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Night Brings Clarity

There’s something about the beach, and dawn that brings clarity, creativity and ambition to me.

Yesterday I heard and insperational talk by Miles Hilton-Barber, he has not let let his blindness stop him as an adventurer. 53 more words


Uni Photo Student.

No one said it would be easy, holding down a full time job and developing myself in my photography through my degree takes up 90% of my time. 88 more words

Uni Projects

Critical Readings Tutor Marked Assignment

Based on the King Oedipus book, I am supposed to describe the judgements made by the characters in the book.

When I was doing the assignment, my main focus was to identify the judgements in the book and explain the judgements clearly. 60 more words

Uni Projects

World Histories & Issues Group Based Assignment

This project required us to make a video about one site of memory. My group chose Reflections at Bukit Chandu as our site of memory. Our professor also suggested some key issues that should be presented in the video. 139 more words

Uni Projects

Critical Readings Group Based Assignment

For this group project, my group was required to produce a satire video about banning all marriages in the world and complete an individual summary on the video. 112 more words

Uni Projects

Slow the Fashion

Currently working on a project in which I am focussing on adapting the way in which we consume fashion and textiles. After a mammoth few months of researching and creating my design proposal, I have become quite passionate about the sustainability and eco factors of our textile industry. 169 more words


Ice Dye

I have experimented with Ice Dying here to relate to my concept ‘floral underwater’ – as I drew/painted most of my floral imagery underwater or frozen in ice. 188 more words