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What better way to celebrate Labor Day by committing to more activities! *laughter dies*

So, after 4 months, I have magically decided to kill some task that have been lagging my system for too long. 438 more words

My MALSOC Journey

Yesterday marked the end of my journey as one of the MALSOC committee member. I think you would realize from some of my post that most of the time in uni, when I am not studying, I will be doing something that is MALSOC-related. 995 more words

Random Thoughts

What Writing a Dissertation Actually Teaches You

“This uni lark all came to an end rather quick now didn’t it?” I thought to myself after submitting my poorly formatted dissertation a whole three days before the deadline. 884 more words


Home is where the heart is

I come from a moderately sized rural town called Mildura, and the more time I spend away from it, the more I appreciate the value of where I grew up. 462 more words

The Freedom List!

I’m so close to getting everything submitted that I can smell the freedom, on Tuesday at 11am it’s all done. I go out for a drive in my car and just take in lungfuls of fresh air, because I know that soon enough I’ll be back in the flat looking at a screen and an essay that bores me almost to tears. 384 more words


How to survive final exams.

End of April. Spring? No. Almost summer, freedom, fun, seaside and sun? No. Final exams are coming closer. They are like the worst nightmare for students, who stay up late, study all night. 592 more words


Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee with Alys.

This week has been challenging. This whole month has been challenging. I’ve not been doing so well this last little while, but I have started to pick up a little. 618 more words