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Lesson Learned-- Just Not The Expected One!

L’il Sis has been going to see a homeopathic doctor to deal with some of her troublesome medical issues. After a barrage of tests, the doc discovered that her adrenal glands are not working properly (among other things) and she needs supplements to kick start the recovery process. 693 more words


Instead of reading about hyperinflation and economic collapse in history, you can watch it play out live. Tune in to Venezuela.

The hyperinflation in Zimbabwe resulted in a ten trillion Zim note being worth four cents in American dollars. That would be:

  • Zim$10,000,000,000,000  =  US$.04

When that level of financial devastation happens, it is the result of government policy. 615 more words

Change Around Us

Unintended consequences of SIP

The Mac, and its operating systems, have for a long time been highly customizable. Apple’s range of options has been good, but much more limited than is available using third-party enhancements. 844 more words


Zika Virus Outbreak Linked To Release Of Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes... Disastrous Unintended Consequences Now Threaten Life Across The Americas

By Mike Adams – Natural News

(NaturalNews) GMO skeptics like myself have been warning for years of the unintended consequences of genetic pollution. Even when genetically engineered organisms are released into the world with the best of intentions, such actions can wreak havoc on the ecosystem and human civilization in ways that simply can’t be foreseen by the world’s most well-meaning scientists. 138 more words

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New Book Release - Unintended Consequences: When Adults took the fun out of Youth Sports, by Jerry Norton

Unintended Consequences: When Adults took the fun out of Youth Sports, by Jerry Norton, helps make sense of today’s youth sports and how to set it back on a course toward fun. 310 more words

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Rational choice and spatial based solidarity problems

“Strategies that are rational at the level of the individual can lead to unintended consequences or suboptimal outcomes at group or society level, thereby creating solidarity and inequality problems” 330 more words