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Islamic Society of North America Deletes Post Of Members Hanging With Terrorist Group

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is located in Plainfield, IN and is known here in the Indianapolis area as “The Plainfield Mosque”. 215 more words


U.S. Paid Benghazi Informant $7 Million

Mainstream tv media continues its blackout on the major trial of the 2012 Benghazi attacks. 131 more words


Breaking News: Highlights Of GOP Tax Plan

GOP just released their tax plan and here are the main points: 170 more words


Obamacare 2018 Premium Report Released And The Numbers Are Awful

New insurance premium data is out in regards to Obamacare and it’s not pretty. 131 more words


DEA Report: Mexican Drug Cartels Big Threat To Indiana

Opioid abuse is big in the news, but Hoosiers are facing a major threat from Mexican drug cartels. 456 more words


Why the Recent Niger News Matters

     A majority of Americans do not intimately know their military. They know nothing of its mechanisms, interests and motivations. All the general public sees is the synonymy between American troops and ‘justice for all’. 1,260 more words