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Brexit and the border: it's not just about trade and economics

Winding across 499 km of farms, fields, and forests, with nearly 300 crossing points, the almost-invisible border dividing the island of Ireland looms large over the United Kingdom’s planned exit from the European Union. 2,063 more words


The Valentine's Day Breakup (of talks in NI)

At 4pm on Valentine’s Day, DUP leader Arlene Foster announced the end of the current phase of talks to restore the Stormont Parliament and Executive, which have been suspended since the January 2017 resignation of the late Martin McGuinness. 1,912 more words


Carson's betrayal of women? Unionist attitudes and actions towards female suffrage during the third home rule crisis.

‘Carson’s betrayal of women’? Unionist attitudes and actions towards female suffrage during the Home Rule crisis 1912-1914.

The issue of female suffrage in the context of the Home Rule crisis is complex and multi layered.  4,039 more words

Please Just STOP saying the divide in the north is Catholic vs Protestant

If there is one thing guaranteed to annoy me in reading an article or listening to a debate on politics in the north – well, beyond the normal level of annoyed that usually brings – it’s when people bring religion into it. 2,009 more words

The North

Not Even Sinn Féin Are Prepared For A United Ireland

Due to the rising number of Catholics as a share of Northern Ireland’s population and the possible ramifications of Brexit, there has been an increased pushed for a border poll, especially by Sinn Féin. 2,406 more words


Delusions Of Empire 2.0

From the rising in the East to the setting in the West
Everyone’s told that British is best
They colonised people on every land
Those who resisted felt the back of their hand… 236 more words

Scottish Independence