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Also, Sarah is a Gerbil

It’s been called the “it” factor, the “hook,” the unique selling proposition. It’s the thing that makes your story stand out from any other.

It’s your “also,” and every book needs one. 684 more words


Trigger value is anything but the offer itself

A trigger value is something that makes me choose offer A over offers B to Z. Example: 117 more words


4 Crucial Business Survival Tips

The success of a business is as hard to predict as the weather. You may need to carry the umbrella even when the weather is sunny enough for a picnic, and there can be an unexpected rain that can leave you wet and cold. 16 more words

Quit Rejecting Your Inner Awesome

I’m different. Not because I always try to be, or because I’m trying to start some sort of “movement”, I’m just different. First, I’ve never met another Cesaron in my life… I’ve heard there are others out there somewhere but we’ve never met for coffee. 547 more words