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Quote 152 - Intellectual Boundaries

Intellectual boundaries are violated when someone dismisses or belittles your thoughts or ideas.

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Your Criticism Isn't Helpful

Amanda and Janet are sisters and close friends. They spend much of their free time together and often attend events that they both enjoy. Tonight, they are going to a cocktail party thrown by an old friend and Amanda has purchased a new dress that she is excited to wear. 981 more words

Stacey Aldridge Lmsw


You said you needed me to almost insure your existence. I’m sure that this is what they meant by codependency.

You still rendered nightmares nightly, with reinforced doors against unseen persecutions. 77 more words



Didn’t know what this would be, youth clouding my eyes so I could not see.

Welcomed to my hurricane, fast nights, fast bikes and behavior far from sane. 122 more words


It's okay to leave...

Disclaimer: The day you stop putting up with people’s bullshit, is the day you will be truly happy.

Too much sauce? Well, I’m a writer…and a woman. 1,250 more words

Chapter One: Corey

This is one of those love stories that people don’t really tell. It’s the side of love that I think most want to pretend doesn’t exist; the ugly, selfish, horrible side.  648 more words


The Roots of "Not Enough"

Who told you that you were not good enough?

At least one person came to your mind before you finished reading that sentence. Maybe it was the words that your mother, father, 3rd grade teacher, or ex-boyfriend said to you. 432 more words