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Why the election battle is just the opening skirmish.

The UK goes to the polls this Thursday in what will be the most uncertain and far-reaching general election of the modern era.

As the dust settles on Friday morning three things will be clear; that the UK has a hung parliament, that Britain is deeply polarised along tribal lines, and that a second election must be held. 1,203 more words


Election fever

With a bare 10 days to go until the General Election here in the UK, politicians are becoming increasingly febrile – while the populace are engulfed in a thick fog of ennui.   1,046 more words

'Speaking' of progress

On Monday 12th January history was made at Stormont when Mitchel McLaughlin was elected speaker of the Storming Assembly. Let me firstly be very clear and say that I believe we had to elect a Sinn Fein speaker – it was inevitable, we don’t have to like the fact but as a democratic people we had no choice.   441 more words

DUP MP wanted bombing raid on Republic

State papers released after the thirty year rule has revealed that DUP MP for South Antrim, William McCrea, had called for airstrikes to hit border counties in the Republic of Ireland. 330 more words


Ní lia duine ná tuairim...

The Irish language is back in the media spotlight again in the last week or so, this time for mixed reasons. 1,394 more words


Textron unionists vote to accept joint contract

WICHITA, Kansas – Members of the International Association of Machinists (IAM) and Aerospace Workers District 70 at Textron Aviation have voted 73% to 27% to unify under a single six-year collective bargaining agreement that commits to growing aerospace jobs in Wichita, preserves member seniority and increases pay. 110 more words