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Try Another Door

Yes, if you have failed at everything you have set your affections upon, in this life, yes, if that is the case with you, well, the worst part is that you should see yourself as a failure. 413 more words

Uninspired mass

The incessant chatter of

white noise rituals.

Gregorian chants of


The unpausing wandering

pilgrim of my eyes.

the Devil’s playground tapping

upon an unproductive desk. 100 more words

uninspired inspirations.

i’m here in this place, right now:

i think others call it….”purgatory”? the waiting room of life, with expired issues of HomeGoods and Ideal Home on the center tables. 1,070 more words


Writing and Inspiration

Do you all ever have those days when you think your lives are too banal to write anything interesting? I do. I’m glad to be past the trials and tribulations, but damn it was a lot easier to write when all the shit was hitting the fan.

Indie Authors

Art Is Dead

Manipulations, agitations

The ever-present evergreen

In this world of drawn out forms

I’m torn between two worlds, it seems.

Glistening embers of a faded tomorrow… 88 more words

​How To Find Inspiration

Even though inspiration is everywhere, it’s still easy to feel uninspired.

I’m a firm believer in not waiting around for anything, least of all inspiration. 110 more words

All About Writing

Writer's Block Isn't Real Except When We Want It to Be

If you look up “writer’s block,” you’ll probably get something like “the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing” (at least, according to… 486 more words

Creative Process