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Habits: From Unhealthy to Healthy

In this blog, I will talk about my recent experiences with some unhealthy habits I’ve converted to healthy habits. It is my wish that you will find some inspiration and or guidance on your own path. 501 more words


Podcast Update

My podcast is focused around the nutrition and diet of the average college student and what the dining halls and other food joints provide as options. 332 more words

Blog Posts

It’s quite unfortunate when people who are supposed to be your support system are toxic.

Reds True Barbecue (Liverpool) 🍟

Time for another post about my favourite thing…. FOOD. In a great day catching up with friends in Liverpool last wee we came across a resturant called Reds True Barbecue and decided to give it a try. 172 more words


Off With Her Head

“For those that happen to find themselves quite perplexed in dark rabbit holes and existing in abstract realities that remain compressed by moments of shrunken logic and expanding apprehensions, I’m sure you know this morose tale all too well.  405 more words


Discovering the Wellcome Collection

The Permanent Exhibition

On Wednesday 19th October 2016, I visited ‘The Wellcome Collection’, which is a museum and library dedicated to medicine. There was a permanent exhibition on the first floor and I found the section about ‘Obesity’ the most interesting. 721 more words


Which Halloween candies are the most unhealthy?

Time for candy corn, cavities and upset stomachs. It’s Halloween season, and there will be plenty of candy for kids and parents to munch. But, which ones should you avoid? 199 more words

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