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Relationship Abuse

I am writing this blog post for these reasons:

  • It isn’t talked about enough.
  • I went through it for 6 years and some people still choose not to believe me.
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Loving someone is not a good enough reason
to stop them from doing something you know will better them
If you are using the excuse that it is because… 13 more words

Setting boundaries re Julius

After the disastrous holiday with Julius, I hoped never to have to see him again and so was quite daunted when his email appeared in my inbox a few days ago asking for a face to face if I wanted him to return some DVDs I had lent him.   919 more words


The price of being in unhealthy relationships.

The picture was taken during the time at which I felt whole. Doing service, something I love a lot, and promoting a cause for blind people that I whole-heartedly believed in. 743 more words


Home truths...

Dear Next Door Neighbour,

If you are seriously planning on leaving your girlfriend, please do not do so on my behalf. You may think I am amenable to some kind of relationship with you, but I’m not. 374 more words

Unhealthy Relationships

Somebody stop me!

OK, so I told you all about what happened with my new next door neighbours: in a nutshell – he is flirtatious, she is paranoid. 995 more words

Unhealthy Relationships

If He Does These 10 Things To You, He's Not The Guy For You

1. Gets sketchy whenever you ask to see his phone. Even if it’s just to make a phone call or show someone a picture on his phone. 500 more words