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the last song

something glimmering on the horizon. it’s reflected on the ripples of the ocean. it raises up and you paddle gently towards it. the paddle makes a tiny splashing sound. 298 more words


To Harmonize

“The world is not

to be put in order;

the world is order,


It is for us

to harmonize

with this order.” 88 more words

Higher Power

Giving and Taking

“The universe works

on supply and demand.

Which means

it’s all yours for

the giving and taking.”


~ Danielle LaPorte

Sometimes we give a lot and we get little, 76 more words

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No Particular Cause

“The happiest people

seem to be those who

have no particular cause

for being happy

except that they are so.”

~ William Ralph Inge… 86 more words



“Where love is,

there God is


~ Mohandas Gandhi

For lack of any other logical reason

we can safely say that this Uni-verse… 89 more words


Be Confident

“If I have lost

confidence in myself,

I have the universe

against me.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

When we walk in The Light, 91 more words

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Enduring Entities

“Most of our troubles are

due to our passionate

desire for and attachment

to things that

we misapprehend

as enduring entities.”

~ Dalai Lama… 98 more words

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