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My body tells me....

There are times in life to stand back, to accept, to rest in the awareness that your life has changed. And, there are times in your life to be the changes your want to see. 360 more words


Letting Go

This topic has been somewhat of a hard thing for me to grasp.  How do you “Let Go?”  I have a pretty turbulent relationship with one of my parents.  511 more words



Writing is therapeutic, isn’t it?  I think that’s how I intend to use this blog.  I’ve started other blogs before.  One that was just a random compilation of things from the internet, because my life is far too boring for anyone to even pretend to want to read about it, and I’m not self absorbed enough to pretend like anyone wants to pretend.   1,793 more words


Recognize unhealthy relationships for you!

On this talk show:  How to recognize and guard yourself from unhealthy relationships that can hinder your walk with Jesus


To download podcast, right click… 14 more words


Flashback: Over the Moon (Mind on Morphine/Oxycontin)

Chemo overdose brought me to the hospital for the 2nd and last time.  I was more concerned about my long distance relationship than I was with my own health.  385 more words


Weekend Blues

So I had a bad weekend health wise but I will get back on track today. Since I don’t go anywhere on the weekend, it’s a setup for disaster. 132 more words

Health & Fitness

To Begin Again

Growing up, I’ve always been very comfortable in my body and for a female of nineteen years of age, I’ve always considered that one of my better features. 769 more words