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5 weeks too long.

This is my last day in Europe. I had the option to extend, but I just can’t stand it. Travelling is supposed to be a journey of self discovery, I have discovered that there’s so many more reasons for me to hate myself and my life than I ever thought possible. 1,246 more words

Daily Journal

Tale As Old As Time

I had every intention of going to uni yesterday, I swear. I even bought my laptop with me ha. But I met up with my best friend beforehand -who I have not seen since Christmas – and you know when you just get talking, and catching up, and we’ve been talking about seeing the new Beauty and the Beast, so we did just that! 193 more words

Down and Out

Stress doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel right now. Over the past week I’ve just been hit by all my illnesses at once, physical and mental, and I’m struggling so much. 156 more words

3 days & 18 hours

Three days & 18 hours till I leave & ive literally done 15% of the uni work I wanted to get done 😩😩😩😩

Daily Journal

My Relationship With Music

It’s a Friday night, and I’ve turned up to The 1865 in Southampton on my own. There’s music playing, people coming together for a great cause. 1,922 more words


Academic Update- February 2017

November’s deadlines were supposed to mark the unofficial end of my MSc. However, I’m going to be in academic-land for a little longer now, as I’ve been offered two really cool opportunities involving my MSc work. 241 more words