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Pew pew in space xd

I made the 2nd tutorial project in Unity, this took a long time because i got sick & was generally tired.

Space Pew-Pew lads. Enjoy… 8 more words

Silent prayer

Mouth is quick
But heart not able
To follow
To put tongue
In hand

Oh my Creator
Let my thoughts be water
And words be sun… 40 more words


I've Grabbed Myself A Can Of Soda

How many of you are Soda fans? Well I am a fan of Soda, I have stocked a lot of soda in the refrigerator a couple of times, and I know I am not the only one who has done that. 463 more words

Why Jesus Hates Religion: Part 9 - Division in the Body

Finding the Sacred Everywhere

Can you meet God anywhere? Even in an uncomfortable setting – perhaps something different from what you grew up with?

Or, when visiting another church fellowship, are you so distracted and annoyed by the furniture, the different worship style, the theological differences on small, non-central issues, the way people dress, or the different leadership structure, that you don’t believe the Spirit and Truth of God can be present there, and you’re unable to meet him, and let him breathe through… 1,582 more words

Towerhungry Devlog 02 - Day 2

Finished up the prototype dungeon generator. It makes a giant grid of rooms, as you can see. It’s not “smart” or anything, and I doubt it even really reaches the level of “procedural content creation”.


Every heart is waiting

Every heart is waiting

to be loved again

Every tear-drop is waiting

to be dried again

Every smile is waiting

to be seen again

Every laugh is waiting… 81 more words


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True connections what we are all longing for...

Marriage of head and heart

When our head says: go
But our heart says: stop
Where does it lead us to? –
Towards insecurity and doubts

When our heart says: go… 46 more words