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Oh, damn you, London theatre!

It’s all member of the cast’ fault if I noticed almost last minute the musical The White Feather and, reading the synopsys, I had to book immediately! 418 more words


The White Feather

The Union Theatre continues its role as London’s principal home of British musicals, this time with the world premiere of a show about the military’s treatment of its own in the First World War, together with attitudes to pacifism, homosexuality and class at that time. 375 more words


The White Feather, Union Theatre

During WWI, men considered too afraid to enlist were given white feathers by those disapproving of their cowardice. Also common were boys too young to join up lying about their ages so they could experience the excitement of battle. 613 more words

Fringe Theatre

Review - Our House - Union Theater

I’m not the world’s biggest Madness fan – there were only a few songs of theirs that were played in America, mostly on MTV, and mostly on “120 Minutes” – so perhaps I wasn’t the perfect audience for seeing the… 434 more words

"Pure Madness" Our House (Union Theatre) Review

I’m not sure why anyone would listen to the Madness back catalogue and think “there’s a musical in this”, but apparently people did – and invested time & money into making it a reality. 223 more words



It’s 46 years since The Who released Tommy, one of the most ground-breaking albums of the 60’s (or any other decade come to that), the first ‘rock opera’. 362 more words


Retrofest - UMFC Retrospective Screening Night

Come and join the UMFC for Retrofest! This is the club’s Retrospective Screening night, where we will be showing our past short film projects on the cinema screen in Union House Theatre! 58 more words

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