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Re-post of "Last Week of Semester One First Year"

So after doing a year of law at the University of Southampton and changing my degree to Philosophy and Sociology, I wonder if I made the right decision or whether I have made a terrible mistake. 216 more words


Do we need censorship online?

I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I’m kind of glad that there is some censorship online.  I’m glad that censorship exists.   348 more words


The Ball is Slowly Rolling

Our little game project is slowly coming together.  Very slowly.  You wouldn’t think it’d be this hard to get a couple of people together to find a quiet place to film.   257 more words


Media Production: TV CMNS2035 2nd Post

The ending weeks of UNI are around the corner, which means finals in classes. But to assists us with our finals is all those weeks of learning and projects on our subjects. 609 more words


Social Media Policies

Lucky us, we live in a world with media and self publishing everywhere.  There isn’t a second going by in silence online, opinions from everyone about everything fly through the ether.   375 more words


Hello world!

Hello world, this is my first blog be kind ;)

I am a uni student. Its safe to say uni is not exactly how i imagined it to be. 229 more words


Food review - Graze Healthy Snacking Box

Before I begin a evening of revision I had to go to the post office to pick up my graze snack box. If you didn’t know what graze was it is a postal service which delivers healthy snacks for a small fee (delivery is free you just pay a subscription of every week or fortnight, just google and you can check this). 523 more words