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Billion$ spent to fix failing schools; fail

original article: Obama administration spent billions to fix failing schools, and it didn’t work
January 19, 2017 by Emma Brown

One of the Obama administration’s signature efforts in education, which pumped billions of federal dollars into overhauling the nation’s worst schools, failed to produce meaningful results, according to a federal analysis. 761 more words


Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

It finally ends today. With the peaceful transfer of power in Washington from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, what might be described as our long national nightmare will be over. 122 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Where culture, politics, and religion meet in America

original article: Tocqueville and Democracy’s Fall in America
January 19, 2017 by Samuel Gregg

For Alexis de Tocqueville, American democracy’s passion for equality was a potentially fatal flaw—one that religion could help address. 1,431 more words


An End to Bribery

On April 15, 2017, the Clinton Global Initiative, part of the Clinton Foundation, will shut down. The CGI’s website says it “convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges” and has “improved the lives of over 435 million people in more than 180 countries.” So if it’s doing such great work, why are the Clinton’s closing up shop? 365 more words

In The News

Obama Pardons "Chelsea", 1000+ Drug Offenders, Nearly All Gitmo Jihadists, Lifts Sudan Sanctions

Pardoning drug offenders by the thousand, many of them violent offenders and/or dealers. Commuting the sentence of a convicted traitor who released military secrets directly impinging on national security. 506 more words

Collapse Of The West

Unintended Consequences - Part One

Unintended Consequences – a term I’ve come to know all to well. It applies to so many areas of our lives. Some are positive – some are negative. 422 more words

Winter 2017 52 Day Challenge