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The Uniform Project

The Uniform Project began in May 2009 when one girl decided to wear the same little black dress for 365 days as an exercise in sustainable fashion and to earn money for the education of underprivileged children in India. 15 more words


It was 90 degrees today: Day 10 Uniform Project

And I’m still wearing BLACK.

No insights today. No thoughts of my anxiety measure. All I felt was heat.

I love heat (I’m that person that sets the cooling thermostat in my house to 79 degrees and only turns it down when I have visitors). 80 more words

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Like I date my men?: Day 6 Uniform Project

I won’t get this personal often, I promise.

Today, I was frightened by my thoughts – somewhat.

I love long drives as it encourages reflection. I had one such journey today, and let’s just say, well … … 293 more words

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I won't bite you!: Day 5 Uniform Project

It gets better through the day.

I can’t help it; I’m beginning to see each of my novel‘s characters through my Uniform Project. So far, my accessories summon some of their character traits. 429 more words

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BJ's Teal gave me energy: Day 4 Uniform Project

Hard to ignore that bright color.

Chapter 5 of Skinny Women are Perfect is titled, “There’s something about the color teal.” One of the characters, Bailey Johnson (BJ), has a special connection to it. 441 more words

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Am I going to survive this? Days 1 and 2

30 Days, 1 Black Dress – What will I learn?

If you’ve been following, not too long ago, I decided that I need to do a fashion check; inspired by Kristy Powell’s… 438 more words

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A heck of a fashion statement

Kristy Powell: One Dress Protest.

Yesterday alone, I purged my wardrobe of 6 blazers, 10 dresses and 5 pairs of shoes – all never worn. I will go through my purses sometime this week and give away those that I’ve only used once since purchase. 408 more words

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