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No More Porky Pig?

Came across this story yesterday over at Moonbattery

It’s like living in an Onion parody of obsequious totalitarian dhimmitude. The words “pork” and “pig” are following the Confederate flag down the memory hole, lest they offend hostile savages:

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Don't Judge Me For Judging You

If you have been on social media in the pass couple weeks you’d have noticed a trend of vines : #DontJudgeChallenge.
In many videos people have drawn what they deem “ugly” features on their faces. 142 more words

Unibrow on fleek

Jasleen and I :) 

Growing up I hated my eyebrows. My eyebrows were always these massive caterpillars dominating my face and I remember begging my mom to get them threaded. 284 more words


New trending GIF tagged art eyebrows frida kahlo...

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Unibrow + presents Deep Phase - Wormhole Mix

Unibrow + presents Deep Phase – Wormhole Mix

Just an another one electronic adorableness brought by Unibrow Crew. Please, welcome – Unibrow + presents Deep Phase – Wormhole Mix… 43 more words



This post is very hard for me to write. It should be short, sweet and too the point so to speak.

Let me give my two cents on why the #dontjudgechallenge is completely wrong and hurtful. 334 more words


Frida Kahlo - The Strong Unibrowed Wonder

Frida Kahlo was a self-portrait artist who had painted her feelings, and other important life events where reflected in her work. I picked “Frida and Diego Rivera” and “The Broken Column” to compare and contrast to find out the true artist that Frida was and how that affected her success. 638 more words

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