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History On One Foot, 2003

I’m standing on one foot; leg quivering slightly, the sweat is no longer just in my pits, it’s a wet ring expanding to the size of a sand dollar, darkening my Arrow shirt. 425 more words


The History of Armed Forces Day courtesy of "History by Zim"

The blog “History by Zim: Beyond the Textbooks” offers an informational account of how this honor began.

On July 26, 1947, President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 which consolidated the military branches under the Department of Defense’s control.   11 more words


Confederate Monuments: Complicated

The American Civil War is without a doubt a fascinating time period to try to study. I have had Civil War on the brain as of late, and in terms of history, the American revolution and Civil War are among my favorite to study. 1,552 more words


Oro African Church

At the end of the Underground Railroad lived a community of people who had a strong faith. This is their church.


What’s in a Revolution? Revival Sexualities in the Age of Revolutions

“Sexing Histories of Revolution” Roundtable – Post #4
In this series, contributors explore sex and sexual revolutions in the revolutionary era. 
By Scott Larson

The history of sexuality is often told through the framework of “revolutions,” from “The” Sexual Revolution of the 1960s to scholarly applications that argue for sexual revolutions in other historical moments, such as Richard Godbeer’s groundbreaking… 1,121 more words

American Revolution

Mid-Maryland Magnified: "Look up at that Flag, with its Thirty-four Stars!"

“Look up at that Flag, with its Thirty-four Stars!”

“Look up at that Flag, with its Thirty-four Stars!”

The citizens of Frederick, Maryland, had much to question and fear in the early weeks of April 1861. 437 more words