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Protectors... or perpetrators? Putting an end to the sexualized violence committed by U.N Peacekeepers

In times of crisis, the eyes of the world look to them to keep the peace; to protect those who are vulnerable; to stand with the victims of global conflict. 803 more words

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Meet the Former Republican Governor Fighting the Worst Humanitarian Crisis Since 1945

A former Republican governor is asking Congress to step up U.S. funding to fight what some are calling the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945: four simultaneous famines. 620 more words

War in Yemen Kills or Wounds 4,000 Children

More than 90 civilians, including 25 children, died in a March 2016 Saudi airstrike on a market in Yemen. Months later, ten more children perished in another strike on a school in Saada. 444 more words

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For 1st Time, Over Half Of People With HIV Taking AIDS Drugs

LONDON (AP) — For the first time in the global AIDS epidemic that has spanned four decades and killed 35 million people, more than half of all those infected with HIV are on drugs to treat the virus, the United Nations said in a report released Thursday. 475 more words


Raymond J. de Souza: The UN plays politics with a Jewish-Muslim shrine


Kraków is a city of immense religious importance, and on my annual visits there is always much to reflect upon and pray about. 866 more words

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$5 Million Grant From Microsoft Will Help UN Track Human-Rights Abuses

As political instability, conflicts and migration proliferate across the world, technology has become a potential solution for identifying and predicting human-rights violations, which play a major role instigating upheavals. 35 more words

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Don't Whitewash Saudi Crimes Against Yemen's Children, Charities Warn UN

20 July 2017 | Staff | The New Arab

“The United Nations has been urged by charities not to whitewash a report on violations of children’s human rights, by omitting any mention of deaths and suffering caused by the  449 more words