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Because I Loved You

It is because I loved you

That I ignored that look in your eye

That look as I took a bite of my food

I ignored your judging eyes… 318 more words


Supplements - A Comparison of Brands

Ever wonder if you are getting enough vitamins and minerals to sustain basic body function, let alone excelling your health?

In my Holistic Nutrition course, we’ve recently learned about vitamins and minerals, and about the RDI (recommended dietary intake) and RDA (recommended daily allowance) and it got me to thinking … 924 more words

My Mother's Mistakes

Simply put, I come from a tainted gene pool; the very small group of them that I do know and know of are all sick and twisted undividuals, riddled with a whole range of physical and mental diseases and disorders. 457 more words


What do 880 Skittles, a rack of baby back ribs, 314 pennies, and 8 sticks of butter have in common?

Got to love riddles, right? Sometimes I feel like my obsession with food and when/where I’m going to get it is as complicated as a riddle. 308 more words


I’m in my disassociative state of mind right now. I hit myself, I don’t recognize myself most times when I engage in the behaviors of this mindset. 182 more words

Mental Health

High-Fructose Corn Syrup & Sugar... What's The Difference?

Let me just start this post by saying how awful I’ve been on keeping up with my health the past few days. We went to the State Fair over the weekend and I stayed away from the fried foods, but I did gulp down a margarita. 785 more words


Did you know that it takes...

The same amount of effort to be fat/unhealthy as it does to be fit/healthy?

I know, amazing right!? How did I come to this conclusion? What in the heck am I talking about? 382 more words