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                 I’ve got nothing at all. No concept, no idea and the worst of them all – no inspiration. So how do you start with nothing? I remember back when I was barely gripping on that passing grade bar in my Physics class that there were actual theories stating that “everything came from nothing.” And yes that statement may have blown the definition of epitome and irony altogether, but it’s legit. 358 more words

Please Forgive Me

Okay, really I would not be writing a post right now except that I challenged myself to write something every day in May and today is a day in May. 406 more words

May's Challenge

Song of the Day, May 13: Uninspired by the Connells

Today’s song is Uninspired from the Connells bittersweet masterpiece Fun and Games. It’s the tale of a singer struggling with success. He finds himself going through the motions, unable to capture the energy that sparked his work at one time, even as his fans continue to cheer and applaud. 61 more words

Song Of The Day

Random Thought 2015-05-12 12:00 something AM.

i feel uninspired.

(except, i was digging Calexico today on the Spotify …)

Random Thoughts


Sometimes I feel Uninspired. I feel like everything that surrounds me is sucking up all the inspiration left in my brain, in my heart. I feel dizzy. 62 more words


I’ve felt uninspired lately.

I haven’t even been journaling as much. I sit to write and it sounds like the same stuff over and over. Additionally, I haven’t been making much time to read other blogs, even though there are several writers I really enjoy.  250 more words


Uninspired Spaces...


I’ve been stuck in such an uninspired musical space. Besides writing for & producing others, I had ZERO motivation for my own music…my personal artistry. 379 more words

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