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One word is all that I need

Seconds, minutes and hours have passed

And yet,

I’m still helplessly alone with an empty screen.

Separate Author's Article

Okay, here’s the deal……

Below is the link to an article. I did not write it, of course, but I felt you should read it. When you go to the site make sure you read part two (click on the number 2 shown to the right of the number 1 at the bottom of article). 123 more words

Light Something

Only two weeks into school and I feel so incredibly drained. On second thought, this feeling may have started far before the start of classes. I guess, just more so now that I’m physically and mentally exhausted after a full day of lectures, labs, clinic shifts and attending practicals, with not even the slightest bit of time to get a good study session in. 284 more words


Adulting, Part 2

I like to think I’ve been adulting hard lately and I’m sleepy. I stared at a couple of blogs looking for a bit of inspiration and came up blank – shocking, since I once commented to someone that I could find inspiration in a cup of coffee. 166 more words


Another Duel With Uninspiration - A Ramble

Whilst the art that is being posted on here at the moment was made during an “inspired” phase, some of the art that will be posted here in about a week’s time was made when I was feeling slightly uninspired. 660 more words