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What Every Young Woman Wishes She Could Say To The Guy She's Trying To Date

I’m so tired of feeling like I want more out of this relationship than you.

I’m tired of being the one who wants to move forward. 439 more words

Trusting God in Tough Times

“She’s Leaving, you are free” – Jesus or the Soul, one of the two.

I did not get any sleep last night. I have an un healthy attachment. 159 more words

4 Signs Your Relationship Is Not Worth Saving

Like a carton of milk, there may come a time when your relationship starts going sour. Fighting, crying, suspicious behavior … none of these are great signs for… 692 more words

5 Ways To Accept The Truth About Your Failing Relationship And Move On

Instead, this is a fast and furious reality check. I’m calling you out! Yeah… YOU.

You know who you are. You’re the one still in a relationship with a person who treats you like shit… 1,010 more words


I have came across women that had to spend years, sometimes even a lifetime trying to recover from the traumas of an abusive relationship, women that experienced abusive relationships that managed to jeopardize their ability to love someone or giving a chance at love ever again. 1,560 more words

Treating People Right

Saying Goodbye to Unhealthy Relationships

Learning to accept that your relationship is no longer healthy and is only bringing you down is a hard fact to face. Being alone after a long relationship is something no one looks forward to, but sometimes necessary. 654 more words