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Prep. Reading. Results.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be me stressing out about my lack of potential experience etc, as I’ve kind of decided to kick back and relax about that for a while. 914 more words


Final Evaluation

Collaborative Practice:                                    
The brief was a project for the RSA Brief ‘Moving Pictures’, for which as a group we had to produce a finished solution to animate the audio provided. 1,249 more words

Final thought on After Effects

Using after effects was very daunting as I have never used it before but I found the best way to learn it was to just have a go and do lots of trials and eventually you learn where everything is.  317 more words



Wondered what the sketch I did yesterday would look like with colour.  Just messing about with my Wacom tablet to test out blending etc.  I have never been very good at colour so I need to force myself to use it a bit more.   59 more words


Sketching for fun

Did this tonight. Wanted to see how I would go with shadows and light reflections.  Seems ages since I did any sketching, nice to get back to it………..


Writing Science Update

This week I handed in my third piece of coursework- a group project to create a science-based magazine- which was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had with a uni assignment. 422 more words


Ryan Woodward

Another of Ryan Woodward’s Animations. I love his work sooo much.