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Studying Abroad? It's Fab

One month from today, my little brother graduates from high school. Not only is my mind blown because he’s not old enough for that, but also because it means that in less than one month, I will be back in the states. 559 more words

Study Abroad

Hot night !

lately, it has been so hot that im waking up with wet hair. So at night me and my bestfriend decided to go to nearest McD hahaha since its 24/7 and have air cond, so why not? 113 more words

Malaysian Blogger

“Go to uni...” they said, “...it’s the best time of your life” they said

I’m 2 years in and still failing to see where this applies.

Of course, I refuse to take any responsibility for this not being true of my experience to date. 644 more words


Things I Hate That My Housemates Do

This isn’t to all of them but yeah, on to the list

1. Talk So Loud On The Phone

There’s this guy that’s in the room next to mine and he talks SSSOOOOOO LOUD on the phone. 518 more words



Tempatnya tak seberapa, hanya sepetak ruangan di lantai 2 sebuah toko mungil. Menunya pun tak seberapa, hanya hidangan varian kopi dan cokelat yang mengunggah selera. Dipenuhi oleh sejumlah meja dan kursi dengan suara bising dari obrolan para mahasiswa. 173 more words

Amalia Qisthyana Amsha

April 2018 Life Updates

Pengen nulis intro menyapa pembaca tapi nanti dikatain sok asik sama kamu tuh yang sukanya nyari keburukan aku huhu ahli kok tajassus? Ahli tuh biologi kek nuklir kek yang bermanfaat sedikit buat kemaslahatan umat sedih w melihat SDM tak bermutu macam yu orang :( 476 more words


a letter to karen: part II

it has been a truly devastating day here at uht.

not only for the 100something people who are here over the break and were relying on karen’s services, but also for the many souls that karen has touched with her work. 482 more words