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I’m now integrating the first enemy in Unity. Looks like the cell shading style fits nicely.

I think I’ll put this boss aside for now. Because, I plan to give it some specific behaviours and at this stage I don’t have a proper state machine logic for AIs yet. 20 more words

Game Dev

An Eye for an Eye.

In the end, an Eye for an Eye through violence never works. It is self serving. Greed, dishonesty and vindication are true friends to its mission. 76 more words


Sometimes Words Fail

Sometimes words fail. But often all we have is words. I will say this: I not only hope–but pray, and pray fervently–that all people of America will now stop for a moment to consider how to find peaceful resolutions. 521 more words

One table, many views

Sitting in a planning session recently, I was intrigued by the five women that sat gathered around the table with me. Taking a moment to step back and process our time together identified the vast differences that existed in our group ranging from; appearance, size, personality, communication style, background, approach, thought process, etc – yet we all had a common job bringing us together, so there we sat around the same table planning the same training session committed to find a point of unity so that we could carry a message to the same audience. 202 more words


Make America Great Again through Prayer (Week 8)

And let it begin. May the American flag fly high this day, but most of all may we raise a banner to God over our nation and proclaim His greatness. 298 more words


Inauguration Day

of power
the tower
now is
the hour
of change

with opposite
views they

and chanting… 46 more words


How to Wholeheartedly TRUMP Trump?!?

Despite being literally knocked into depression after the 2016 presidential election of Trump, I have found a way to counter the endless heartbreaking reality that this oppressive, narrow-minded, awful human being is the 45th president of the United States—by talking and writing about the exact things that Trump would think is ridiculous fodder: humanity, empathy, compassion, and tolerance. 592 more words