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Unit 10 Evalation

I have looked at many different university, some university’s I felt were not for me such as Bath university the course was more focused on performing arts what I mean by this they look more at the three areas such as dance, singing and acting. 164 more words

Unit 10 Evaluation

The premise of Unit 10 was to engage with a particular target audience through the medium of games. Our audience being the deaf and Deaf community’s from casual players to streamers. 803 more words

Unit 10 Children's book: Week 12

A summary of my production work to-date including reference to earlier production schedule:

(Unit 10 2.2)- Like last week, this week has been entirely devoted to ensuring that the layout on every page was clean, clear but still exciting for my target audience and that my text was all in the correct font (sans-serif) and size. 523 more words

Unit 10 - Evaluation


We were asked to produce a portfolio for unit 10 of our level 3 extended diploma which included 5 written pieces, a multimedia package, a blog post and finally two photojournalism submissions. 824 more words

Unit 10


Here are four different types of possible jobs and how much i earn and spend for each..

Full time earning £18,000 living in harlow, working in London. 262 more words

Unit 10

Unit 10 - Evaluation

Intro – 

I have produced a personal portfolio in which I have included 5 interpreted news stories, a multi-media package which includes a video which some text to explain what it is about, a blog, a review and pictures again with text. 767 more words