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Telling my Truth: My Mentally Controlling Relationship.

I would first like to start off by saying that people make mistakes, the person I am addressing in this post is not an evil human being. 3,383 more words

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                  PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

I should’ve known that bird would be trouble.

On the way home from the pet store:  “Hurry up Bi#$@!” 135 more words

Flash Fiction

The Little Things

Hey guys :)

Today, I feel the need to take a personal inventory of what’s good in my life. Things are not bad right now, I simply just want to add to what’s already good. 866 more words


Codependency- Cutting the Tie that Binds

It’s a subtle and pervasive thing ; hopelessly entangling itself through relationships & cutting off their life sources. It’s an invisible force- so destructive & yet so easily overlooked. 671 more words

A Letter to My Brain

My dearest and most beloved brain,
I get it. We want different things. I want to sleep; you want to discuss the meaning of life and that one hot chick with the hot boyfriend (and how they both had that body that gets ya feelin naughty). 145 more words

Dear Jackie...

On this day I would like to make a sincere apology.
I am sorry for hurting you.
I am sorry for destroying your soul.
I am sorry for… 70 more words

if cthulu had a brother.

Your truth was that I could warm your lap, a blanket of skin and toddlers clothes. Two arms became four, became five, became six, there was no running from you outstretched hands. 143 more words