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Double Life

It is so easy to assume other people are doing so much better in life than you. You look at an Instagram or Facebook profiles of your friends, family, or even celebrities and it looks perfect, and that anything you do is subpar to the things you see on social media. 464 more words


Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodles

These are the veggies I’m putting into my pan fried noodles, but you can put in whatever you like!

First, I start off by pan frying the tofu. 472 more words


Vegan Challenge Day 9 - McDonald's is Lethal

So it’s day 9 of my Vegan Challenge and I wish I could say I ate completely healthy the entire time, but I caved and went to McDonald’s with my friends over the weekend. 484 more words

Unhealthy Habits

I am an emotional eater, and when I am stressed out or my menstrual cycle is due to start I tend to eat food that comforts me, tastes good, but is all around unhealthy. 804 more words

Mental Illness

Why I Hate Social Media

The past couple of years I have really become aware of how horrible social media is becoming. I look at my friends posts and they are so fake. 582 more words

A Healthier Life - part 3

Last night I mentioned becoming an unhealthy vegetarian…Its really amazing how easy that was to do.

Two and a half years ago Tina and I decided we would eat vegan, avoid processed foods and not eat sugar. 309 more words


Even though we won’t be over until the very last day we see each other, and even if the stars and moon collide, and a country merges with another, the border vanishing and the world stops moving, you will always be my secret. 546 more words