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How Europe's regulators missed the point on e-cigarettes

Sometimes, I must admit, I’m a little like a five year old. I will sit and marvel with child-like wonder at technology and machinery until my brain explodes. 1,722 more words


Poem-a-Day Writer’s Digest Challenge #23. Theme: Apology

Words Matter

She was sorry she ever lied,
for because of her,
the lie became a truth.

She was sorry she was ever truthful,
for because of her, 49 more words

Quiet Capitulation: Merkel Slowly Changes Tune on Refugee Issue

Source: Spiegel, by Melanie Amann, Horand Knaup, Ralf Neukirch and René Pfister

After announcing that Germany would not place limits on the number of asylum-seekers it accepts, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now considering a quota system. 516 more words

Collectivism - For The Greater Good, Of Course

The Western Roots of Anti-Western Terror

Source: Project Syndicate, by Brahma Chellaney

The Islamic State’s horrific attacks in Paris provide a stark reminder that Western powers cannot contain – let alone insulate themselves from – the unintended consequences of their interventions in the Middle East… 409 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Stop Hiring Yalies: A 5-Point Plan for Ending Campus Madness

original article: Stop Hiring Yalies: A 5-Point Plan for Ending Campus Madness
November 13, 2015 by JOHN ZMIRAK

America’s “progressive” college students are throwing a temper tantrum, and there is method to their madness. 2,125 more words

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