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BLENDED WORSHIP & Why You Should Use Both Blended Music & Heart Music

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 11/5/15.

Linked below is an insightful article by James Ward, an accomplished and popular Christian musician about the challenges, yet benefits, of blending cross-cultural worship. 248 more words

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Is secularism at stake?

Is secularism at stake?
By Abhilash Ranjan, 7 ‎November ‎2015.

In a country where secularism is the way of life for ages, it is astonishing to see a great hue and cry over rising intolerance that has been painted by a section of Indian society.

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UNITY & How to Maintain A Church's Unity as It Multiplies & Diversifies

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 10-24/15.

A student once shared a very common dilemma.  I’ve attached my response to help students, colleagues and clients struggling with diversifying a church while maintaining unity (and to explain how unity does not trump multiplication). 780 more words



Kangen sate padang didepan sekolah (wanginya nyampe IPA 1 tega kali pun bapak itu ngipas2 pas jam2 terakhir), kangen tahu telor kantin asrama KOPMA (yang awalnya dipekso lama2 kok uenak), kangen bala bala mang Asep, kangen Rendang mamak. 592 more words

Foreign Media Influence in Ethiopia: The BBC's New Venture

Tired of a stale diet of propaganda churned out by state radio, many Ethiopians rely on foreign broadcasters to follow events in their own country. Now the BBC has announced plans to broadcast in Ethiopian languages.

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What We Crave

By Katie Harmon-McLaughlin

(Reflections from Barberton Community of Christ’s 5th Wednesday Swiss Steak Community Dinner)

Last night I went to church and engaged the tasks of meal making and hospitality preparing with a group of disciples who welcomed me as family though some I had never met. 412 more words

mama's boy-cord extensions

so a few days ago our PM was teary eyed when he spoke fondly of his mother in a world famous interview. This natural emotion was spoken of by many media houses. 647 more words