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My Apologies

I haven’t forgotten about WordPress … I just wanted to let all my subscribers know that I have wanted to write for awhile … probably since my last post. 62 more words

Shortest story

I live. I died.

I think I beat this story’s “shortest” status

Are you proud of me senpai?

You learn something new everyday. C:

Four Things You Can Subtract From Your Art When You're Uninspired

As regular readers of this blog probably know, I was recently bedevilled by one of the worst periods of artistic uninspiration that I’ve had for a while. 766 more words


Uninspired to write, still

I have all this energy to create, and very little of that creativity is going to writing.  I don’t know if I don’t want to write, or if my perfectionism is getting the way.   168 more words

Writing Exercises That May Or May Not Be Applicable To Life


This poem

Is about

How I

Wasn’t able

To come

Up with

A title

For this

Dumb piece

Of crap

That’s why

I’ll just

Call this… 6 more words


Uninspired (Acrostic)

Untold millions suffer

Necrotizing their own souls

Ideas dissolving in mediocrity

Nothing but blood and tears to show

Sometimes one needs to step back… 28 more words


The Rules of Brainstorming

As part of my degree, I am often expected to work in groups to come up with fresh ideas. I have learnt that having to be innovative and creative on the spot is actually remarkably challenging. 176 more words