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Cars, Coffee and Forts

The title of this week’s blog pretty much sums up my day yesterday in Newport, RI. No, I wasn’t back at the Naval Justice School, it was literally a day trip of cars, coffee and forts. 448 more words


North Korea imagines an exploding US Capitol amid a whole lot of missiles

A North Korean propaganda video released April 27 (link in Korean) leaves very little up to the imagination. Images of the White House, and of naval vessels pictured through crosshairs, are cut against wide shots of military parades in Pyongyang. 261 more words

U.S. Military Should Get out of the Middle East

It’s time to end US military engagements in the Middle East. Drones, special operations, CIA arms supplies, military advisers, aerial bombings — the whole nine yards. 1,895 more words


Welcome to Banzai Cliffs

When I first saw this video – I thought it had been archived incorrectly. At the final stages of the Battle of Okinawa; many Okinawans and Japanese soldiers had jumped off the cliffs at the Southern Point of Okinawa to avoid being captured by US soldiers. 96 more words

The Gilded Age

A visit to an estate. Military trials at a naval base. A meeting with the Prime Minister. No, this isn’t the plot for a new screenplay (although I have some ideas), but what my last couple of weeks have been like in Newport, RI. 658 more words


Attacks on Border Patrol agents up 179% -time to militarize the border!

I’ll make my opinion on this matter short and sweet – it’s time to militarize the southernborder! Put National Guard troops down there with orders to shoot to kill. 94 more words

Bude Lepsi Blog

Texas Military Forces Museum- awesome place to visit

I was honored to serve in the Army National Guard from 1960 – 1965 with the 36th Infantry Division from Texas. Located in Austin, Texas, at the headquarters of the 36th, is the… 72 more words

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