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Blog Blog Boom..... UCvideo.me is now live

Whats going in the Unified Communications World after enterprise connect last week it seems like a OEM beauty parade.  Twitter is on overload with new products solutions cloud offerings, doing this I’m doing that.   191 more words

Information Technology is Expected to Meet Enterprise Collaboration Requirements

The Enterprise looks to the IT department to meet their collaboration needs.

There was a time when there was a telecommunications department. Voice communications was considered separate and distinct from Information Technology. 278 more words

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What is WebRTC?

There is yet another new threat/opportunity for the telecom industry in WebRTC. That stands for Web Real Time Communication and is a project to create an open standard for delivering high-quality voice and data applications for a wide variety of platforms including browsers and mobile phones, all using the same set of protocols. 702 more words


911 Moves to the Cloud

If I’ve learned one thing from this industry, it’s that everything changes. What you thought was the best way to do something will one day be seen as outdated and wrong. 114 more words

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Should VoIP Be Regulated?

The growing penetration of Internet into our workspaces as well as homes has enriched our lives but at the same time it has thrown up some unique challenges. 32 more words

Telehealth Success Story

Do you know about Tely Labs? If you don’t, you should! They are doing some great things in the healthcare market.

As America’s population ages, demand for high-quality hospice care is growing. 195 more words

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The Most Versatile IP Phone System Available

Install it in your IT closet, virtualize it in your data center, or fully host it in the Zultys cloud.  You decide… 42 more words