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Relationships That Begin With A Lie, Will End In A Lie

When I was in the 8th grade, I started dating my best friend at the time despite the 250 miles that separated his house from mine. 689 more words

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QB: Something You Shouldn't Do...

Quick Blog: It’s a lazy day for me and I just wasn’t in the mood to make something or go out and get some decent snacks so I just raided my pantry and fridge and came up with this bunch for a late morning snack! 25 more words


Daily Cut: Stress Eating

You might think that you grab a pint of ice cream when you’re stressed out because you love it, but a recent study found that it’s more about what you’re used to eating. 53 more words

Mystory: The Dating of a Drug Addict

My purpose in sharing this part of my personal history is for the person who needs to hear what I have to say. At some point, someone- maybe you- who is about to date or is currently dating an addict will read what I’ve written. 913 more words


Triple Chocolate Brownies

Do you like brownies? Well then why not try making these delicious triple choc brownies! With this recipe your friends will be wanting it! So come on make them today! 155 more words


Bitter Chocolate Ice Cream

In keeping with showing you a couple of classics before going to the fancy stuff, I thought I’d show you guys a simple bitter chocolate ice cream. 188 more words


Sugar = UGH

All I wanted last night was ice cream. I had been craving something sweet so I ran down to the grocery store and bought some Ben & Jerrys ice cream. 150 more words