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Daily Prompt: Obvious

I have no words
Today, but I try to cover up
With a prose-like thing
Of nothing, hoping to be
Less obvious of

Did I succeed?


Why I Take Blogging Breaks

As many people and writers have discovered, it’s nearly impossible to constantly belt out new stories and ideas and actaully produce quality writing. Maybe it’s not even about the fact that your writing isn’t quality, it may be more so that you can’t write anything, period. 530 more words



Things could have been different

If my heart wasn’t such a hindrance,

And my mind didn’t get in the way,

Spraying emotions to wash it away. 73 more words

"I would prefer not to."

Religion produces much bad and much good. A sense of purpose, especially for those who find themselves in a place needing it, is one of those “good” things. 137 more words


So I haven’t really been writing much here. Not because I don’t want to, but because I’m still not sure what to write about. Most would tell me to continue on the dream path, but to do that, I have to actually force myself to stay in my dreams. 328 more words


I'm Back

Dear Readers:

I know I have always been late when it comes to posting and updating my blog. But I know for this time, the length of time that I was away was too long. 164 more words

Khwahish tou Allah insaan ko wo deta hai keh mojizon ke ilawa koi cheez jise poora kar hi nahi sakti

-Umera Ahmad