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Top tips for lazy cleaners

The featured picture is from the day I moved into uni, and it hasn’t been that tidy until I moved out again…

I am so messy sometimes at home I end up literally tip toeing around bits of paper on my floor. 420 more words


And...why do you want to be a midwife?

The dreaded interview question.

I was invited to interview last minute at LSBU two weeks ago, and found myself with a small group of 5 other applicants. 361 more words


Losing touch 

This year would have been my last year studying at university, and this week, I would have graduated.

I lost the whole of my second year to being mysteriously ill, and spent the year in and out of hospitals, seeing doctors every other week. 402 more words


Graduation 101

You’ve somehow survived finals, made it through dissertation hell and (hopefully!) been overjoyed at your final grade, but before you head off to enjoy the summer sunshine, there is one final rite of passage every graduand must undergo; graduation. 570 more words


We're So Not In The Money - But We Could Be

The budget was announced this week and a lot of people are angry about a lot of this. One thing that people I know are annoyed about is the fact that grants aren’t going to happen any more (from 2016/2017). 812 more words


I'm going to uni! TV, Radio and other things.

That’s right! At the age of 29 I’m going to be a not-so-mature student (come on, I wear flamingo print trainers and have a tattoo of Hello Kitty as Edward Scissorhands.) I’ve got an unconditional place to study Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent Uni from September and it is safe to say that… 412 more words


Showing my age

It’s now been just over a month since my final assignments were handed in and although I went straight into work and have kept myself very busy, I have had a few moments to mull over my time at UCB. 650 more words