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Why We Ban the Bag

The city of Chicago has enacted a plastic bag ban which I thought meant that I would have to buy new plastic bags every time I went to the grocery store. 673 more words


The Baltimore Solution

For quite a while America has suffered under an onslaught of news that the AlphaNets use to beat White America with charges of racism. White cops killing blacks. 900 more words

The Liberal Plantation

Laissez le bon temps rouler

This isn’t an endorsement of Trump! Rather it is a gloating over the way he kicks the snot out of the silly-ass pundits and press doyennes who think they should have the say in who will be the GOP candidate. 644 more words


Being rejected means you have no proof you can socialize well.

We have some big hangups about free choice and consent in social relationships. (And sexual too, but that’s a story for later.) And the title of this post is a big reason why. 626 more words


The death toll in high-speed police chases

High-speed police chases kill 330 people per year, one-third of whom are innocent bystanders: priceonomics.com/the-case-for-b… http://t.co/uFmzxgcplk
Zachary Crockett (@zzcrockett) July 22, 2015

Law And Economics

First Do No Harm

This is how it’s going to go:
I’ll start to write a verse although
I have no purpose, point or plan
Except to do the best I can… 39 more words