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Croydon Survey - Diverse City

We have been set the task to do an Audience Profiling by creating a survey to find out as much about are audience and who to target it at dependent on how are surveys are filled out. 70 more words

Level 3

A Conclusive Essay

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the characteristics and context for a chosen art and design activity.
  2. Be able to use knowledge of the characteristics and context of an art and design activity.
  3. 636 more words
Unit 10

Oscar Nominees - Diversity

In 2016, the Academy awards nominations for Best Film, Best Actors etc. were accused of not representing diversity in choices, however in 2017 there was an improvement. 404 more words

Level 3

Unit 10 (Celia)

This week I finished writing all twelve information cards that will be in each advent envelope. Here is an example of one: 118 more words

UNIT 10 - Product (Celia)

This week I managed to make the back cover of my playing cards as well as two sides of questions to create two full playing cards. 484 more words

Pre- production

Before I started the production part of my project I planned what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. This meaning that I created a story board to give me a clear step by step understanding of what I needed to do and how do it. 116 more words

Unit 10 - Proposal

For unit 10, we are doing a project called “Social Justice” for an organisation company called Creative Conscience where their “aim is to inspire designers to apply their talents to socially valuable projects, promoting sustainability, freedom, social health and well-being.” 598 more words