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Unit 10, Task 2: 800 Word report and 10 minute presentation identifying the target audience the 4 games where designed for.


Greetings, I’m James Hodgson and I have been tasked with researching puzzle games and the demographic it appeals to.

The goal of this report and presentation is to understand the appeal of certain games to certain demographics and why. 926 more words

Unit 10

Unit 10, Task 1: Researching 4 Puzzle games and their characteristics.



The aesthetics for this game are very clinical and industrial like, appropriate since this game takes place in a testing/science facility. Most of the architecture in this facility is built around test chambers, or puzzle rooms for portal technology. 1,569 more words

Unit 10

Last Week! June 4 - 7

Click HERE for the Unit 10: Digital Portfolio HyperDoc

Goals: Finish all elements of your digital writing portfolio. Polish, publish, and turn it in.

Announcements… 121 more words

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Artist Statement and final piece

My passion for cars has led me to create a campaign about texting and driving. This issue has been illegal since 2003 still so many people use their mobiles whilst driving on a daily basis. 67 more words

Unit 10

Unit 10

Many musical artists and performers enjoy spicing up their live shows with things like backing tracks, costumes, lighting, stage sets amongst others. These techniques create a more immersive experience for the audience and keep the performance interesting for the performers. 1,501 more words

Target audience research for the games: Unit 10

To begin with, i start with the game ‘murdered soul suspect’ this game i found to be aimed at both genders equally as the target audience is a set of target gamers rather than genders, Age range would have to be 16 to 30 years old due to the focus needed to pass different levels of puzzles. 163 more words

Unit 10

Unit 10, Mystery games research.

What to write about.

starting off with murdered soul suspect, a game i personally love is played in a third-person view as the player role plays as the protagonist, detective Ronan O’Connor of the salem police. 759 more words

Unit 10