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Icon of the Day: Angelina Jolie

The word icon to me goes hand-in-hand with the word admired and when I think of one person on this planet that I truly admire,  231 more words


Stuck: Time is running out for non-refugee spouses of Bhutanese refugees

by Gloriana Sojo

Sita was not forced to seek asylum in the corner of Nepal. She was not persecuted in Bhutan, and she was not born in the Beldangi refugee camp. 1,667 more words

Guest Post

Lack of Livelihood Causes Migration

দেশান্তরি করছে নিদারুন অভাব

ডেটলাইন থাইল্যান্ড, ২৩ মে ২০১৫ঃ দীর্ঘদিন ধরে জান্তা সরকারের সীমাহীন নিপীড়ন এবং জাতিগত বর্বরতার শিকার মিয়ানমারের রোহিঙ্গা মুসলমানরা মৃত্যুর ঝুঁকি নিয়ে দেশ ছাড়তে বাধ্য হচ্ছে। …


The Hindu - Yearning for original home

Six years after the civil war ended in Sri Lanka, over a lakh nationals are unwilling to return to their country as there is no viable repatriation package on offer… 368 more words


Nepal Earthquake Survivors Look to the Future

Reconstruction in Nepal starts with those who lost their homes and livelihoods. Meet six of them. My piece for UNHCR Tracks.



Rohingya Muslims are definitely being brought to American towns

We’ve suspected that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the US State Department are working to bring Rohingya boat people, who arrive illegally in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to America, but… 555 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program