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Gillibrand Just Fu**in' Wrong

I run into this time and time again. I sit on a Board of Directors out here in the desert (and no, it’s not with a jackrabbit, a coyote, and a couple of haveolinas…it’s real). 520 more words

Crowded field: Gov. Walker urges GOP candidates for US Senate to focus on Baldwin

MILWAUKEE — At least a half-dozen Wisconsin Republicans are looking to take on U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin next year. Governor Scott Walker has some advice for the crowded field. 443 more words


Senate Republicans to Draft New Health Care Bill

WASHINGTON D.C.  —  President Trump is urging the U.S. Senate to get a health care bill passed, even as the Republican-controlled Senate says the plan passed this week by the House will never get through. 358 more words


Executive Power Mad Libs

I’m in the mood for a good word game.

Topic: How the strong arm of the Executive is a direct result of the over delegation of Congressional power. 599 more words

Agency Creation

Backseat Nuclear

Yesterday the Senate voted to change its rules to determine that a 60-vote supermajority requirement does not apply to Supreme Court nominations.  The decision means that it will no longer be possible to filibuster Supreme Court nominations, which now can be approved by a simple majority vote… 401 more words