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Brad Fergusson view on reciprocity in business from chapter 6 of FINDING TRUE FRIENDS

In discussions with friend and business associate Brad Fergusson around reciprocity in business he said the following:

Have you ever wondered why you feel compelled to do something for someone who has helped you, without ever being asked to do so? 654 more words

A History of One Teachers' Union, Part 1 of 3

With the US Supreme Court now scheduled to hear a case about unions — whether non-members should be forced to pay dues to the union (or even to a charity) for representation, I decided to re-print my set of interviews with teachers from Odessa, WA, about what teaching was like before the union came into Odessa, what teaching was like after the union was established, and their advice to the membership about the union. 2,338 more words

Veronica O'Leary (author) view of true friends - extract from FINDING TRUE FRIENDS

Veronica O’Leary author of Circles the Trilogy said to me that true friends are a gift, and not to be mistaken with casual friendships. In a relationship such as romantic partners there has to be a balance of give and take. 471 more words

Do you need a partner to be happy?

This is an interesting one and I would love to hear people’s thoughts.

I am visiting family in Adelaide at the moment which is why I have been a bit quieter, but the other day mum said as a general statement happiness comes from finding the right partner. 170 more words

Customers of Democracy: Why the Hanauer-Rolf plan should be rejected.

It should be as obvious as the nose on your face that the working class in the United States has been in a state of crisis and decline for decades now. 1,195 more words

Don't pussy foot around with staff

Therre re is a new school of thought around pussy footing around with staff. No be fair but at the end of the day of you are a leader you need to make a profit and you have a responsibility to shareholders. 99 more words