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Predatory People and Toxic Relationships

My rant to a harassing person from my past that will not respect my NO:

Not everyone is our friend. There are those people who are alongside the Enemy and just wish to kill, steal, and destroy. 472 more words


Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods. I don’t say this term lightly and I don’t say it without any rational thought. But it is what I see in myself, I’ve been through hell. 82 more words

FREE to LOVE After an Unhealthy Relationship

Yes, you are finally free! Now What? It took strength and determination to break free. It’s going to take strength, determination and patience to ensure you are recovered from the experiences of an abusive relationship. 240 more words

Fresh Start


I can honestly say I hate people. Do I want to be alone? No. Do I want to be surrounded? No.
All I want is for the people that say they love me to really love me. 926 more words


Why the "Bad Boy?"

Why do women so often fall for the “Bad Boys?” This question is as old as the problem yet we can’t seem to come up with a clear answer, much less a possible solution for it. 2,126 more words

How good is your boyfriend? Find out here...

Well.  Here you are.  Searching for an answer because maybe your boyfriend seems ‘too perfect’ or maybe he’s not doing quite what you’d like him to do.   918 more words


Dealing with addiction, at home or in the office

Addiction is so prevalent today, in families, and in the workforce. I am writing this article for the purpose of sharing some personal insights of what it is like to be in a working or personal relationship with an addict. 1,816 more words