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'Well It's big and awful'

I’ll be the first to admit that Japanese media is not my first choice when it comes to entertainment. I’ve never really gotten into anime or cosplay. 377 more words


Final Year Exhibition.

I have finally finished with University and to be honest, thank god. It has been a very long year and I am very pleased to be graduating with a 2:1! 83 more words

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Afternoon guys! The sun is blazing down, and I’m currently sat outside the library with a cold tropical slushie, feeling pretty warm and chill.

More than chill actually, very happy! 87 more words

Speculations Of A Second Year: Karma

Ah karma thou art a bitch.

I am a good person, right? I don’t steal, I don’t do drugs, I don’t take advantage of people, I don’t lie. 401 more words


26 Letters - B

Dear B,

This week’s letter was not supposed to be about you in fact you were never supposed to even feature in this series. However, over the past week you have managed to piss me off in a way that made my motivation to write this rather strong. 493 more words



Hey guys!

I know I’ve been hella quiet on the blog front, forgive me! I’ve been so swamped with uni work and exams; I have spent every day for the past two weeks in the library, 9-5! 237 more words

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Random Finds

These are some illustrations completed by other students (Names unknown, please tag yourself if they are yours).  Just love the character design with these.