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Campus in Winter- a poem

The autumnal leaves swept from the ground,

The trees bare, skeletal

The grass crisp with frost,

It’s clear to see Winter is here.

The buzz of people is missing, 85 more words


Apparently I'm Haphazard!

I just visited the nurse to get some pills that I’d run out of. Whilst I was there she asked if I wanted a meningitis vaccination that’s recently become available to all under the age of 25, I said yes and whilst she was giving it to me casually mentioned how the last time I got a jab I was unable to use either of my arms for a week as I’d hurt my right shoulder during a seizure. 151 more words


'The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of everyday'

The last couple of days I’ve been in a really good mood, which, unfortunately can be quite a rare occurrence for me.

But I’ve decided to embrace this happiness and try and figure out what has led me to being in such a good mood so hopefully if I’m feeling a little down, then I can try and capture some of these things to make me feel happier again. 470 more words

About Me

Where have I been?!

So you may have been wondering why I’ve been so quiet. Well I wouldn’t blame you because I usually have a lot to say!!

There’s a couple of reasons I’ve been away from writing my blog for some time. 167 more words

About Me

Uni Life: Responsiblities

So, I’m currently writing is out on my phone at 1:30 AM as I decided to clean up and back up my PC. After encountering a few problems it’s taken a two days and counting to finally get somewhere. 136 more words

Uni Life

First week of the semester

Hey everyone!

So I am almost settled down in uni. Had my first class on Monday, which was French level 1. I tried to vlog about my first day but it was kind of hard for me to get back into vlogging again, so most of the time its upshots of my nose, as I walk around uni. 308 more words


How To Start A Conversation With A Stranger

Have you ever found yourself in an elevator with a complete stranger or been forced to talk to one in class or even in the workplace? 470 more words