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My Friend Cheyenne

When I was in the 6th grade, entering into middle school for the first time – completely separated from literally EVERYONE I knew – I found myself making my first new friend; a friend who I would learn to adapt myself for in an effort to please (or at least keep from punishing me with the silent treatment, or threats of redacting her friendship). 705 more words

Be Yourself

Why The Girls With The Best Hearts Find Themselves In Toxic Relationships

It always seems the best kindest people I know end up in these relationships with these people who don’t deserve all they have to offer. I find myself wondering both about them and myself. 1,359 more words

Miscommunication Freeze

A text versus an actual phone call resulted in heartbreak. My reply with various not-so-nice words a man would rather not hear either hurt you or freed you up to not face the task of collateral damage yourself.  319 more words

Blogging 101


Setbacks can be circumstantial, or a part of a recovery process. When we experience setbacks in our circumstances we can become frustrated. As an example we may be traveling well in our finances satisfied that our savings are on the increase as opposed to decreasing. 987 more words


orignal ; pretty boy's dog ; arturo/clarence ; breakup song

The first time you leave him is hard and the second time you leave him is harder and by the third time you leave him, you feel as though you might die, or worse. 229 more words


romeo & juliet ; tybalt/mercutio ; bad habits

You know he’s a bad idea, but you’ve got a hundred bad ideas on your belt loop, so you figure, what’s another one?

When he’s crossing the dance floor, you think quick and grab his arm. 185 more words


Because you allow it.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she asked me what seemed to be a rhetorical question at that moment but turned out a little later on that she actual wanted an answer. 374 more words