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Flawed Design Gives Compact Development a Black Eye

By Dom Nozzi

March 25, 2002

What stuns and scares me about so much of the recommended policies we hear from citizens these days is that so much of it is precisely OPPOSITE of what we should be doing to avoid a sprawling, auto-dependent, low-quality -of-life hell. 394 more words


Islamic Appreciation Month Comes to the University of Florida

It is right that every innocent Muslim, as well as any member of any group, should feel a sense of belonging, but a sense of entitlement is not the equivalent of a sense of belonging. 10 more words

Islamic Apologism And The Persecution Of Dissenters

Islamic Appreciation Month Comes to the University of Florida

by Christine Williams [Jihad Watch]  *  11 October, 2016

Islam Appreciation Month has arrived on campus at the University of Florida:

Maria Ilyas, 20, president of Islam On Campus, said the purpose of the event is to clear misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

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Freedom Of Speech

Organizational Change - Context Matters!

This post examines how non-simplistic approach to understanding organizational change can help improve change management efforts.

In a recent paper titled The Rationality Paradox of Nudge… 428 more words


Six lessons about change that affect research impact

What do researchers need to know about change to help our research have greater impact? What kind of impact is it realistic to expect? Will understanding change improve the ways we assess research impact? 782 more words


The Only "Systemic" Racism in America Today Is in a Place the Left Created

“Systemic” racism in America – that is, racism built into the system and thus dispensing injustice by default – is a fact-starved obsession with the Left as well as with ordinary, decent people who happen to be susceptible to the Left’s compassionate sounding lies. 1,606 more words

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Still more horrifying news from Venezuela - #13

The heartbreaking humanitarian crisis in Venezuela just keeps getting worse.

If only they had massive amounts of energy in the ground that they could sell. 533 more words