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Babies: The Great Unifier

(Published in the December ’15/November ’16 edition of Little Treasures Magazine. This is an extended version of the published article)

When I was pregnant, a colleague told me in sage tones that having a baby was the most competitive activity she’d ever gotten herself into. 971 more words


New blog about Oracle Unified Directory

A new & interesting technical blog covering Directory Services and Oracle Unified Directory is available at https://floblanc.wordpress.com/.

Today’s blog covers Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and EUSM… 12 more words



Masayuki Inoue and co-workers from the University of Tokyo have reported in ACIE on a unified total synthesis strategy to access 3-epi-ryanodol, cinnzeylanol, cinncassiols B, and A.

ACIE paper

Total Synthesis



up(Unified Process)의 생명주기-4단계-도정구전-iect

  • RUP 4 Phase 이기도 하다
  1. 도입 (Inception)
    • 프로젝트 비전, 범위, 초기 요구사항 분석
  2. 정련 (Elaboration)
    • 분석에 대한 상세 설계로 아키텍쳐 수립과 세부설계를 진행
  3. 구축 (Construction)
    • 소프트웨어를 개발
  4. 전이 (Transition)
    • 배포, 사용자 교육, 다음 반복 준비

Oracle E-Business Suite certified with Unified Directory

Oracle Unified Directory 11gR2 Patchset 3 ( is now certified for use with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.

Oracle Unified Directory 11gR2 Patchset 3 ( (along with Directory Integration Platform 11gR1 Patchset 7 ( can be integrated with Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 Patchset 3 ( as a single sign-on solution. 157 more words


Mathematics of Emotions

A tear drop fell as Susan helplessly wondered when will George have time for her.

George ‘it is 20 drops and then the sprinkled flow.. the force was a bit uneven’ 386 more words

Generational Garbage Collection with IBM JVM for Oracle Unified Directory

A main difference between IBM J9 JVM and Oracle JVM is that IBM’s JVM has different heap structure than Oracle’s JVM. By default IBM JVM (java 6) does not use Generational Garbage Collector. 187 more words