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Breaking: Appellate Court Hammers Labor Dept for Abusive Litigation and Bad Faith

“Defend the indefensible in an indefensible manner,” “frivolous,” “bad faith,” “outrageous.” These are just a few of the choice words used by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to describe abusive conduct by the Department of Labor [“DOL”] in flat-out frivolous civil prosecution by which it sought to destroy a small business known as Gate Guard Services—for nothing. 1,005 more words

Obama’s Remedial Legal Education

A federal appeals court rebukes his immigration order “…The Fifth Circuit decision vindicates the rule of law and shows again how Mr. Obama is exceeding his legal authority. 141 more words
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Another Court Victory Against Obama's Illegal Executive Order Granting Amnesty

Judge Denies Obama’s Request to Let Immigration Policy Stand

Julián Aguilar reports: A Brownsville-based federal judge on Tuesday denied the Obama administration’s request to let a controversial immigration program proceed while the issue plays out in the courts. 377 more words

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