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Inspiration and the Bible

Some things to consider when thinking about inspiration and the Bible.


-Nearly all doctrinal statements say something like, “We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God in the original languages.” That’s tricky for two reasons. 445 more words

Losing inspiration

It’s so easy to feel lost and uninspired and even the amount of photos I see on social media of my favourite photographers or just random strangers who have these amazing pictures can’t keep me going. 101 more words

Putting washing out in the pissing down rain makes me very British.

Day 28:

13/9/17 –

Today hasn’t been very productive at all I am sorry to say.

I woke up fairly late for me now, at 9 something, which was a good time to wake up. 325 more words



For the first time since we’ve started this blog I almost straight up forgot to write a post.

And to be frank I haven’t been doing great on my SDoS posts.   526 more words

60% of Myself

I miss the days when I had the energy to go from one thing to the next. My weekends were filled with projects and plans. I did things. 376 more words


Well this has been an anti-climatic end to the transfer window...

Day eleven:

31/8/17 –

So, today has been, just like the transfer window deadline day, average. Or at least not all that memorable. Especially for my team Liverpool. 492 more words


When Depression Wins

First, I let everyone down, including myself, over this last week, and I’m sorry. I’ve been hard-fought to sit down and write or even get up out of bed long enough to really think about doing anything, but it’s just what depression does to you I suppose. 568 more words