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We, hominids of the planet are ravenous.
Still. Hungry for eminence
For recognition as much as for the bonbons.

Although we possess much
Preserve little and expend more… 154 more words

Unity In Diversity

Brown and White

Hail us Humans!
We were created as creators
Originators of acumen
Makers of seclusions
Inventors of preeminence and paucity
It was problematic for us to exist as a squad… 169 more words

Unity In Diversity

6-25-2015 What Unity in Diversity?

Foreign languages were invented by God. After the flood in Noah’s day, “the whole earth had one language and one speech” (Genesis 11:1 NKJV), and said, “let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth” (Genesis 11:4 NKJV). 103 more words




MUSIC: August Alsina
CHOREOGRAPHY: Tricia Miranda
FILM & EDITING: Tim Milgram


VENUES & Are We Dividing the Church With Separate Celebrations? Maybe so, but for a mission.

by Bob Whitesel, 6/3/15.

Sometimes my students wonder if we are further dividing the church by offering separate worship celebrations based upon culture and/or aesthetics.  Let me answer this question. 528 more words

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Unity in diversity

by Thokozani Dladla

It is well known that tertiary institutions are a big mix of students of different races, languages and cultures all together in one place. 968 more words

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My Interpretation of Feminism

  • A reflection on three readings:
  1. That Hashtag was My Colleague – Sonia Khan
  2. Extract: Seeing Like a Feminist – Deepanjana on Nivedita Menon’s Book
  3. At Work I was almost in the big league, here’s why I dropped out – Devita Kumar, on Life on The Ladies Finger website.
  4. 1,055 more words