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The Little Rules of Engagement Handbook

a Trumpish fantasy from 2016

Day #16

The Little Rules of Engagement Handbook—Rule #1Once you have arrived at your assigned location, hunker down and wait for ancillary instructions from your Assignment Coach. 4,000 more words

Clinton has disdain for those who voted for Trump:

Previous US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who lost the 2016 presidential race has a despise for Americans who voted in favor of the inevitable victor, Donald Trump, the White House has said.White House Press Secretary Sarah Sandersyesterday pummeled the then Democratic presidential candidate for her comments at the IndiaToday Conclave in Mumbai throughout the end of the week in which she faulted the “regressive parts of the US” for her misfortune in the decision. 110 more words

Trump Control Of Panama Hotel.

According to The Guardian, executives with Donald Trump’s family hotel business finally abandoned the management offices of a luxury hotel in Panama that had been the scene of a tense, 12-day stand… 12 more words


I Cannot Love

I cannot love one without loving the other.

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Between Sheets

Burning passion flames within a woman reawakened The beast let loose untamed will not again be forsaken.

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She matches my blackness

She’s a strong cup of black coffee, in a world that’s drunk on the cheap wine of shallow love. JB Poem via Pic via #BlackCoupleRevolution… 8 more words


Pastel Love

I display my love for any nosy-body to see, like fucking heart-throb posters posted to pastel pink bedroom walls.   (image: Printaholic.com)

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