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Academic Update- February 2017

November’s deadlines were supposed to mark the unofficial end of my MSc. However, I’m going to be in academic-land for a little longer now, as I’ve been offered two really cool opportunities involving my MSc work. 241 more words


Back to basics

Studying at university always makes me fall out love with reading if I have a ton of reading lists for my modules to get through, or I have no time at all to sit back and enjoy a good book of my own. 116 more words

Feeling good

Ah! < That is a huge sigh of relief from finally finishing off and submitting the last of my assignments yesterday. The one I finished yesterday I submitted waaay earlier than it was due, but it’s such a relief to just have them out the way and not worry about them. 228 more words

Uni Update- November

This is the final uni update post, as on November 15th I handed in my dissertation and completed my MSc.

Being finished is a strange concept; I haven’t got used to not spending most of the day writing yet. 668 more words


'This is Halloween, everybody make a scene...'

So it’s my favourite day of the year, and I have had no plans for Halloween this year and I’m stuck in uni attempting to write an essay of Freud and The Uncanny.(I’ve been here for 4 hours and only have 980 words down. 53 more words

'Well It's big and awful'

I’ll be the first to admit that Japanese media is not my first choice when it comes to entertainment. I’ve never really gotten into anime or cosplay. 377 more words