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10 Reasons why France's food waste law is misguided

Recently France passed a law requiring supermarkets over 400 square meters to reduce food waste through donating to a charity, making into compost, or using it as animal feed. 530 more words

Soap Box

The Embargo Act - Part 2

In the 21st century there seem to be no public figures whose service would qualify them for Mount Rushmore, but even the four Presidents whose likenesses are carved into the Black Hills made mistakes. 205 more words


The New York Times must be slipping with "When Family-Friendly Policies Backfire”


The best part of the article is its frank admission about how bare the cupboard is in dealing with the impact of generous maternity leave on the gender gap. 31 more words

Labour Economics

Mop Head

      As I was saying just the other day, or close enough, to my friend the Unpaid Internet Content Provider, after an interruption, “As I was saying…” 796 more words


Mobius strip of stupidity

One item very dear to every Progressives heart is the Minimum Wage and the fallacious belief that it rids the land of poverty, teen unemployment and teenage acne. 215 more words

The Liberal Plantation

Moms against everything

When lawmakers become fixated on some problem in society, there will be a law passed that will cure all of the ill. That is provided the targets of the law obey the law, meekly back away from their baser drives and become upright citizens. 587 more words