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Teach us to Pray: Message from July 24

The scriptures today were: Hosea 1:2-10, Colossians 2:6-19 and Luke 11:1-13, the title is as above.

We had a large group of visitors in church today, and I tried to talk more than read script. 1,991 more words

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The permaculture seminarian fundraiser

Beginning in August, I will be a student at the Lancaster Theological Seminary, here in Lancaster, PA. It wasn’t that long ago that such a notion would have seemed absurd to me but now it makes perfect sense. 424 more words

Stories, Happenings, Principles And So On

Message from July 17, 2016

The scripture this week was Amos 8:1-10 and Luke10:38-42 and the title was “Seek the Word of God.”

My absolute favorite kind of literature is frontier literature; you know them, the stories about the settling of the American frontier. 1,897 more words

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Samples from the newly cleaned bookshelf

I am sharing a couple of things today. First I wrote up most of this little article for the newsletter at church this month. In the meantime, I have cleaned out the bookshelf in my home office and have found even more books to dig through and look at and share. 629 more words

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Stopping Traffic


To the middle aged woman who gestured angrily and yelled as we passed…

To the thirty-something man in the power suit who honked and forced his black SUV through our line… 722 more words

Another Good Samaritan message

I will start by saying what follows is my message from this morning. It is a message on the parable of The Good Samaritan, and is a bit of a different twist on the text, but after I read the post by Emily Heath, I see that again, my lack of formal education sometimes is very obvious. 2,242 more words

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