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Wasting more time with Haikus

(So. Uninspired.)


Spiraling system

Clockwork imagination

Sometimes it freezes.


Feel the need to write

Brain does not cooperate

Laughing at my fight.

~*~ 104 more words


I Don't Feel Like Blogging Today

I don’t feel like blogging today
It’s raining – in bed I wanna stay
With covers piled around my head
Honey, bring me my food and meds. 144 more words

No Blogging

Hey, I'm still alive

Isn’t it crazy that I started running this blog at the beginning of August and now it’s nearly October. I expected I would have posted more frequently, but turns out it wasn’t the case. 171 more words


Too _____ To Think

Author’s Note: So this was me almost about a year ago. I managed to overcome this and I no longer feel this way now. But sometimes, I can’t help but look back and I always need a reminder (like this) to reaffirm my choices. 89 more words


Mini Musings- How Do I Avoid Self Sabotage?

Hello my friends,

I have been neglecting my posts (and all of your posts) more and more lately and I have no real good reason for why that is happening.   189 more words


I'm back!!!!

Hey people! You’ve been probably wondering, “oh wasn’t she dead?”

No, I wasn’t. I know year has passed with no activity from me, and I can explain. 356 more words


Waxing and Waning

Sometimes, as a writer, the words just flow.  Sometimes you can sit down, start typing, and the hardest thing you have to deal with all day long is trying to keep up with the inspiration. 183 more words

Writing Woes