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Crunch Time - 2 Weeks Left

Dear Styna and Ally,

I’m long overdue for an update! So I’ll first reply to Ally


I totally know what you mean about studying what you love. 503 more words


12 Struggles of Living with Extroverts

Hello! As you know, I am probably one of the most introverted people in the whole of Southampton, and I have a mild case of social anxiety, but hey, who’s student rep? 548 more words

Love, Sex & Relationships

Kill me now is it the way I’m acting or sth omg how do you avoid attracting guys who throw balls of paper and string at you during exams and keep tagging you in 9gag insta posts?!?! 473 more words


Moving Toward Finals

Dear Kar & Styna,

SO we are less than 2 weeks away from finals. OUCH. Time seriously moves way too fast.

I am getting to the point in my life where I am just filled with so much self hate because I despise the fact that I didn’t work harder. 327 more words


My birthday

I had a relatively quiet birthday this year as I had a seminar at 10am and then work 12-3pm. It’s also been a stressful week with our first course deadline for the Chaucer essay and I’ve generally been feeling quite tired. 125 more words


“I’m interested in co-existences — multiple personalities within a being — and in any kind of mask or disguise and its combination of the visor and its bearer.” – Caroline Archaintre… 785 more words

Art Student

Good Days Aren't Always Easy

I’m sure if you tried you could picture what is to you the perfect day: nothing standing in your way, nothing can go wrong (was that just Elle Woods?), but what if I told you your perfect day could come in the form of struggling and nervousness? 666 more words

Amanda Moore