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Exercise Bulimia: An ELLE Editor Fights Her Compulsive Addiction

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What do you mean I can’t run the stairs anymore?” I asked, confused. The girl with the clipboard shrugged: “I guess the neighbors complained and…” Before she could finish, I set out to find someone superior—someone with a headset or a walkie-talkie, preferably male. 895 more words

Day 81 - A Planned Disaster

I new the first day back after a 4 day weekend was going to be rough. I just didn’t expect it to be that rough… 422 more words


From Hambeast to Hamplanet

I’ve been struggling all Thanksgiving weekend to put together a coherent post. There’s just too much I want to talk about. Some of these things include toxic relationships, positive ones, school, and how my journey going from ham to glam is going. 366 more words


Drink more water!

I’m always just so tired and exhausted! I never feel like I even have the energy to get out of my bed in the morning! And I can’t focus on work. 335 more words


The Rebels & The Reachers

Two types of food consumers —>

Rebels: Merging of cuisines and creating a new cuisine. For example, Kimcheese- kimchi with a grilled cheese, or Moba in London, French and Vietnamese sandwiches. 207 more words


What i ate Wednesday

Hey guys!

Is it already 7 days later that ive posted a WIAW? Time flies sometimes! I woke up a little late today so i didnt had much time to make myself a proper healthy breakfast. 150 more words

VIDEO: What It Takes To Burn Off Your Thanksgiving Dinner

This segment from Elite Daily explains the best ways to run off your Thanksgiving dinner this year. Tips include biking to burn off two cups of mashed potatoes, running an hour to burn off that slice of pecan pie and doing 80 minutes of pushups to burn off those two helpings of stuffing. 10 more words