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Bilbao In Boise

With the end of the fall-to-spring leagues fast approaching and promotion/relegation scenarios quickly leaving the realm of the estimates and entering the realm of what specific games need to end in scoreline X to achieve result Y, it will soon be time once again for the more prominent of those clubs to hit the road on the annual preseason friendly world tour. 1,280 more words

Pacific may be primed for powerful El Nino #Auspol 

Visualization of the moderate-to-strong El Nino from February 2010 (NOAA)

El Nino is officially here and forecasters say it could grow substantially stronger in the coming months. 406 more words

Climate Change

New World Order: Dave Chappelle Displaying Freemason Symbols

Yup, he’s gone over to their side. Notice the numerology, the hand sign, and the rolled up pants leg. There is no such thing as coincidence, but if you’re particularly dense, see my 2 posts titled… 27 more words


The Black Child: Rant From A Pro-Nubian Perspective, 4/3/2015

What can I say? Dude is Awake. He’s picked up some things on CERN and on how magic sigils are being used in mainstream news and sports shows, that other Truth activists still aren’t talking about. 53 more words


Hidden History: Brief Revisit Of Apollo Moon Landing UFO Anomalies

Check out the Moon sub-category in the Space section of this blog, or if you want a good read, search for my series of articles Before The Moon Existed. 16 more words


The Funeral of President Lincoln

This month marks the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s assassination. Given the historical distance, though, it’s hard for us to really appreciate how traumatic this event was — especially when, in the days preceding it, there was so much to celebrate.¬† 795 more words