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How to Give the Perfect Pitch

If you have ever been to a networking group, you were probably asked to stand and give your “elevator pitch” to the group. Members are trained in how to present who they are, what they do, and the benefits of their product or service in 30 seconds or less, or the time it would take to travel in an elevator from floor to floor (which is why it’s called an elevator pitch). 461 more words

All The Buzz

Stand Out by NOT Doing What Others Do

Do you remember the letter I wrote to myself? Well, I’ve come to realize that I have really struggled in my career, both in corporate jobs as well as in my own business, and a big reason is that I’ve always tried to fit in when I should have been ok with standing out. 292 more words

Career Management

Aby moje firma fungovala líp

Chtěli bychom to všichni, víc zákazníků, lepší ceny, skvělé kolegy, míň práce, volné neděle a tak podobně. Hodně lidí si povzdechne: “Jsem v té firmě utopený(á), zahrabaný(á) do každodenní rutiny a nemám čas na nějaké plánování a strategii. 227 more words


How will the Customer know about the solution?

I am reprinting here some of the paragraphs of my booklet
“Roadmap to market”. Hope this will help you find some of its ideas…

Dear Fellow Innovator, 3,673 more words


Creating marketing strategies

Getting your business successfully from Point A to Point B requires a clear understanding of what you want to achieve (Vision), how you want to position yourself in relation to your competitors and clients ( 44 more words

The Branded Series: 101

It’s kind of perfect that I’m writing this post as I am helping to develop one of my client’s brand. In this blog post I will go over what branding is about, why we brand, and the overarching goals. 575 more words


Features & Benefits

The past few weeks have had the the subject of features and benefits pop up a lot.

For the non-marketing people out there, let me explain the difference. 479 more words