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Half of all union members in the US work for the government

It is only to be expected that most people will vote in favour of their own vested interests.

It is also only to be expected that those whose income depends on government spending will vote for the continuation or the increase of government spending or for the continuation or increase of taxation for that purpose. 475 more words


Collective bargaining coverage across the OECD, 1990 and 2011

Despite all the hullabaloo, collective bargaining agreement coverage is not declined by that much outside of the English-speaking countries. Outside of the USA, the top 1% are very lazy… 106 more words

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Why Angry American Doctors Might Follow the British and Strike

There is new drama on the healthcare front. This time, it’s not in the United States, where critics have endlessly dissected the expansion of health coverage since Obamacare was introduced five years ago. 823 more words


British union membership by public and private sector and gender since 1995

British union membership is very much a public sector phenomena. Outside of the public sector, union membership is low but stable for 20 years now. 8 more words

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Public and private sector union membership in the USA since 1973

Public and private sector union membership took completely different paths in the USA over the last 40 years. Public sector union memberships held its own. There is been a steady decline in union membership in the private sector. 18 more words

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My union card

I’ve just cancelled my membership of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, the union that represents journalists. I’ve been a member since 1993. Before that, I was a member of equivalent union in New Zealand. 738 more words