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Klingon vs. Emoji in Unicode

In 2001, the Unicode Consortium rejected a proposal to include the Klingon encoding. The reasons it gave were:

Lack of evidence of usage in published literature, lack of organized community interest in its standardization, no resolution of potential trademark and copyright issues, question about its status as a cipher rather than a script, and so on.

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java.lang.Exception: java.io.IOException: Incorrect string value: '\xE0\xAE\xB5\xE0\xAF\x87...'

Hi Hadoopers,

This is a nasty exception which kicked off my reducer task, which updates my MySQL table with the reducer output.

The reason behind this is unicode character. 45 more words

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Get Python to print out another language (Korean) - part 2

I was stuck again when I actually tried printing out Korean using Python. I had to to use u’something in Korean’.

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Get Python to print out another language (Korean) - part 1

I was practicing coding by developing a website and I was not able to get Python to print out Korean. I learned that Python uses ASCII encoding by default, and Korean cannot be read using ASCII. 36 more words


Game of Unicode

Detecting unicodes of characters

In this chapter, we are going to learn about unicodes and their applications.

Unicode provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the platform, no matter what the program, no matter what the language. 256 more words

installing the UTF-8 encoding ftfy (fixes text for you) - via version 3.0 | Luminoso Blog

Simple if you know it:

pip install ftfy

That installs it as a command which is a lot easier than using it from Github at…

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