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This post was written in the future. It contains rants and other things.

I was sorta busy but not really. I have not been feeling like writing at all this past week. 451 more words

On The Fly

November 19, 2015

My Giveaway today was unremarkable, uninteresting, uninspired. I dropped off an assortment of kitchen items at the school kitchen – a storage jar, some soap and a few spare utensils. 206 more words


2015, October 26 - 920 - tired 7

my fire burns on other pages
not the one that lays before me
unfurling for my unsteady footsteps
and furtive glances
drawing on exhausted thoughts… 43 more words


Kicking myself

“You wouldn’t be working here if you were the ambitious type.”

My colleague meant well. I may not be ambitious, but I do have an opinion: working here is boring. 244 more words



Walking. So easy.

Yet another uninspired Hollywood comedy. A woman starts walking the Pacific Crest national scenic trail. This 1100 mile walk right along the American west coast can be done by anyone with a pair of legs. 34 more words



I feel so lost and uninspired. I haven’t written in a while and this poem almost seems so forced. I had to think hard on this one and it came out terribly but I’m posting it anyway. 57 more words

Day 4: Nope

I tried. I really did.

I looked at the four images and nothing struck me. I revisited them through the day, waiting for inspiration to strike. 103 more words