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Tragically fell
from the family mantle,
of a loving son.

© Paul Nichol.  2015


Inside A Mid-East Coup: A Closer Look At The Russia-Iran Power Play

Source: ZeroHedge

Earlier today, we ventured to characterize the breakdown of Washington’s strategy in Syria as the worst US foreign policy blunder since Vietnam.

To be sure, that’s a bold claim, but it’s supported by the sheer number of missteps, bad outcomes, and outright absurdities that have developed in the Mid-East as a result of the effort to oust Bashar al-Assad. 395 more words

World At WAR


The so-called secular rebels were in fact vicious Islamists in disguise.

It gives me no joy to say that I thought the West’s strategy was wrong four years ago. 391 more words

An Everest of a Consequence

*Spoiler alert as post is based on the movie Everest (2015)

Rob Hall was not a stupid man. And my take on his intelligence came after watching him for the first 45 minutes in the movie Everest by Kormákur. 509 more words


The failure & harm of interventionism is not opinion

Harry Fairhead, policy analyst at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, recently wrote a piece for the London-based newspaper City A.M., which briefly discusses what the negative consequences of the UK’s imminent plastic bag tax will be, and what they have been as a result of similar government action elsewhere. 762 more words