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Scottish Labour to Defend UK

Scottish Labour rules out platform with Conservatives to fight independence

EDINBURGH: Scottish Labour would not join forces with the Conservatives in a joint campaign to defend the United Kingdom if Scotland held a second independence referendum, leader Kezia Dugdale has said. 338 more words


Democracy in northern Irish statelet?

Regular readers of the Irish media can’t fail to have noticed the continual use of the words ‘democracy’ and ‘undemocratic’, and such phrases as ‘the democratic will of the people’, in the political arena here. 271 more words

Political And Social Commentary

A choice of two unions

Ever since June the only sure thing that has been repeated with the regard to the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union is Brexit means Brexit. 367 more words


Labour Alternative – A Movement for a New Northern Ireland

For decades, elections in Northern Ireland have been little more than a sectarian headcount. In terms of the overall result, the upcoming Assembly election on May 5th is likely to be little different. 547 more words


Why I Hope There Never Is A United Ireland

For generations the goal of Irish nationalists has been a 32 county United Irish Republic where the whole island is free of British rule. In theory all Irish political parties support this, even if there isn’t much they can do about it. 1,453 more words