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Contract & Agency Law Tutor Marked Assignment

This individual assignment required me to describe the appropriate laws that were applicable to the scenarios given by my professor.

Even though the scenarios were short, they provided me with both big and small details that I had to take note of so that I could correctly and specifically determine which laws were applicable to the scenarios. 188 more words

Individual Assignments

Thinking & Reasoning Group Based Assignment

This group project wanted us to think of a conspiracy theory and explain why we thought it was a conspiracy theory.

As marks were given for originality, it was strongly encouraged of us to come up with a conspiracy theory that was new and no one has ever mentioned it before. 215 more words

Group Assignments

Sustainability, Technology & Society End-of-Course Assessment

This assessment required me to write a 3,500 words essay on a technology of my choice. I picked robotics for this assessment.

Despite attending this module, I was still very unfamiliar with technology as I was not technology savvy in the first place. 174 more words

Individual Assignments


I spoke to Joshua Mugridge about Coventrys Citys season so far in League One.


From Negative to Me

Since the last post I have been contemplating my future as a photographer, the industry and how I fit and find my place within it. 332 more words


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Following discussions with contacts in Rubican Heritage and Eneclann, both of whom worked on the Battlefield Project,  I have found that the project hasn’t stalled and will be eventually published in 6 volumes. 74 more words

Irish Battlefield Project