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Become an Apprentice

Get paid to learn and do something cool. Just think, next time someone asks you what you’ve been up to you can say, “Ah, just on my way to becoming a HEAVY DUTY REPAIRER.” Awesome. 52 more words

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Working From Home While Sick

I came down with an honest to goodness common cold over the weekend!  It is truly awful without medication.  I slept like shit and just felt like the front of my face was going to melt away. 164 more words

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Profit Economics & Income Inequality—America 2015

By Carol Driscoll

What is the meaning of the alarming growth in income inequality throughout the world? According to a recent report issued by the charity organization Oxfam, “by next year, the world’s wealthiest 1% will control as much of the planet’s assets as the other 99%.” About this, Winnie Byanyima, Oxfam’s executive director, asks… 995 more words

Labor Unions

Study Examines "High Road", Unionized Jobs in the California Solar Industry

A study released on November 10 by the University of California at Berkeley examines the environmental and economic impact of a boom in utility-scale solar electricity generation in California since 2010. 206 more words

Doing The Right Thing Can Leave You Lonely

Daily Prompt: Sink or Swim

Tell us about a time when you were left on your own, to fend for yourself in an overwhelming situation — on the job, at home, at school. 939 more words


Overeducated & Unemployed

What was that line y’all fed us when we were but knee high and tow headed, sitting cross-legged in the assembly hall with casts on our arms and a song in our hearts? 1,253 more words

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Incomes Are Going Down

This election season, it’s a rare thing when the Presidential candidates agree, but they do agree on this:  even in an economic recovery, the manufacturing jobs… 494 more words

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