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Inmates In Prisons Now Using Facebook Live

People who work within the United States corrections face monumental obstacles in creating a safe work environment and keeping violent inmates in line. 185 more words


The Resurgence of Diné Principles to Guide the People

Navajo Sovereignty: Understandings and Visions of the Diné People, a new collection of essays by Navajo authors, edited by Professor Lloyd L. Lee, tackles Indigenous sovereignty from a specifically Navajo perspective. 192 more words


Should the State of Illinois File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Economic Policy Journal posted a video by political pundit Dick Morris. The video is almost 4 minutes long, but gives two rational options 15 more words


Warren Buffett: "Wind farms don't make sense for energy"

One of the most heralded investors in America does not like wind energy. 54 more words


It Isn't Just About Flint: Water As A Human Right in the United States

By Tanisha Canty

People are suffering from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, parasites, hair loss, permanent neurological disorders, anemia; raw sewage pools in their yards, separated from the children’s toys by thin scraps of metal; even their livestock are… 829 more words

Leaker Arrested for Stealing NSA Report from Government Contracted Employer: My Open Letter to Her

In an article found on businessinsider.com, you can find the following quote,

While millennials seem like prime candidates for ad industry employees — they’re young, hip, and know how to Tweet/Pin/Instagram/Facebook the hell out of something — there’s one con to hiring a fresh batch of college graduates: their attitudes are the worst.

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