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Everything's coming to an end!

I have an hour to kill at the library.

I say ‘to kill’ when of course I could be doing work, but my laptop has dwindled down to 24% battery and I don’t feel mentally prepared enough for the dash round the library trying to find somewhere with both wi-fi and a plug socket.  223 more words


Now I've stopped watering the dead flowers

I am so fed up with my current uni life. Everything becomes a mess because of things called group projects. As far as I know, group projects are… 654 more words

Random Thoughts

NEW Porridge Recipe

I’m writing this while I wait for my laptop to charge.  I had a good spot in the library until I’d been here about five hours and realised… 352 more words


Things To Consider Before Moving Out On Your Own

Whether you’re about to graduate high-school, university or just ready to move out on your own, make sure to consider these few things before making your move. 613 more words


Sukad Murni 🌼

Aloha amigos,

Hope you guys are doing fine, with the H5N1 break out in Kelantan , please be cautious and watch out for your diet. 507 more words


Five weeks to go! + rainbow packed lunches

Run, done.

Library, done.

Work, about to go.

 It’s one o’clock and this day has already been productive.  My morning had to be, because I’m working all afternoon and then I’m off to see… 308 more words


Uni Life: Early-Bird

Look, I am an inherently lazy person with a very limited internal battery. Don’t worry my life has not been thrown into disarray.

In fact, I had a every fun time at a charity basketball tournament and won half of our games but did not proceed to the finals. 222 more words

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