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Such A Noble Aim, is Love

We were carrying out our favorite tradition: sipping on Rise Up coffee smoothies, sitting on a dock, enjoying beautiful sunshine when my friend turned to me and said: 665 more words

Bad Relationships

What would you do?

What if things arent what they seem?
What if you were desperately in love with someone that did not truly love you? What  would you do if you knew that you could never make the other person happy? 53 more words


Wordle #190 "Sty"

Words by Brenda Warren

Your cape curls at the edges,

Whipping froth from a lingering haze.

I fillet you from grin to scrotum,

Exchanging one cave for another. 71 more words


I've still got a lot of fight left in me

Leaving a narcissist is as unnerving and challenging a struggle as I imagine it would be if I were entangled in a spiders web. Here I am, a twenty three year old with a degree in psychology, falling victim to a personality disorder. 261 more words

Relationships, the big C word, and what does pruning mean?

28th August 2014: London, United Kingdom

A topic that were considered yet overlooked yesterday, with specific reference to the big C word, is relationships. Such a huge area, surely, one entry will not even touch upon the array of factors to be discussed. 796 more words


And for the first time, what's past is past.

The lies. The games. The chores. The heartache. I’m doing myself the biggest favor of my life by walking away. Narcissistic relationships are by and far the most toxic, damaging “partnerships” to take part in. 437 more words

Forgiveness in the worst situation

It is very hard to watch your grown sons life in turmoil.
Right now he is as happy as ever. He and his wife are back together for the time being. 539 more words