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Retallak, Sept 2016

Retallak Lodge is located in eastern B.C. Canada, and is home to some rather well built and varied purpose built mountain bike single track. Staying at the lodge makes life pretty simple for a couple days, rising around 7 to be fed a great breakfast, before loading up in either a van or unimog (you choose), then doing shuttle laps of the mountains diverse network of trails. 43 more words


Off Road Rides

In the event that you have to take a stroll off of the beaten path or you need a weekend off-road getaway vehicle, this list will definitely be the optimum choice, for whatever terrain you need to traverse. 364 more words


Mercedes-Benz to Introduce A Road and Rail Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz has announced it will reveal three new specially-developed Unimog utes at the Innotrans trade fair in Berlin next month.

Releasing pictures and details of all three vehicles, all production-spec Unimogs come equipped with a new road-rail pack that allow the tough ute to drive along any railway at up to speeds of 50km/h. 216 more words

Car Companies

Finally, Hanging Out with Fairies at Incredibly Beautiful Plitvice National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park, it was one of the two reasons (the other being Dubrovnik)  I’ve suddenly decided to make a trip to Croatia.

Then it was like nowhere else on the planet I’ve been.. 431 more words


A Mini Monster Mog

Both we and the Elves are big fans of the Unimog, here at TLCB Towers. We’ve blogged various shapes and sizes of Mercedes’ classic 4×4 utility vehicle over the years. 113 more words


Roaming Home

We really don’t get the appeal of caravanning here at TLCB. You drive very slowly to a boring field and then you have to crap in a box. 43 more words


Guatemalan Beauty

Like Mexico, we ended up staying a lot longer in Guatemala than we expected. We shot a great project with an awesome non-profit for FMFAC (www.fmfac.org), met a family that has become part of ours, and saw amazing sights. 19 more words