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There's Nothing Witty to Put Here

(Please make sure to at least read the disclaimer at the end of this post even if you don’t want to read the whole thing.) 798 more words

Emotional Abuse

Unhealthy Relationships

Hello friends!

How are you doing today?

Today I’m talking about unhealthy relations and friendships. Here’s the deal:

Relationships, no matter who they are with, are meant to make you happy. 614 more words


A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

In case you couldn’t tell, this is a picture from my wedding day. Thanks to social media I came across it and it prompted me to write this following entry. 449 more words

12 Foolproof Signs Your Relationship Has Hit A Dead End (And You Need To Accept It)

1. You fight more than you laugh.

Fighting has become your new thing and it’s not a good thing. You honestly can’t remember the last time you had an enjoyable day together without bickering over something or crying. 859 more words

When Is It Time To Walk Away From The Person You Envisioned Forever With?

Love is a mess, sometimes it’s perfect, but most of the time it’s a mess. You have contradicting thoughts and ideas in your head. You might not agree on everything or your S/O might not take things you’re actually concerned about seriously. 865 more words

Abusive Relationships Are Confusing

I have been reflecting a bit and it just amazes me how confusing abusive relationships can be.

My abuser wasn’t always horrible. He could make me laugh and had a good sense of humor. 830 more words


I was crying in the dark, taking care that my crying doesn’t turn into sobs, taking care that he doesn’t hear me, taking care that I at least appear strong on the surface. 517 more words

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