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Good riddance: United finally gives up on ACA marketplaces

United Healthcare announced that it’s exiting most of the Obamacare insurance marketplaces (aka exchanges) next year. Sound like a familiar story? In fact all the recent news coverage is just a rehash of last November’s announcement that United was probably going to exit. 291 more words

Policy And Politics

United Health Care pulls out of Obamacare Markets Despite Huge Profits

Insurance; health insurance to be more specific, is killing the very people who need it to help pay for the care and medicine necessary to save their lives.  452 more words


Dental health for kids: Tips to keep their teeth healthy and clean

MILWAUKEE — February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. It’s also a reminder that tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among children.

Dr. Richard Klich is chief dental officer with United Healthcare. 210 more words


UnitedHealthcare CEO Calls ACA Exchange Expansion A 'Bad Decision'

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley says the nation’s biggest health insurer made a bad decision when it dove deeper into the Affordable Care Act’s public insurance exchanges this year. 115 more words


Obamacare Stumbles

2016 is going to be a pivotal year for the Obamacare healthcare debacle. That’s because it’s already running out of money, it’s already only getting about half the people it needs to survive, and now comes word that United Healthcare, the country’s largest healthcare insurer is going to be pulling out of the beleaguered program. 493 more words


Insurance CEO Paid $66,000,000 -- for what?

The author of this blog is willing to be the CEO of United Healthcare for a mere $60,000,000 / year.  That would save the insurance company 6 million dollars a year — a real bargain.   264 more words

Restructuring Health Care