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unicorn tears

I know I already made my post for the day…still…I want to take this time to appreciate that opal stones are a real thing.

Yes, they may look like the fossilized tears of unicorns…but…isn’t that great? 26 more words

Macaron vs Macaroon

People need to learn the difference; nothing infuriates me more than having someone try to correct my spelling by writing out “*macaroon” when I have clearly posted a picture of a MACARON on Instagram. 244 more words

The Global Gold Open Access "Flip": A Realistic Plan or Magical Thinking?

As long as there has been open access (OA), there has been talk of a global “flip” of research journals away from the subscription business model. 1,389 more words

Business Models

There will be unicorn tears

Just about every day another venture capitalist pipes up to predict that some of Silicon Valley’s “unicorns,” or startups worth $1 billion or more, will fail. 364 more words


A Gin Liqueur inspired by... Unicorn tears!

Ever wonder what unicorn tears taste like?

Us neither.

But you can still find out with the Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur. Say what now? 193 more words

Product Innovation


Accessories brand SKINNYDIP London, founded in 2011 is looking to further expand its doors, the two brothers and one friend founded the company together and are now in high demand. 125 more words