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UN official: Palestinians must have security and civil control of Area C

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By TOVAH LAZAROFF \10/28/2016

The report blamed the Palestinian violence in part on a lack of hope among Palestinian minors and questioned whether in some cases the attacks occurred at all.

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Can They Turn the Internet Against Us?

President *Batteries Not Included just couldn’t wait to give up America’s practical control of the Internet; and on Sept. 30, that’s exactly what he did, when he permitted the agreement to expire between the United States and the non-profit organization that administers the Internet, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). 266 more words

School Stuff: Mr and Ms United Nations

Last October 24, 2016, my daughter joined the Mr and Ms United Nations in Dominican School Manila. Her partner is Chase, and the country they’re representing is China. 138 more words

School Stuff

Egypt: Government Vows To Review Hated Protest Law Responsible for Jailing Many


CAIRO (AFP) – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has said the government will look into revising a protest law under which hundreds of activists have been jailed. 190 more words

Iraqi Forces Find a Bomb Factory and Tunnels On the Long Road to Mosul

(Khazer, Iraq) — Iraqi forces explored a network of tunnels and uncovered a bomb-making facility on Thursday in a village near Mosul that was recently retaken from the Islamic State group, offering a glimpse of the challenge they will face as they move closer to the city. 686 more words

No-one Ever, EVER, Says No to Hillary Clinton. EVER. This Guy at Her Rally Didn't Have a Choice.

A video clip from 2 days ago. What happens when a politician lies so much, that it becomes a chore for an actor to feign enthusiasm? He falls asleep.