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Workers vs NLRB...

Workers at an Alabama plant have  voted to de-certify  the United Auto Workers Union for the fifth time in less than two years.   Perhaps this time the National Labor Relations Board will actually rule that the union has been officially de-certified instead of trying to thwart the will of the workers by giving the union yet another bite at the apple.

Kasich Rescinds Union Rights For Ohio Care Workers

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Republican Gov. John Kasich on Friday rescinded a pair of directives issued by his predecessor that allowed independent home health care and child care workers under contract with the state to unionize, arguing the key union benefit of health insurance coverage is now widely available elsewhere. 559 more words


Protests in Seattle and Newark

Thousands of teachers marched in Seattle to demand better funding for the schools.

In Newark, hundreds of students marched and blocked traffic to protest the destruction of their public schools


Henry Wallace On American Fascism

A couple of days ago I followed a link on Facebook to an article entitled “The Danger of American Fascism”. It was written by Henry Wallace. 283 more words


L.A. City Council Racists Crucify Black Youth With Minimum Wage Law

Once more the Fascist Liberals of the Los Angeles City Council, have succeded in their racist war against Black Youth by successfully disemploying them with their latest raises in the minimum wage law. 431 more words


The Disillusioned Public Sector Unions

Unions.  Once upon a time, unions had an incredibly important role in shaping worker rights and ensuring that its members were treated fairly and equitably by their respective employers. 475 more words

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