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The Crossroads... (Part 5: On hugging a cactus)

The question mark
Hung at the end of every fear
Is answered by
The promise that you are with me here
And that’s all I’ve got… 1,605 more words

Sexual Abuse & Violence

Dealing With Tough Stuff, Sober. Post #7

Sorry I haven’t been posting!! Been going through a ton of stuff right now.

One thing I’d like to say first and foremost, the only thing getting me through life right now is the thought of everything potentially falling apart if I choose to screw up. 620 more words



Today's prompt be rather powerful
Incorporate boundary personal world

By virtue of 'crystal clear consolations'
Utterance loved one's excellent affirmations

Ruination overshadow beautiful yesterdays
Flat refusal further down road opportunities

Declutter, eradicate concentrated visionaries
Exterminate, destruct overwhelming memories 

Comfort knowledge retain persona self-respect
Mixed feelings admission degree be lowlife met

Written off friendship forevermore non-exist
Categorize in perpetuity non-entity persists. 11 more words


Morning social media conversation 'Hi'
Forbidden one certain quite surprise

Exchange details Karma laughable cite
Age preferential genuine remain polite

Humiliation feelings thankful overcome
Transformation healthy self-esteem done

Laughable extend best wishes younger gal
Old flame of mine appear groom you well

Unbelievable whene'er he not be with thee
Entertain thoughts other women wanna see

Cycle one hundred percent perfect clear me
Player in disguise from whom glad thou free

Amazement outsider's view disgust apparent
Imagine adult child watch o'er single parent

New release one moved on versus one remain stuck
Awesome feelings fare better area true love luck.

© 2018 June Quintin

Relationship corner: Dealing With Unhealthy Relationships

In the world today, there are quite a number of people who choose to remain in unhealthy and abusive relationships. This can be due to a number of factors but most time, the reasons can all be linked to fear. 220 more words


Dating Other Addicts. My Experiences. Post #5

It’s so easy to find another addict to use with and start dating right off the fly. It’s quick, there’s not much thought in the decision. 1,007 more words


Today is not a good day. But it's the beginning of the end.

Today, I am going to try to leave my abusive relationship. This is not a point I ever expected to come to. Even just 48 hours ago I didn’t see it coming. 4,820 more words