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The Power of Music in Social Media

As this Blog is part of my social media marketing class, I would like to write about a case related to music, as well as social media marketing. 481 more words

Dave Carroll

[SONG] 🎶 United Breaks Guitars 🎶

Last week’s United Airlines incident dragging a passenger from an overbooked aircraft went viral on facebook etc. – enough said. “United Breaks Guitars” is a song of Canadian… 58 more words


United Airlines Tak Bisa Belajar: Dulu Dave Carroll, Sekarang David Dao

Alih-alih United Airlines tak pernah dapat belajar dari pengalaman sebelumnya. Mereka memanen hasil buruk atas perlakuan kotor mereka terhadap para pelanggan yang bernama depan: David dan Dave. 859 more words


2017-04-14 - The beginning of Manga Madness! Plus silly!

To continue with the Violinist of Hameln anime is the manga. Thanks to the translators for this one. It’s… well see for yourself.

Violinist Of Hameln MANGA – … 170 more words

Case Analysis: United Breaks Guitars

What happened between United Airlines and musician Dave Carroll?

  • Carroll’s $3500-dollar guitar was damaged by United Airlines baggage handlers and was witnessed by other passengers.
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United Breaks Guitars, and This Time Human

In these postmodern times where every interaction with the customer is a marketing event, the real crunch point comes when the customer meets your customer-service department.

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Impossible to Ignore

Have you ever shared something on Facebook that you found really interesting, only to have it met with virtual silence? Your post probably did not follow Carmen Simon’s checklist for memorable content. 1,064 more words