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For the Record: They Care Not What They Do

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We would like to be begin this article by saying to those supporters of the compact who are reading, WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY. 754 more words

Property Rights

Mobius strip of stupidity

Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), an idiot device that is suppose to make nuclear weapons palatable, actually is worthless. If one side thought they could get the upper hand, all bets were off. 140 more words


Water Compact Passes House 53-47


We are sad to report that yesterday evening the house of representatives for the state of Montana voted to ratify the CSKT Water Compact with a vote of 53-47.  1,287 more words

Murderer's Privilege (An Attempt at Mostly Fiction)

The heavy steel door latched shut with the tiniest of clicks just before the jail guard walked away. My seat was round and about as large as a personal pizza. 848 more words


For the Record: CSKT Compact Violates Due Process for All

Here is the 6th and the last of a series of water compact opposition testimonies from the House Hearing held on Saturday 04/11/2015.

This video speaks for itself.  52 more words

Property Rights

For the Record: State Failed to Study Impacts

Here is part 2 of a series of video testimony excerpts from the water compact hearing that put important information on the record.

This video is the testimony of Representative Nancy Ballance concerning the state’s failure to answer the most basic questions, or to study the critical financial, legal and economic impacts of this compact. 48 more words

Proposed CSKT Compact

Only in California...

…will the pointy headed Governor issue unlawful fiats concerning water usage. Meanwhile not a new reservoir has been built, half on Mexico has moved into the State and all the hot ail from the legislature melted whatever mountain snowpack existed. 447 more words

The Liberal Plantation