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Work, work, work... Wrapping up

Unit 13

This is probably the most complete and most well done Unit of the 3, due to the fact I spent most of half-term doing it. 521 more words

Unit 72: Games Design

Going over things...

Today I have been going over everything, making sure it is complete.  Tomorrow i will post all of the work I have done on unit 74. 18 more words

College Work

Design document complete :)

Today at college I spent the entire day finishing the design document. It took a hell of a long time but it’s finally all finished :D I now have a few things to complete then i am ready for hand in on monday :D

College Work

Game Design Documents are hard work...

Since my last blog post i have been working further on the design document for unit 72. I have now complete around 25 pages and have about 6 left… NEARLY COMPLETE! 13 more words

College Work

Career Development Portfolio for Unit 13

My career development portfolio is now complete… before word decided to crash xD I will remake the career development portfolio tomorrow. ¬†The design document for my game is now coming along, I am just over half way complete.

College Work

Further work on college units.

Yesterday and today I have been working on a few of the tasks.

I have done more work on my design document but there is still a lot to do. 64 more words

College Work