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Beyond Unicode: lightweight fonts for language documentation

When Tevfik Esenç died on 7 October 1992, he had no idea how famous he would become. The last Circassian who could still speak the Ubykh language, he now merits his own… 561 more words


How to Use the Vulcan Emoji (🖖) on iOS

iOS 8.3 is here and so far it’s proved to be a pretty solid update overall. The amount of bug fixes that Apple packed into a single update has been fantastic, and I haven’t seen any new bugs pop up yet, at least on my device. 350 more words


Ini Alasan Kenapa Kamu Mungkin Akan Melihat Emoji Alien Secara Acak

Apple baru saja merilis IOS 8.3 hari Rabu lalu. Software baru dibenamkan untuk mendukung tampilan emoji yang berbeda daripada biasanya.
Kamu bisa melihatnya jika kamu mengoperasikan iOS 8.3 atau OS X 10.10.3. 13 more words

Quick takes: What is beta code?

Some people are unfamiliar with the joy that is (was?) beta code. Beta code is a pre-unicode standard for writing in non-Latin characters. Way back in the day (1990s?), this was the primary way to ensure that your Greek was legible across platform and browsers. 107 more words

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Determine if your SAP System is unicode or non-unicode

Here is a quick hint to find out if your SAP System is unicode or not. You can simply call transaction SA38 and run the report RSCPINST. 32 more words


A Weird Python 3 Unicode Failure

The following code can fail on my system:

from os import listdir
for f in listdir(‘.’):

UnicodeEncodeError: ‘utf-8′ codec can’t encode character ‘\udce9′ in position 13: surrogates not allowed… 179 more words