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The Prism of Humanity

The spectrum of white light splits into its seven constituent colors when passed through a prism.

This is a basic physics phenomenon that we studied under the name, ‘dispersion’. 200 more words

Daily Prompts


This is one the pictures taken when a group of family and friends visiting The Taj Mahal were posing for the group picture. They were somewhere from Europe I believe. 178 more words


23:55 hrs, Among Thoughts A-Wandering

Where I come from, we have this expression which says marriages are not between individuals but between families. Where I come from, marriages are also arranged and paid for by parents. 522 more words

Stages in the Journey towards Hamilton and Grafted Tomatoes

As a church, we want to be more Hamilton than King and I, more a grafted tomato plant than a bouquet of flowers. If you don’t know what I mean, then read here, where I begin to paint a picture of where we are going as a church. 693 more words

Christian traveller, this is what you miss: glory

(NB: as with all my thinking, it tends to be flowing from the seminars I attend, the books I read and the minds of others.  Ultimately it’s “thinking God’s thoughts after Him” (Kepler).   1,380 more words


Flower Bouquets, Grafting Tomatoes and Hamilton: Journeys in Multi-ethnicity

Encouraged. Inspired by a recent elders’ meeting, this word sums up my feelings recently. I’m encouraged to see how each of my daughters are uniquely blossoming. 996 more words

Why Jesus enables unity in the world more than any other.

Elsewhere, for another blog, I was writing on how unity can be brought about from great diversity, and what motivates me to put my life to this cause.  782 more words