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September 1983 edition of the UDA newsletter 'Ulster'

The September 1983 edition of the Ulster Defence Association newsletter ‘Ulster’ which is in uploaded in pdf form.
Among the items covered are Anti Segregation protests, threats to criminals from the UDA, plenty of small pieces about Gerry Adams and Cardinal O’Fiach, a piece on Rose Harvey and Dominic McGlinchey. 8 more words

Irish History

The Lord’s army – Onward Christian soldiers!

This image appeared over at Biffer Towers (Britain First’s Facebook page) overnight last night. In all honesty we were a little intrigued to know just which Lord and who the army was planning to fight. 235 more words

Britain First

Sturgeon in America

So Nicola Sturgeon was booked onto an American chat show as a comedian. Cue the unionist jokes. They’ll all be falling over themselves to see who can tell the best joke. 52 more words


Off to Saltville

Without a Country – Our story continues at the home of Will and Suzanne.  They were running out of salt and couldn’t get salt through the Watauga County distribution system.  333 more words

Without a Country - We Need Salt!

Salt.  It’s on french fries and potato chips.  It’s used to season soups, vegetables, meats, and many other things we cook.  We use it to melt ice… 347 more words
Civil War

Why the election battle is just the opening skirmish.

The UK goes to the polls this Thursday in what will be the most uncertain and far-reaching general election of the modern era.

As the dust settles on Friday morning three things will be clear; that the UK has a hung parliament, that Britain is deeply polarised along tribal lines, and that a second election must be held. 1,211 more words


Election fever

With a bare 10 days to go until the General Election here in the UK, politicians are becoming increasingly febrile – while the populace are engulfed in a thick fog of ennui.   1,046 more words