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A Thought on Friendship

What is a friend? To me, that is someone who is always sympathetic, shares the same sense of humor, and is always willing to listen. But then again, people find themselves with the wrong group; people who drag them down. 199 more words


My Memorial

This day two years ago was the day I left, for the last time. Not the day I let him continue to manipulate and control, not the day I let him continue to drink and hurt me, not the day I gave him any more chances. 646 more words

Mental Illness

Creme Caramel

An all time favorite and super easy to make. And I’m not talking about the box version you get in the market that comes ready with the caramel and all you have to do is add milk. 179 more words


Life After A Toxic Relationship

This post is something I’ve wanted to write for a very long time, but being completely honest, I never quite felt ready to put the massive accumulation of thoughts and feelings into words. 1,099 more words


14 Warning Signs to be aware Of A Unhealthy Relationship

Relationships are a great essential to have in our lives. All the relationships that we encounter can have influences of molding who we are.  Whether we face good or bad outcomes from those relationships they both teach us something about ourselves as well as others.  1,285 more words


The unhealthy 12kg

A little over 1 year ago I was 64kg. It was when I couldn’t fit in my clothes anymore that I decided it was time for a change. 425 more words


A War on My Body: My Experience with Disordered Eating

Unlike a lot of girls my age, I didn’t grow up with a bad body image. In fact, I didn’t really think much about my body at all until I hit puberty. 2,637 more words