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Non-Cangjie Geeks Should "Avoid" This Article (Snort)

I was doing an exam on a computer when I came across 「免」(avoid), and couldn’t for the life of me remember how to write it in… 148 more words


Sniff encodings with the file command

When loading text, Relativity gives an option of the encoding to use when it can’t detect the encoding of a text file:

For blind guesses, “Western European (Windows)” is the best bet, followed by UTF-8. 343 more words


New emojis might be coming to an iPhone near you

The Unicode Consortium has accepted new emojis as canidates for Unicode 9.0. If they are included in iOS 10 iPhones will be getting some new emojis. 100 more words


UTF - Unicode Transformation Format

What is Unicode?

It is consistent encoding, representation and handling of text. Text can be in any language or writing system. For English characters/numbers/symbols use is ASCII standard for numerical representation to characters. 527 more words


Android 6.0 Marshmallow in Burmese

After 2 years on Google Nexus 5, I figured it was time for an upgrade of my well-worn phone. Shortly after Google announced its new lineup of phones in late September, I preordered a Nexus 6P, Google’s latest flagship phone, built by Huawei. 1,340 more words


Unicode security mechanisms

Unicode is a great thing, but sometimes its thoroughness poses problems. Different character sets often include characters that look exactly like common ASCII characters in most fonts, and these can be used to spoof domain names. 234 more words


Emoji Gender Bender

This article first appeared on Tech.Mic, written by Sophie Kleeman. mic.com

This year, Oxford Dictionaries got creative with its Word of the Year. Instead of picking an actual word, it chose a familiar… 1,187 more words