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When Inspiration Seems To Hide

I haven’t felt very inspired to write. At least not for your eyes and ears.
It’s like I’ve been cut off from grace.
Well. I am being extreme. 268 more words


What I Wanna Know Is...

Transitions are hard. The move from winter break back to school/work, I think, ranks up there with the worst of them. I know I’m not alone when I say that the past few weeks have been overwhelming. 389 more words


A Little Bird Said...

Today I’m killing two birds with one stone! This evening is my first Writer’s Group meeting since the Christmas break and the topic is ‘Holiday’ – a singularly uninspiring subject with shades of primary school days when the first English lesson after the summer break was to write a ‘composition’ on ‘What I did In My Holidays’! 453 more words



At times, words won’t come

probably because my thoughts

are rather boring.

by Scooj


Go From Uninspired to Motivated in 3 Easy Steps

Whether it s losing weight or trying to land a new dream job, being motivated can make all the difference between success and defeat. Preparation for success often requires hard work, though, and this isn t always easy. 39 more words

December 30

One more day left in the year.

I’m uninspired tonight. I tried my hand at a flash fiction, but found it dry. Dull. Somehow, the words weren’t speaking to me; the synapses in my brain weren’t firing off clever wordplays. 158 more words