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Thought: Celebrating Diversity

So now that the Eurovision Song Contest is officially over, I have this void left in my life. What do I have to look forward to for the rest of the whole year? 258 more words


Isabel and the aghoris

Outsiders may view them with the same horror as a vegetarian reacting to the terrified shriek of an animal being slaughtered for meat or a ritual sacrifice. 844 more words

Random Thoughts

Intercultural Communication: Unity in Diversity | Review

We might spend our life thinking that communicating with other countries are going to be a piece of cake; especially if we “know” a lot about the culture we’re communicating with by knowing their cuisine, language, how they dress, their marriage ceremony, whatsoever. 501 more words


Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 19

IDay 19
How to achieve world peace?

this old village
in a world of one colour
the cicada’s cry

We need to move on from old thoughts, old patterns, old worn beliefs that we consider comfortable and move beyond our monochrome homogenised worlds that pit one absolute against others. 132 more words


COLORFUL CHURCH & Why I don't have a problem with segregated worship at 10:30 am, IF reconciliation takes place at 11:30

April 10, 2017 | by Bob Whitesel, published by Church Central.

It has been said that “10:30 on Sunday morning is the most segregated time of the week.” I don’t have a problem with that… 953 more words


How can we live together in a pluralistic society?

Two top thinkers in the world discuss this in NYU.  This is a treat.


The Prism of Humanity

The spectrum of white light splits into its seven constituent colors when passed through a prism.

This is a basic physics phenomenon that we studied under the name, ‘dispersion’. 200 more words

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