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Ah! I’ve just registered for my graduation ceremony, it’s all getting real now! I’m actually excited, it’s weird how last year I went from having the worst time of my life, and nearly dropping out, but I stuck with it and found my passion and enjoyment in it again. 190 more words

Speculations Of A Second Year: Bus Trips

I love visiting home and spending time with my family over my breaks in university. One of which has occurred over this Easter period. Thankfully I am still in my holiday zen although I return to the stress of uni in a few days time. 705 more words


Collaborative Project :3

Beginning to look at how my designs would work on plates and bowls… 

Speculations Of A Second Year: Friends

Friendships in some cases can be just as complicated or more complicated than relationships. That without a doubt is one of the most important relisations I have come to since I started university. 653 more words


Speculations Of A Second Year: Communal Living

Here’s the thing I have now lived away from home for about a year and a half. The biggest thing I have learnt is that communal living is difficult and takes effort. 516 more words


They Called It Puppy Love

After having a workshop today for Happiness and being informed that our five week challenge needed to be systematic, instead of doing random acts of kindness I’m going to photograph dogs and post them on Facebook. 130 more words