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Trump on killing terrorists...

Oh,  how fine it is to have a president who understands that soldiers are meant to  kill bad guys and break things.   Who believes that field commanders should have the flexibility to fight effectively,  which requires rules of engagement that actually allow them to fire weapons without approval from the White House after going up a very long chain of command and being vetted and considered by a large number of people who have never dodged a bullet in their lives. 133 more words

The Power of One

Focusing on differences brings conflict; focusing on commonality brings peace. Jesus Christ came living a message of acceptance of differences and living according to God’s standards not mankind’s. 71 more words

Salvere Blog:

by Salvere Health And Fitness

Spending time in various “spaces”, challenged me to think about community, how we define it and what makes it important. Taking time to reflect, I thought of how many different places we all become part of a community — where we live, family, friends, work, school, sports teams, volunteering, running/biking and such, church, clubs, etc. 311 more words

General Health

Unity - UnityEvent

What is a UnityEvent?

A UnityEvent is Unity’s built-in event system which allows you to subscribe to events right in the editor. The Unity UI system commonly uses them for example when a button is pressed: 205 more words


Skipping Beats

As I ponder
As I sacrifice
As I live
I Am for Christ

It is like a record skipping
Skipping to the words
Over and over… 78 more words


Barcelona ❤️

Together We Are Stronger. Barcelona has been my home away from home for the past 4 years. Like most of us, I could never imagine that anyone would ever think of attacking our beautiful city. 59 more words