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On my own plate

Being a single parent, an employee, and a full time student are kinda hard. Feeling tired, sleepy, and dizzy are something that I have experienced lately. 148 more words

I'm Done! Feeling... Lost?

Dear Styna and Ally,

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever but things have been so crazy with me graduating and finishing up my last clinical I just didn’t have the time. 575 more words

Uni Life

Dealing with Disappointing Yourself

Okay so, I just came out of one of my exams. An exam that I have been preparing for weeks and was completely prepared for. I had been getting nearly perfect in this class yet as I was working through my MS Access query for my mail merge I just couldn’t get part of it to work. 229 more words

20 of the most relatable things if you've ever lived in Talybont South

Moving away from home is an odd experience. Packing up almost all of your things and deciding to live  in a completely different city, or in my case- country and saying TTFN to your hometown. 446 more words

Cast Away

You have 2 minutes to pack everything before we leave for Sun-U!” my dad bellowed.

I screwed up again.

But this time, I screwed up big. 1,902 more words

Uni Life

Silver Linings Or Something: The Moody Cow Gratitude List

I’ve been a right moody cow recently.

If you’re a student right now, you probably understand. It’s the beginning of the semester’s end; deadlines and exams are looming and everything feels awful. 905 more words

Student Life

This One's For The Parents

This is a tutorial for the parents that have children in university/college. We love you, you mean everything to us. That is why you should know the truth about the stuff that we encounter as students. 478 more words