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Our North Star: Remembering Convictions through Change

When we are finding our direction through uncharted waters, we get oriented by looking at the north star to keep going. Last week I talked about the… 678 more words

When U go Global by stepping on UR Culture..!

To the minds of the elites diversity is a threat to the unity, whereas to the minds of the poor, diversity is the existence of life. 494 more words


Moving Forward in 2017

Over this break, I helped somebody tear out the laminate flooring in their home. The house is not what it was; it now has only concrete flooring. 594 more words

My Favourite Choreography of All Time...

Hey! I’ll just leave you the video here… I’m speechless. THIS is Art… Truly my favourite choreography of all time. I wish I was there to learn it with these amazing dancers. 6 more words

Cheers to Indonesia 🇮🇩

While it’s well into the New Year on the island country of Indonesia (14 hours ahead of central time), my year is just about to kick off. 33 more words

New Year's Resolution

Navigating the Neutral Zone

At Wellspring, we are walking through the neutral zone of the transition process. Transition proceeds through three zones: an ending, a neutral zone and a new beginning. 812 more words

Power in a Stable

How do you deal with corruptions of power? How do you fix problems? Naturally, our instinct is that corrupt power and big problems must be overcome by greater power. 386 more words