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The Promise of American Repeating Weapons, 1791-1821

By Andrew Fagal

In May 1792, Joseph Gaston Chambers almost revolutionized world history when he approached the U.S. War Department with a musket that could, he claimed, fire 20 rounds in a minute.[1] Although Chambers failed to gain patronage from interested parties in the early 1790s, his weapons (repeating muskets, pistols, and seven-barreled swivel guns) were adopted by the U.S. 1,714 more words

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U.S. Presidents (and one Vice President) Who Have Received Nobel Peace Prizes

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to those individuals who have “done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” 120 more words

Social History of American Medicine Top Ten Booklist

This is the Top Ten Social History of American Medicine Booklists. First, why did we leave Paul Starr’s The Social Transformation of American Medicine (Basic Books, 1984) off this Top Ten list? 84 more words

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Teaching the Presidential Debates

This is the first election cycle where my students are voluntarily and eagerly tuning in for the Presidential Debates. This offers many of us a unique opportunity to further educate them about Presidential Politics. 48 more words


Massachusetts Historical Society Adds Seven New Collections

The Massachusetts Historical Society has added seven new online collections. “The seven collections range from small (one thin folder of documents kept by the Juvenile Anti-Slavery Society records) to large (7,534 images of records kept by the Woman’s Education Association) and date from 1827 (Society for the Employment of the Female Poor Trustees’ reports) to the 1930s (Rose Dabney Forbes papers as well as the Woman’s Education Association records).”

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True Faith and Allegiance - Alberto R. Gonzales

Alberto R. Gonzales, True Faith and Allegiance. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2016, 526 pp. $19.09

True Faith and Allegiance is the biographical tale of a man who has experienced the American dream. 466 more words


Why Did American Colonists Become United Against England?

Colonial Americans enjoyed relative independence from England until 1763, which marked the cessation of the Seven Years’ War. Prior to that time, the British government had paid little attention to the domestic affairs conducted by their American colonists. 200 more words

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