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What is real?

Let me begin by saying that I think therapy should be a regular part of healthcare for all beings and not just a luxury for those who can afford it. 3,172 more words

There He Is, Mr. America (#31 - Showing Off)

Analyzing the cover: Hope and Tara laughing at Sean’s terrible singing. Except he does a gymnastics routine as his talent. So.

Everyone laughs at the idea of the Young Mr. 1,158 more words

New Squad

Unhealthy Relationships

The words ‘dominant’ and ‘domineering’ are linguistically very similar. The word ‘Dom’ derives itself from Latin ‘Dominus’ meaning master or owner. In French the word translates as ‘sieur’ and in English as ‘sir’. 1,243 more words


7 Signs of Emotional Abuse

Abuse is a subject not discussed frequently enough, and if it’s depicted in television or in books, it’s done so in its most obvious incarnations. Or, assuming it’s depicted, it is romanticized by the narration (such as in… 609 more words


Did blogging ruin my marriage?

When I first started blogging I came across other blogs I enjoyed by various means. I discovered a number of other people going through similar (and sometimes not so similar) experiences of parenthood to me. 1,382 more words

Emotional Abuse

Hello Old Friend.

Hello Old Friend,

You came back to me again. I was certain I had lost you this time. But, in true friend stalker fashion, you were only 3 steps behind me all along. 474 more words

When Emotional Attachment Becomes Unhealthy

SOURCE:  JADE MAZARIN/Relevant Magazine

4 ways to let go when you are in a bad relationship.

I’ve had plenty of experiences in my life where I struggled with emotional attachment. 1,167 more words