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My river of words dried up and now I'm thirsty for tiny drops of inspiration to refill this empty stream of vast land. The drought is killing me.


What To Do?

It’s a bit of a nothing day today, I don’t know what to do with myself.

Weathers dull, editings done, so what do I do with myself apart from drink vast quantities of coffee? 111 more words


no energy and headache

First of, i apologize for not writing the last few days. I just felt so uninspired, had a headache to often and just felt like staying in bed all day (although I didn’t). 267 more words


What to do when the words stop

I usually start my workday with my usual work tabs and one writing tab open. I use Google Docs so I can easily access my most recent draft at any given time. 269 more words

Today's Art (23rd June 2017)

Well, unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling anywhere near as inspired as I had hoped to be when I made this digitally-edited painting. So, in the end, I decided to practice painting trees. 18 more words



i simply lost interest in writing; including writing short notes on my phone daily. i stopped reading as well. I am still stuck at reading… 552 more words


Day 169 (Sun 6/18) Ink and Watercolor Zentangles

Completely uninspired, and tired, I didn’t feel like ‘arting’ today. But I did, and just finished before midnight. There’s nothing inspiring here, except perhaps the idea that I did it anyway. 29 more words