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March 3rd, 1776


Monfort Browne, Lieutenant Governor of the Bahamas, was still dressed in his nightshirt when he rushed from Government House to order the alarm sound. The cannons would ring in the air, alerting the militia of the imminent attack. 979 more words


Rocket Scientist Bill "Butt Plug" Bunting Says I Never Served In The USMC Or Was In Nam!

Timing is everything…especially when outing a pathological lying slanderering Satanic inspired feces eating bi-sexual androgynous sodomite named Bill “Butt Plug” Bunting/William R. Bunting and his adulterating “wife” who is owned and possessed by the child raping murdering of children pedophile sodomite and high ranking demon of Satan…the infamous Aleister Crowley who appeared to her as a child…thanks to her mother. 1,300 more words

Then the world is yours and everything in it...

“There!” I said to myself, as I tightened the last strap on my pack. “All done. Now let’s see how much this weighs.” I eased my pack on to the scale and stared in disbelief at the readout. 593 more words

Alumni Faces - Class of 2016

OCC honored its 2016 class of Alumni Faces October 26 in the Recital Hall of the Academic II building. Four distinguished graduates were recognized for their professional achievements and contributions to the College and the community. 519 more words

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