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You are unique!

Hey you!

Let me start this one with a question: Do you love yourself?

Today is my 7th day with no makeup! I know, you might be thinking, um Tara this is barely even a week, and why is this such a big deal? 547 more words

Love grows cold (Mt 24:12-24:12)

“Because of the increase

Of lawlessness,

The love of many

Will grow cold.”


καὶ διὰ τὸ πληθυνθῆναι τὴν ἀνομίαν ψυγήσεται ἡ ἀγάπη τῶν πολλῶν.

This little saying about love growing cold is unique to… 42 more words

False prophets (Mt 24:11-24:11)

“Many false prophets

Will arise up.

They will lead

Many astray.”


καὶ πολλοὶ ψευδοπροφῆται ἐγερθήσονται καὶ πλανήσουσιν πολλούς

This little saying about false prophets is unique to… 45 more words

Be You

God doesn’t use those who are ‘normal’,
Instead He loves it when you are cool,
With just being ‘You’,

Whether you got a stutter,
A buck tooth, 83 more words


Coming soon (Mt 23:36-23:36)


I say to you!

‘All this will come

Upon this generation.’”


ἀμὴν λέγω ὑμῖν, ἥξει ταῦτα πάντα ἐπὶ τὴν γενεὰν ταύτην.

This is a saying unique to… 29 more words