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Teachers' Unions Play Politics

We’re coming upon the time of year when parents and children alike obsess over which teacher(s) they will receive for the upcoming school term. There is no real implied choice in the matter; similar to your “zoned school,” most families don’t search beyond what’s handed to them, so if a student doesn’t mesh well with their instructor, it’s “too bad, Jimmy, better luck next year.” 528 more words



Outsourcing is a full proof process
For sucking the blood of youth
And to make them low-paid
It’s the weapon to fight the policies
Adopted by Trade Unions
for several decades.

Recording Secretary Knueppel, July, 2018

Mike peers out from the side of the stage.

He walks across stage to the microphone.

He taps the microphone. Then he turns it on and taps it again. 184 more words

Executive Blog

President Schultz, June, 2018

Union Brothers and Sisters,

Over the last month, we have had to face many changes with little-to-no communication from upper management and no regard for the morale on the floor. 327 more words

Executive Blog

President Schultz, May, 2018

Union Brothers and Sisters,

As all of you know, Kevin, Jim and Jeanette are no longer with us and we have a whole new management team with Cobin, Justin and Kelly. 270 more words

Executive Blog

NYC Draft Riots

Today in History, July 13, 1863:

Just days after men had died fighting at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Irish immigrants began rioting in New York City against a draft. 161 more words

Who Needs Sex When You Have the Eucharist?

I’ve been thinking a lot about consecrated virginity lately because I think that might be the way I end up going (also along with becoming a Secular Carmelite). 369 more words

Consecrated Virgin