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Feeling So Uninspired

Today is the day that I usually go get groceries and do all my meal prepping for the week.  I did make it to the grocery store, but I had no inspiration for my meals for the week.   489 more words


Tips for Songwriters: Walk to Work to Cure a Rut

Last week my car broke down. It chugged it’s way into my office parking lot and made a final sigh. It was definitely its time. So with an only marginally broken heart, I began my search for a new car. 272 more words

a ramble about pushing through the bleahs

The Sens won yesterday! A tight 1-0 win over the hated Montreal Canadiens. Next game on Friday. Gonna be great!

Meanwhile, I had two beer yesterday – along with a bunch of pizza and junk food – and man am I feeling it today. 620 more words



I wonder if Shakespeare had days like this. Days where everything is so dull and uninspiring. A tree is just a tree, a breeze a simple fact of life. 72 more words


then it happens

It all starts with one letter, one letter trying to form into a word all the tangled ideas, but mostly troubled fear filled thoughts of a brain struggling to send signals to hands and fingers to pin and write down and make sense of all that seems senseless. 383 more words


Firstly, can I just apologise for the lack of a playlist for March and can I also apologise for the fact that I only just noticed and feel that it’s now too late to do it? 635 more words