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Aerial Yoga

Hey y’all! I’ve been incognito for a while because I’ve been busy. YUP. It’s holidays and I was busy exercising with aerial yoga! Ever since I’ve heard of it, I’ve always been curious and eager to try it out. 206 more words


Why Am I Working So Much....?? Busy, Crazy, Summer

This past week, I was only scheduled to work 3 8hr shifts….. for some odd reason, I decided it was a good idea to pick up 2 extra 4hr shifts…. 401 more words


Settling into UK life as a non-native English speaker

Every year over 500,000 international students descend onto the isle of Britain to study and as such the universities here have excellent support mechanisms for these people to help them settle into life here. 382 more words

Names, coffee and self acceptance

In the coffee break of my Corporations and partnerships law lecture yesterday, a friend and I quickly ducked out to get sufficiently caffeinated to prevent drooling on the desk in the second half of the lecture. 822 more words


A Conflicting Engagement

It’s only been a week since my birthday and I haven’t had enough sleep. Since it’s Ramadhan with Eid coming up, I am not expecting rest until.. 1,023 more words


University Update: End of First Year

I can’t believe I am actually saying this, but I have completely finished my first year as a University student! The time has literally flown by and I am at a bit of a loss as to how to fill my days now my friends have all gone back to their home towns. 805 more words


Summer lovin'

song of the entry

Okay, not really but I just really wanted a title that was summery, because that’s where I am now, in summer!! Perhaps a title including “Netflix” would be more appropriate because that is legit all I have done since moving back home. 747 more words