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Emotional Eating: Why It's A Problem

Admit it, we don’t always eat merely to satisfy hunger.

Sometimes, we turn to food for comfort, stress relief, or as a reward. Sorry to break it to you, but… 529 more words

Need A Fitness Boost!

Hey guys!

So I am all for being body confident and loving the way that you are but sometimes it’s really hard to do! I’ve gone from being a small size 8 with no caution to my diet and not exercising anymore than the average tom, dick or harry to being a size 10 and it has got my feeling a little frumpy. 177 more words


What is sexy to you?

So let me ask you something. Why is it okay for people to celebrate overweight and unhealthy models just because they’re models, but underweight and possible Anorexic or Bulimic models are slammed and shamed and torn apart? 489 more words

We all have our hidden story, aka how I started working out and what were my biggest fights

If you’re not ready for long story, don’t even bother to keep reading, because there’s a really loooong story coming….

Two years ago I woke up, got up and went exercise. 1,386 more words


According, the high rate of deaths are directly related to foods we take. Yeah, its true that we are in short-time-recreation world, but can we give up our lifetime for just half-an hour, within which we can cook more delicious food, which will only make your family ties better but also tighter. 126 more words


A Big Fat Truth: It Isn't Cute, It Isn't Sexy-It's Probably Killing You.

*Note to readers:

This actually started out this morning as a just one of those lengthier type of Facebook status updates. Instead, I kept writing, and writing. 2,532 more words