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So, there’s this version of “me” that’s ready to work — 112% motivated and inspired. Lately I’ve been the “me” who feels like a useless contribution to this world, completely uninspired, ready to microwave the easy mac and finish the entire first season of Sense8 (this is not a drill, WHEN IS SEASON 2?!). 481 more words

Solo Trips

Blaugust Day 19 - Five Things YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE About Wolfy!

Holy crap you guys, this dude Wolfy?  He’s totally not a wolf, for one thing.

But that’s not the only part of this MIND-BLOWING FEATURE I’m penning right now.   351 more words

Human Things

845. I hate August in Texas! I hate August in Texas! I hate August in Texas! ~Natalie

It’s beyond miserable outside.
Everything is turning or has turned brown.
I can’t use my oven because it heats up the house too much.
I’m confined to being indoors most of the day. 115 more words


Preregistration - A Harmless Word, or a Blight Upon the English Language? You Decide.

So I’m driving home from the theatre (I seen Shawn the Sheep with Quinnchild, I highly recommend it. Riveting!) And I must’ve seen the word “register” or “registration” on a sign somewheres. 440 more words

Topic Not About Brain Injury


So my WordPress has been taking a lot of neglect from me lately, I’ve been thinking about it loads, what I can post and when and such but I’ve just never done a thing. 39 more words



You remind me of every man,
I have never loved…

Hopelessly invested
In me…

Ready to fall in love
With me blindly…

Fascinated by the idea… 49 more words


Looking for Inspirations

“Writing, or doing any kind of work needs an inspiration. You won’t just be doing anything because you can do it, you’ll do it because you love to do it. 297 more words

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