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Researchers warn that bird feeders could aid the spread of disease

Diseases among bird populations are on the increase and, as a growing number of households take to feeding their garden birds, researchers have claimed that bird feeders are contributing to the spread of dangerous pathogens, viruses and bacteria in certain species. 405 more words


A Little Privacy

When I was selected for grand jury duty decades ago, I learned a great deal.  I would suggest that one and all, if you are given the chance, take it.  665 more words

Politcal Opinion

It Would Appear the Democrats Are Stuck on Stupid

Even before President Trump became President Trump, the Dems have been working overtime trying to get him out of office.  They act as if, by destroying the man, they can reclaim the office of presidency. 341 more words

Politcal Opinion

More unexpected disasters

Trump and Co apply sanctions and almost bring down the worlds most neutral country.
Sanctions on Russian billionaires trigger collapse of Swiss franc.
The Swiss franc has been caught squarely in the Russian sanctions issue. 68 more words


Do YOUR priorities reflect the best use of your time?

What gifts can you offer and why do YOU invest your time in some ways instead of others?

Why do develop some skills over others?

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Socio-ecological Model

What does a healthy relationship look like?

Holding space for other people can be challenging at times.

One of the quickest ways to

hold space for others when you’re ill-equipped to respond the way the other person would like… 110 more words

Socio-ecological Model

What makes a great community?

What makes a great community?

What is our role in our toward shaping this community and why have we chosen to participate in THIS role versus others?

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