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The USMCA is the New NAFTA

Introducing the United States Mexico Canada Agreement…

After 13 months of negotiations, and much media attention, Canada, the United States and Mexico have reached a new agreement to replace… 5,788 more words


Imaging USA 034: Lake Tahoe Panorama

A personal selection of photographs with their stories.

034: Lake Tahoe panorama


© Adriano Antoine Robbesom 1999, 2017


Operations of 106th Infantry, 27th Division, in the attack after the breaking of the Hindenburg Line, October 17-21, 1918

This is an attempt at a revival of personal impressions gained on the occasions herein described. However, because these are dug from a memory dimmed by time, this memory finds itself at variance with thoughts expressed by authoritative sources. 77 more words

Net Neutrality’s End Will Let Power Eat the Internet

The prospect of regulating internet platforms has recently gained a strange confluence of support, from progressive, tech-savvy policymakers such as Tim Wu and Lina Khan to conservative politicians such as U.S. 1,267 more words


In the Wake of Khashoggi’s Disappearance, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Is Pushed to the Brink

By Dexter Filkins

October 16, 2018

Mohammed bin Salman has been celebrated in Hollywood, on Wall Street, and in the Trump White House, even though his violent, impulsive character was visible early on. 1,477 more words



Make America Great Again was Donald Trump’s misleading campaign logo. I wonder how many people know that Trump sold each hat for $25 and made a profit estimates at $8 for each hat. 1,185 more words


China's Medical Tourists Are Steering Clear of U.S. Hospitals

Just as Los Angeles residents know traffic and Chicagoans know snow, Beijingers know how to navigate bureaucracy. Yang is a retired schoolteacher and native Beijinger, and she has learned how to steer her way through the Chinese capital’s enormous public hospitals, crammed with the relatives of patients from all over China who came to seek the best care in the country. 2,245 more words