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Henderson: Canadians happy? Don't bet on it

A lot of Canadians surely choked on their double-doubles this week upon learning that the UN has once again labelled us one of the happiest nations on earth. 654 more words


United Nations to widen its probe into North Korea’s ‘crimes against humanity’

The United Nations Human Rights Council has agreed on Friday to broaden its investigation of crimes against humanity by North Korea, it has decided to document such crimes so that they can be used for prosecution in the future. 206 more words


Tidal change at UN Commission on "Women's Rights"

Thanks to the outcome of last year’s presidential elections the US, which under President Obama was the most radical supporter of baby-slaughtering, is now taking a clear stance in favour of comprehensively protecting human rights, including the right to life, at the United Nations. 35 more words


London Terrorist Official Photo Finally Released

I’ll admit I originally fell for the first story that named the wrong London terror suspect, who happens to be a well know radical Islamic preacher. 127 more words

To Danny Danon, Israel's U.N. Ambassador

“Israel for decades has pursued a policy of constructing Jewish settlements on territory captured by Israel in a 1967 war with its Arab neighbors. Most countries view Israeli settlement activity as illegal and an obstacle to peace.

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Killing Nature In A Day

On every 22nd March, we are reminded of the essence of water to humanity and the collective effort to ensure safe, clean and accessible potable water to all. 895 more words