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7 things all students need

  1. A doorstop

The best way to make friends is to keep your door open (unless you’re getting dressed), so buy a nice doorstop that can start a conversation. 299 more words


1 month

In this one month, a lot of things had happened: I sat my finals, I got my 3 weeks break, I enjoyed my CNY, I had food poisoning on the first day of CNY, I started talking to my high school friends, I started to play mahjong, I finally had the chance to confront my feelings to him, same goes to him, and also I passed all my units with flying colours. 28 more words


Rock Bottom

I don’t have the right name or the right looks. But I have twice the heart.

I return to this blog as, quite frankly, a pretty different person. 1,738 more words


Peace and Quiet

Unlike some universities in Malaysia that are located in the heart of the town centre, IIUM is a little far off from the hustle and bustle of the city. 268 more words


Erasure Had It Right

I’m now well into my first year at university, and I’ve relaxed into the routine and the workload, made friends, learnt new skills and submitted assignments a-plenty. 640 more words

Uni Life

Organising University Life

Yes well, what a week.

Units for Semester One: 

What is Science? A breadth unit about the philosophy and history of science. 

Introduction to the Human Body: Basically human bio 101, lab coat, safety glasses and dissection kit required, will need to dissect a foetal piglet in week ten, not quite too sure how I’m going to go with that, my heart screams NOOOOO, but my head knows that It’s something I need to do, I think if the way the piglet was acquired is ethical and it wasn’t farmed (created for this purpose) I will be okay doing what I need to do.  844 more words

First Year

Student life 101: don't get dead

CONTENT WARNING: This post is a happy one, but it will reflect on topics that may be upsetting to some people. If topics such as… 869 more words