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Relationships to let go in the New Year

I was reading on a comment on one of my favorite blogs recently where someone commented on the many sad relationship stories on almost every blog these days. 1,082 more words

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Fear of relationships Pt.2

It’s been 3 years since then, I thought that by now I would have healed and I would be able to get in a relationship no problem. 643 more words


New Podcast: The 4 Pillars To Make Your Relationship Work!

What is the basis of a good relationship? Listen as we discuss the all-important Four Pillars: Honesty, Trust, Respect, and Mutual Benefits.

“Our Quest For Happily Ever After… And Why It Sometimes Does Not Work” is Available Now: at 9.99 USD.

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Here's what they don't tell you about Possessive People

Possessiveness is the epitome example of “good intention, wrong method.”

Possessiveness in the right amount is healthy in any relationship irrelevant of what the relation is, (romantic, friendship, family, pet etc.) this shows that the possessor cares and honestly is afraid of losing of what is possessed. 649 more words