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Competition Day Woes.

After all the dieting and workouts are over, after you’ve been tanned into another race looking like tan mom, and after you’ve spent stupid money to get your hair, nails, and makeup done it’s finally time to take the stage. 376 more words

Fitness & Nutrition

Rule #257: Happy meals

Buying a Joyeux Festin (as they say in French Canada) at McDonalds will achieve one goal. It’ll shut your precious little brat up for 5 minutes. 198 more words


If everyone is doing it - do something else!

I’m walking down the grocery store isles and, for the first time, realizing that almost everything in the store is like poison to my body.  What does it take to make all of this food? 384 more words

Weight Loss

Baby Powder.... Really?

Is this for real? Is Johnson and Johnson really selling products for Babies that can harm them?

Here is some facts showing that:

As early as 1982, studies have shown a link between baby powder and ovarian cancer in women.

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I'm ***Flawless

So these Protein World ads are causing a bit of a storm aren’t they, eh! I mean look at these women all bitching about the hot little thing in the bikini ‘cause they’re all jealous! 1,188 more words


Signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship

This is a change from my usual posts, last week was Disney week it was fun, bright and happy. This week I have been thinking of things that are more serious. 1,501 more words


I'm still here

I’m still eating 1600 calories a day.
I haven’t posted because I’ve been running around seeing the Dr., Something I haven’t done in years. I’m not going to count the one time last year where this rushed Dr. 147 more words