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First joint blog post

Having both had blogs in the past, we’ve decided its about time we had a joint blog.

Covering our personal encounters, thoughts and desires. Sinful Sundays too hopefully.


Holy Seasons

I finished up reading The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer, and he ended on a thought about the relationship between the secular and the sacred. 1,007 more words


One Nation, One Cause

Is it a coincidence that Peaceful Water protectors are at a place called “Standing Rock” and they are living the example of Christ’s teachings? This is a place where people of nations have come together in unison for the earth, waters and air … … 116 more words


Stepping Out Of The Shadows

Dear America,

We need not, as a matter of fact, we must not live in the shadows of our forefathers or their actions any longer. It is almost 2017; black people, realize not every white person is racist and burns crosses on their days off. 731 more words

Assassins Creed Black Flag: A look back

I recently got back into the Assassins Creed series with AC Black Flag. I adored and played to completion AC1, AC2, Brotherhood, and revelations. However, by the time Assassins Creed 3 actually came out (mind out AC games were coming out yearly) I was burnt out having played a AC game for 4 years. 538 more words

Video Games

Muslims in the Grip of Shaytaan

– By Shaykh Hassan Farhan

See video below, and written transcript that follows.


There is a certain problem that almost everyone is aware of. And that problem is the intense division among the Arabs and Muslims. 1,641 more words

Revisiting The Golden Rule

What many people refer to as ‘The Golden Rule’ is easily the most widely known, referenced, and practiced moral principle in the world. The concept of, … 570 more words

Diary Of A Disciple