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J-M 80 President Jackson Swing Modulator $9.99

As there seems to be more Jackson radios than ever these days out there as people search for the “Made in the Philippines” radios then this item below will be useful for those who want more swing on the AM Audio. 95 more words

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Chrome based app brings streaming to your mobile device

Streaming your scannerĀ is becoming more and more common, and here’s a Chrome app that brings it to the palm of your hand anywhere in the world. 295 more words


New Uniden Scanner: BCD996P2

So it’s been revealed that Uniden America are releasing a new (upgraded) model to supplement the BCD436HP and BCD536HP, the BCD996P2. Looks almost exactly like a BCD996XT with a few mods under the bonnet. 179 more words


President Grant II HP-E Various Videos

The HF Doktor the man behind the myanytone forum has been playing around with the Grant II and making various modifications and now although the videos are a little old am sure not many outside of DL have seen them so why not feature them and let you see what he has accomplished: 113 more words

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K6VHF Mike Adapters

It was time I needed to get a new adapter to run another mike on a different radio. There was a time that these could be easily sourced from Germany (Dierking) and Pits Funkladen. 174 more words

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YeticomNZ Crack the Grant II Clarifier

Received a message from a gmail address in New Zealand and it is a link for a video. So I will post the link below as is. 201 more words

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Uniden Atlantis 250BK Black Waterproof Handheld VHF Marine Radio NoFuss

People, who generally accept Atlantis having existed, accredit that fact to the theory behind the lack of physical evidence that it exist. They believe that when the Gods’ destroyed Atlantis they buried beneath the sea, never to be seen again. 161 more words