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Pretty Printing a Tree in a Terminal

More often than I’d like, simple tasks turn out to be not that simple. For example, displaying (beautifully) a binary tree for debugging purpose in a terminal. 748 more words


Unicode—It’s What Makes The World Go Round

Anglo-Centric Offshore Developers—An Oxymoron?

The Problem

Many companies needing software solutions turn to organizations in Asian countries since American software developers are usually paid much higher.   1,182 more words

Recently I wrote about the use of emoji and unicode in a Google search query. I mentioned the possibilities previously not imaginable, but something – I guess my good nature – made me forget to write  about a possible flipside: abuse. 9 more words


European alphabets in Mind Map will be replaced with question marks on PowerPoint 2016

Product & Version
– Astah Professional, SysML and GSN

When exporting Mind Map to PowerPoint (version 2016) by – – from Main Menu, some European alphabets and Euro signs would be turn into question marks. 123 more words


Below Are A Few Scarcely Calming, Accelerating New Emojis

Image: Unicode
The emoji-powers-that-be-at Unicode appear to have their hand about the heartbeat of the entire world’s zeitgeist with all the newest improvements. Many symbols of societal advancement were authorized to become included with the state emoji selection recently and several c… – … 43 more words

Inserting Unicode Characters in Postgres

If you deal with foreign country/people names, you may have characters from different sets alongside each other. Putting these characters into a database can be challenging. 89 more words