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I spoke to Joshua Mugridge about Coventrys Citys season so far in League One.


From Negative to Me

Since the last post I have been contemplating my future as a photographer, the industry and how I fit and find my place within it. 332 more words


Project Loading...

Following discussions with contacts in Rubican Heritage and Eneclann, both of whom worked on the Battlefield Project,  I have found that the project hasn’t stalled and will be eventually published in 6 volumes. 74 more words

Irish Battlefield Project

Thunderdome - Team Project

The project was to build (from scratch) a game engine, and a game similar to Rocket League, that would run on both PS4 and PC. In total, there were six people on the team and we only had six weeks to deliver a solution (whilst also working on other University coursework). 148 more words

Uni Projects

Simple Z80 CPU Emulator

This was the first coursework required on the MSc course. A file containing Z80 op-codes was given, along with some constraints, and we had to make a solution that would produce the correct result efficiently. 24 more words

Uni Projects

Game Demo Using eMgin

A demo game made using my first custom game engine in SDL; eMgin. Game levels can be edited while the engine is running, simply restarting the level will load the changes. 27 more words

Uni Projects