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[Female Objectification] ORPHIC

The final night was a massive success! We positively developed from Vanguard and created an amazing exhibition, ORPHIC. As team leader I felt under the most stress, I had to check everything and help with most elements on the exhibition night, and when there was a query or mistake I had to quickly think of a solution. 312 more words

Unit 10

[Female Objectification] PINK MILK

“As women society expects us to look endlessly beautiful, to cover ourselves in pink and to aspire to be the prettiest, purest flower. We are forced to compete for the hypothetical tiara that is fabricated by unrealistic beauty standards in a superficial culture created by heterosexual males. 172 more words

Unit 10

[Female Objectification] Final Video Planning

Throughout the recent photography series I have produced, I have also been taking videos too. I want my final video to be mainly of a man looking and acting like the women in the noughties dance music videos (objectively hot, wet and sexy), but including snippets from the previous suggestive imagery of flowers and fruit too. 752 more words

Unit 10

[Unit 10: Female Objectification] Final Piece Planning

I will be taking inspiration from Zoe Buckman’s series EVERY CURVE, using similar beautiful, soft, hand embroidered text to contrast with the ugliness of the fruit. 135 more words

Unit 10

[Female Objectification] DEADWET

A video largely inspired by Annique Delphine’s series ABUNDANCE which consisted of multiple videos of white liquid dripping through bunches of flowers to represent female sexuality and it’s subordination in a world ruled by patriarchy. 55 more words

Unit 10


Our brief was simply described as developing the college’s film club.

Our target audience was mainly students attending Stanmore College who wanted to watch a movie in a relaxed social environment but guest to the college would be welcome. 412 more words