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Happy New Year

I’d like to wish our readers in China a very Happy New Year of the monkey. To all friends in factories in China, antenna makers, radio makers, designers and suppliers we wish you health, wealth, peace and happiness. 98 more words


What President Radios Now Comes "Murata" Inside *Updated*

So for the many who’ve asked me it’s now possible to tell you part of the radios that now come “Murata Inside”. The news is thanks to President themselves who have sent me the information via the contact form on the blog as the question was asked and indeed some favourites now come Murata inside and for the AM markets especially this will be viewed well… 247 more words

Citizens Band Radio

Statii Radio CB Craiova President Teddy ASC "Murata" Is On Sale in Romania

So the first off the block. Not even the lovely wizard knew about this one. Seems President are true to there word and the photo is out there of a Teddy ASC with “Murata Inside” Can’t shout Markus 1 please since the new regulations but anyone got one then tell me how it is working and if you’ve a video then send it to me so others can see it working… 183 more words

27MHz CB

January January January

So we are in the New Year so what could come actually? Well as the Chinese New Year approaches and the mass shutdown of factories Then I guess the selection will be thin on the ground unless something has already left via airfreight or the container has left the mainland before Christmas elsewhere. 238 more words

Cb Radio

President Grant II Back Again £159.95

All over bar the shouting. The price has boomeranged back to its pre-special price. I was sat yesterday and in all my radio days I’ve never known an SSB President for under £100 new. 164 more words

Cb Radio

Uniden UHF Radios On YouTube 

Thanks to Juan http://www.cb27.com for the link and some good videos on show from Australia. UHF CB Radios that sure need to be adopted into the EU. 144 more words


Uniden Do Read The Blog

Checking the statistics and found that indeed Uniden are reading the blog. They check out all things President, comments, posts and videos and are using Microsoft translator software to take it from English to Japanaese. 244 more words

Cb Radio