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Unicode 8.0 (and v6 and v7) (UTF-8)

diversity and gender emoji modifiers

I hadn’t realised Unicode was that comprehensive and that

in Unicode 8.0, there are a total of 1,282 emoji, which are represented using 1,051 code points.


Creating a Portable Set of Data Types


Whenever starting a new project in C or C++ it is always a good practice to create a set of data type definitions that will be used throughout the code base. 957 more words


Reinventing Morse Code using modern theory

In my recent account of Morse code, I remarked on how efficient the code is, even though it was devised a century before information theory was invented. 1,029 more words


InstallScript Characters

Since I couldn’t find it documented anywhere, and it took me a bit to figure out, just thought it would be nice to note it here. 50 more words


ASCII & Unicode


ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) was created to allow computers to communicate to each other in a text format. This is because for each character it has a value between 0 – 127 (7 bits). 139 more words