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on social media.

I wish I had the guts and willpower to cut myself off from all social media. A few months ago, I started the process. I picked the social media platform I figured I could do without and started unfollowing/unfriending people. 394 more words

Chocolate Day

So everybody knows that on 7th July, it’s the day dedicated to chocolate also called Chocolate Day! Dedicated to this day, i have two delicious stock pictures to make your tongues lavished with the sight. 91 more words


Writing Prompt Wednesday - "Obsession"

Obsession. by zemotion

Openly obvious,

Blatantly bawdy in behavior and

Silence, too, communicating in

Expressions that leave little to the imagination.

Surmise what you will, 27 more words

Writing Prompt Wednesday

How America's diet has changed from 1975 to now

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Our parents’ diets were drastically different from ours.

For one thing, their portion sizes were likely far smaller. For another, they were eating way more red meat. 147 more words



The items may seem difficult to live without. But health should be first concern.

​If we continue to eat these dangerous foods we put our entire body at risk from a long list of diseases which is why we need to stop and turn to a healthier way of life. 799 more words


Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships

I am the type of person that burns bridges. Actually I don’t just burn bridges, I incinerate them within the fires spawning from the pits of hell. 681 more words

The Plan.... Day 1

I genuinely do not know what works for people when wanting to shape up. It seems like everyone is doing something completely different and they are all being successful, except for me. 743 more words