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Hatefulness | DE ~2014

I honestly see no reason I should be alive. Never going to be happy. Why bother? I am trying to make it matter, but nothing does. 956 more words

I am a freak | Diary Entry | ~2014

I feel like a freak again…I thought I left high school behind. Why am I the awkward, ugly one who can’t get into a relationship? Apparently not even ready for one? 93 more words

~2014 | Diary Entry

I cried my eyes out in the shower, screaming at no one, “what would it take for you to believe me? It really hurts,” and hated myself with a passion, for saying this. 107 more words

Late 2013 - Early 2014 | Diary entry

They can all lie and pretend they care about me, but they really don’t. Truth is, people like me aren’t meant to be loved. Maybe not even meant to exist. 564 more words

5 reasons you're addicted to sugar

Sugar would appear to be everywhere now and, like fat, is often hidden in foods that we deemed healthy to start with; cereal, tomato ketchup and yogurt are a few of the main culprits. 1,502 more words


That One Time Mom Tried To Kill Me

I didn’t know my mother was trying to kill me. It wasn’t as if she came at me with a knife. No, she was much more crafty, that one. 393 more words


Friends Who Play The Victim

Self-development is a constant journey. It’s a process of try and error, from which you figure out the best way to handle different situations at each stage in life. 656 more words