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Was feeling pretty overloaded and stressed around the middle of the week (slept through the whole of certain morning lectures)(what in the world are sarcomeres)(saw ntu reticulated python as reticulum) but I think now I’m reaching some sort of understanding within myself that comes with hours of thinking in the shower hahaha and it was nice to spend a whole day at home for once. 412 more words


Introduction to MIUN (Mid Sweden University)

So for the people who havn’t had the pleasure of being bored to death by me recently; I’m studying for an International Masters in Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development at Mid Sweden University. 567 more words


It's a problem, I am a real big problem

Song of the entry 

I’ve really let things slip. I’ve become less focused on things concerning my weight, my reading and hey! even writing this. 618 more words

Uni Life

Last summer of uni life

It’s the end of August now! I still can’t believe that I have had 3 months of vacation already. It seems like yesterday that I was practicing to be a hobo outside Olympia, waiting to be let inside a room where hundreds of others frantically flipping over their notes. 974 more words


A Wonderful Wedding

Lately nothing really has been happening, and maybe that is okay? I have some time to try and rest, though I’ve been sick for about a week now? 530 more words

Uni Life

Arriving in Östersund

Hej Hej. After many months of waiting, I’ve finally moved to Östersund to study for two years, (possibly less if they decide to kick me out.) My leaving date crept up on me pretty quickly, and so I still wasn’t packed less than 24 hours before I was due to go. 344 more words


So Much Love

Dear Styna and Ally,

Man, I haven’t posted in so long, I promise to try posting more once school starts. I’m so glad I got to see you guys today, I missed you guys so much! 175 more words