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Abusive Relationship - Signs of a Unhealthy Relationship With Abusive Behavior

Each Abusive Relationship has from the beginning red flags and warning signs for a bad relationship with abusive behavior. The Drawback is that after we fall in love we ignore this wake-up call and talk our self out by putting everything into a positive light and ignoring the facts. 7 more words

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are a possibility for everyone.

Healthy relationships involve treatment of mutual respect and honor. It requires each partner to selflessly serve each other in every one of their actions. 591 more words



The best type of blog involves food… right?

This week I was due to receive 2 new make up products from NYX range that I was looking forward to reviewing however my delivery has been delayed! 464 more words


Why I won't eat McDonalds ever again

Being in nursing school, we normally talk about stuff that’s science related or has to deal with patient care, the human body, etc. Well today, in my community health class, we talked about things that affect our population … dust in the air, pollution, availability of water, and genetically modified foods.  242 more words



My husband and I are really good at losing weight. Ask anyone. We’ve gone from super-fat to not-nearly-as-fat more times than I can count.

And we know how to get the weight off… 292 more words