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Showing my age

It’s now been just over a month since my final assignments were handed in and although I went straight into work and have kept myself very busy, I have had a few moments to mull over my time at UCB. 650 more words


What does this all mean ?

So it’s my first proper blog, and I guess what’s expected of me is like, I dunno, an ACTUAL reason for it?

Well sucked in cus I don’t have one… 345 more words


It’s Friday!

I’m currently sitting down eating mushroom soup for breakfast. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, but since there’s not much else in the fridge at the moment I gave it a go. 335 more words



Interviews are the worst part about starting something new. They’re intimidating, stressful and down right scary. What ever you decide to do with your life there will be an interview at some point. 322 more words


Re-post of "Last Week of Semester One First Year"

So after doing a year of law at the University of Southampton and changing my degree to Philosophy and Sociology, I wonder if I made the right decision or whether I have made a terrible mistake. 216 more words


Do we need censorship online?

I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I’m kind of glad that there is some censorship online.  I’m glad that censorship exists.   348 more words