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Fast fashion - love or hate?

To me, ‘fast fashion’ is a dirty term.. I associate it with huge amounts of pollution and waste as well potentially poor working conditions and badly treated workers. 449 more words

Sex - the dirty word you need to get over

Throughout a project in uni I gathered primary research, using hundreds of students, on the topic of sex and dating. I was shocked at just how many people wouldn’t be truthful about something as normal as a one night stand for starters and also just how many people denied using dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. 261 more words

Moving Out of University

Today I packed up my belongings and moved out of my university accommodation. It feels surreal and I can’t quite believe it but I am no longer a student and am no longer living in my university city. 191 more words


7 Reasons Why I'm Getting Excited About University

University is slowly but surely creeping up on me. On 15th September 2019, I’ll be driving up to a new chapter of my life and the reality is starting to sink in. 681 more words


aesthetic study motivation moodboard and the perfect study playlist // my attempts at revision help

This post is borderline late, and I bumped it up about a month (whoops). I love looking at studyblrs or dark academia or whatever the equivalent is on Instagram. 69 more words


Final year complete

What, like it’s hard?

A few days ago I sat my final exams for my undergraduate law degree. Something terrifying, because now I’m unemployed, with no income and like an actual adult who’s maintenance loan will only last so long.

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Chronic Illness

A basic summary of the first year of University.

Been a while, hasn’t it?

So, I thought I’d note down a brief and, kinda small summary of what the first year has been like. Going into university, honestly, was kinda scary. 531 more words