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I Wanted to Write Something Upbeat


I slowly sipped your bitterness
Still fooled by your disguise
The truth that others claimed to see
I never recognized

The buried lies

If only I had passed that cup… 284 more words



Hello loves…

I have a habit of breaking promises I make to myself…you

Your smile is magic, it makes me remember to forget how crazy you drive me. 215 more words


26 July 2016

Worked sucked.

Not as bad as it could have, I mean I still work there and I didn’t catch on fire.

Honestly, the HR person for my company is very nice. 732 more words

I Hope I Never Love Anyone As Much As I Loved You

People are always telling me I’m going to find another you.

Perhaps that’s the consequence of falling hopelessly, deeply in love at a young age – you spend the rest of your life trying to measure up. 682 more words

The Fangirls Day 24 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

SORRY!  Had some computer difficulties for the last 48 hours, hence the lack of daily posts.  Thanks for sticking with us and we will continue where we left off on Day 24.  433 more words


Unhealthy Relationships

My coworker recently just got married. At first I was excited and happy for her, because they’ve been engaged for over 5 years.

However, for the past year I’ve known her, it’s been nothing but her venting about things she doesn’t like he does. 184 more words


When the doors of the past open...buy a padlock

I haven’t spoken to the sociopath in just over 2 months. After ignoring his last 3 messages back in the beginning of the “ice treatment”, I thought I wouldn’t hear from him again. 471 more words

Abusive Relationships