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Chapter 34 Bangkok summary

This chapter was very insane, annoying and brutal (but only first part of it) because of Van and his brothers’ unexpected evil plans to Brian’s group! 192 more words


The reason your phone has up to 1,600 emoji but no Prince symbol

Prince, the musician who died today aged 57, famously spent the years 1993-2000 under a different moniker: “the artist formerly known as Prince,” signified by his “Love Symbol,” or . 127 more words

When Unicode=Unicode Returns False

Every now and then I stumble across something I did not know that I did not know while working on an analytic project.  Because I come from a Finance/Accounting background rather than an IT background, this most often happens because of a technical aspect of the project.   694 more words


Fun with Unicode

As a developer, I would hope that you understand the difference between UTF-8, Unicode, and the various other formats that are running around displaying text to you willy nilly (or boxes and question marks, depending on your support). 53 more words


Chapter 30 Lao Unicode summary

Yes, this chapter is featuring the Lao Unicode. Sarah and her friends are looking for words while on their way to find another piece of Unicode paper. 29 more words


PowerShell - PowerShell generated batch file results in error þ is not recognized as an internal or external command

Some time ago, a colleague told me he was having trouble generating a batch file using PowerShell. The batch file as generated, but when he tried to run the batch file, it resulted in an error containing: 173 more words


Chapter 28 Khmer Unicode! summary

This chapter was exciting! One of Brian’s teammates found the Khmer Unicode while hanging out with Otis aka Dunsparce and Tammy aka Emolga! Anyways, this is the end of Khmer saga. 16 more words