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The most Vulnerable of the Vulnerable

One of the major issues facing the world today is the current refugee crisis. It’s the first of its kind since World War Two, and arguably more complex and politically challenging to address. 332 more words


Let us not forget

As we are dragged kicking and screaming into interminable weeks of sickening electioneering that will, yet again, have asylum seekers and refugees as one of its core bones of contention, 399 more words


UN Seeks Backdoor into US for Syrian Refugees

Our “laborious, time-consuming process” is standing in the way of settling half a million refugees as fast as possible.

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Blog: Why hasn’t the rise of new media transformed refugee status determination?

by Rosamary Byrne
this blog was originately posted at Oxford University Press Blog

Information now moves at a much greater speed than migrants. In earlier eras, the arrival of refugees in flight was often the first indication that grave human rights abuses were underway in distant parts of the world. 1,087 more words


Putting Things into Perspective - Figures on Refugees

For about a year the topic refugees has dominated German media. For about a year, facts and figures were rarely put into relation – terms were confused with each other and the common citizen likes to use those figures to make a point where there is none. 478 more words

Cultural Understanding

Aqeela Asifi: A Teacher in Exile Continues the Struggle

Imagine teaching for 23 years in a small Afghan refugee camp at Kot Chandana village, on the outskirts of the Punjab province in Pakistan, and then, one day, learning that Stephen Hawking himself has lauded you and your work.  741 more words

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