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Interactivity and New Media

This cybercultures class is really interesting.  Cybercultures sounds like a term used to describe stuff that’s happening in the future, like the cyberpunk world I wrote about last week.   291 more words


The Process So far

So this is the fourth week since the university session has started and we’re making some progress. We’re looking at game design and some game archaeology and even some game psychology. 345 more words


Deadline Day, the last lecture, and potentially too much sushi

Yesterday was deadline day! Some departments have lots of days where they have to hand essays in, but the music department just simplifies things. “everything in on the last Wednesday of term, kids” they say. 224 more words


Rudimentary Game Design

So in the last class that was undertaken for digital game cultures we all tried to come up with a simple game.  A quick mechanic or focus that could become a game and a rough guide on how to present it. 261 more words


Ideas behind Cyberpunk

Seeing as I had such a fun time writing before about the memex  I thought I’d continue talking about what people thought of the future. Isn’t  it a dark and dreary place… 246 more words


Videogame Adaptations

Videogames are a weird medium.  They aren’t weird because they’re hard to understand, they aren’t weird because now your mum can play them on Facebook. They’re weird because they let you do things that board games can’t. 334 more words


2 More Days!!! :D

Hey Peeps,

Only 2 more days!! EEEEK!!! I am so excited!!! Want to know what I am excited for? Okay so yes I know it’s lame but I get to see my boyfriend!!! 264 more words