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Java char Type - Horstmann

The Curious Case of the char Type

This blog post is about the current uselessness of using the char data type in application programming due to the nature of Java’s Unicode encoding for things like the “tropical drink” emoticon, which is apparently coded into two separate code points. 13 more words


Q&A: Sanskrit Pages

Q I am writing a book in Pages, and need to quote some Sanskrit verses in their Roman transliteration. Although I can use accented Latin characters for most of this, some such as an ’n’ with a dot underneath it do not appear in that character set, at least not when using Palatino. 212 more words


XML and ABAP, proposing a solution program for: An invalid XML character (Unicode: xxxx) was found in the element content of the document.

Working on a project I came across this error, due to an invalid unicode character according to the XML specification was being extracted from the database and transferred to another program. 352 more words


On Dingbats

Unicode has almost 100,000 separate character encodings. It’s meant to be universal, encoding every imaginable character for every language—from the familiar Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets, to the logograms of East Asia (known in the trade as CJK characters, for Chinese–Japanese–Korean), to exotic scripts little-known in the West like N’Ko and ‘Phags-pa. 418 more words


Emoji update: Taco, burrito, unicorn and more!

Have you ever wanted to tell your friends what you ate for lunch through emoji? Soon you can.

Well, if you ate a hot dog, taco, or burrito. 367 more words


New emoji are coming, including hotly anticipated taco

Unicode, the standard behind the emoji language, released an update Wednesday — and it includes one emoji the Internet has been clamoring for.

Yes, Unicode 8… 282 more words

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