revelation for me today to see the blessing it is in my life being somewhat surrounded by contentious times and people. I do not know about anyone else, but for me, I would much rather learn the important lessons in life, while in the valley of the shadow of death, rather than on the mountain top, where I want to enjoy fully the beautiful blooming flowers in full array of colors so beautifully displayed in the warm shining sun with diverse textures and fluffs of clouds passing overhead. 772 more words

What Next?

After setting myself up to fail in ways that have big consequences I have run out of ideas to support myself and daughter.  A failure.  Despite my beginnings I never would have thought that by the time I reached my 30’s I would be a failure. 34 more words


Unhappy People

When I was younger I used to wonder why so many adults were unhappy.  Everywhere you looked, movies, sitcoms, coffee shops, homes, work places…adults being unhappy. 446 more words



How can unhappy people be happy? That is a question that everyone asks and one that tormented me for years at end. How can she… 133 more words


Life Suckers

Be aware of those who push on your energy.  You know the ones that you are around whether it’s work, school, home, etc. that always got issues, can’t seem to muster up a smile, you feel like you have to do backflips to please-these are a special kind of breed and we call them life suckers. 345 more words

Happiness And Health

Studies show that happy people — or, at least, people who self-identify as happy — are likely to live longer.  So, does that mean being happy is the key to living to a ripe old age? 356 more words