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How To Write When Uninspired

Sometimes there’s nothing coming to mind when you sit at your computer. You’ve psyched yourself up to write, but when push comes to shove, your mind is completely blank. 442 more words

Random Stuff I Write During Class

The ring played in her fingertips. The thumb rolled it over to the middle finger, which passed it to the index finger. The ring was constantly being rolled over, sometimes this way, sometimes that way, nimble fingers playing… 255 more words


Amy Adams Speaks Out About Gender Wage Gap: 'We Need To Work On How Women Are Viewed In Society'

“Arrival” star Amy Adams is once again addressing the gender wage gap.

The actress weighs in on the wage disparity in a new interview with… 192 more words


Helen Mirren On How Roles For Women In Hollywood Have Changed Over Her Career

In a new interview with Variety, screen legend Helen Mirren is discussing the changing roles for women in Hollywood while singing the praises of actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Patricia Arquette for calling out pay inequality. 474 more words


Inescapable Inevitability

I’ve found today a real struggle, and there no apparent reason for this. Nothing different or bad has happened. But there’s an overwhelming sense of futility surrounding me, it almost feels claustrophobic, like I’ll never escape. 94 more words