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Explanations for the collapsing Venezuelan economy that avoid the actual cause - 7

As the level of massive, avoidable, preventable, yet fully predictable suffering expands without end, we see two new explanations for the suffering.

5/18 – Daily Mail – … 1,310 more words


Holiday Father is Local Hero: Variation on the Leaders We Deserve theme

A battle with authority has propelled a father into the role of champion of the underdogs against authority. The case illustrates how we create the leaders we deserve… 709 more words

Our Constitutional Right to Privacy Is Missing From Bathroom Debate

original article: Our Constitutional Right to Privacy Is Missing From Bathroom Debate
May 17, 2016 by Matt Sharp

It should be common sense that every person is entitled to privacy when using the restroom, changing, or showering, but unfortunately, some have eliminated common sense from the discussion. 612 more words


Social Media for society

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Nowadays, social media is an important information and communication technology for organizations. For example, Australian Government, Department of Human Services uses social media channels such as Facebook public official account to warn people during disaster. 554 more words

Social Media

California legislation aims to reduce sprawl: Watch Out for Unintended Consequences

By Dom Nozzi

November 2007

In the fall of 2007, a member of the new urbanist email list I was subscribing to posted the following news: “CA bill to tie transportation funding to reducing sprawl” 245 more words

Sprawl, Suburbia

Venezuela continues slide into chaos - 6

Things are bad and likely to get far worse for the people living in Venezuela. More reports of looting are appearing in news stories. Read between the lines on the comment from a mayor who says that dogs and cats are disappearing from the streets. 478 more words


EOC Review: Unintended Consequences

With the Biology End of Course Exam less than two weeks away, we used the short Friday class period to work through one of the types of writing prompts that students will need to prepare for.   346 more words

End Of Course