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I can honestly say I hate people. Do I want to be alone? No. Do I want to be surrounded? No.
All I want is for the people that say they love me to really love me. 926 more words


Why the "Bad Boy?"

Why do women so often fall for the “Bad Boys?” This question is as old as the problem yet we can’t seem to come up with a clear answer, much less a possible solution for it. 2,126 more words

How good is your boyfriend? Find out here...

Well.  Here you are.  Searching for an answer because maybe your boyfriend seems ‘too perfect’ or maybe he’s not doing quite what you’d like him to do.   918 more words


Dealing with addiction, at home or in the office

Addiction is so prevalent today, in families, and in the workforce. I am writing this article for the purpose of sharing some personal insights of what it is like to be in a working or personal relationship with an addict. 1,816 more words

Cleansing the Soul Confessional

Only the crows
can recall all my secret
regrets and secrets so disturbing that
the thought of them are
caked with guilt that you can never… 268 more words


Complicated: an understatement

Becoming free from our respective humpty-dumpty hero and demolishing pedestals once and for all is no small matter. Complicated does not adequately describe the complexity of extrication and escape, let alone refraining from rebuilding pedestals in the future. 1,228 more words



To blog or not to blog.
Recently I was informed that blogging is just another form of bitching.
To an extent I suppose it is. 440 more words