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I swear I have so many things to blog about but there’s just no time SIGH what happened to short regular posts… Problem is social media manz hahaha spending way too much time reminiscing past events and catching up on ignored convos so by the time I actually sit down and want to get some work/writing done it’s too late at night and I just crash whenever I want to stay up T.T it’s actually getting quite bad now lol I can’t even finish writing an insta caption wth… 242 more words


Tip Of The Day|| Slaying at University

Hey guys, I know this post is long overdue..but just had to write it. So I know being a fresher at uni is such a pain believe me, we all assume that we have to dress a certain way to impress all the new kids or to even stand out and not be branded a bore. 230 more words

Southampton's newest addition

Hello everybody!

This will be the third and last post related toe moving to England. If you haven’t read the other two, go read them first,¬†here’s the links: 443 more words



It’s officially week four, and I have to be honest with you guys – I’ve had my first wobble here at university! I am still loving it which makes me having this wobble even harder, and I feel like my heart is splitting in two, one halves going one way and the other halves going another away. 383 more words


When did I start enjoying German grammar?!

Ok, so something very weird has happened to me.

I went to my German grammar class yesterday, and I enjoyed it?!

Now normally, if anyone mentions the word  205 more words

Uni Life

Customer Value

Discussing about customer value at the marketing class.

Value is benefit that customer believes he or she received from a product after it was purchased. …

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Coping with my stress

Yesterday, I had Management class discussing about Stress. The last time we experienced Stress, what are the consequences, and how do we cope with the stress. 379 more words