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Developing Applications for HoloLens with Unity3D: First Impressions

I started work on HoloLens game development with Unity3D over the past week. This included going through all of the example projects, as well as building simple games and applications to figure out how all of the platform’s features work. 497 more words


Single And Double click in unity3D

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class SigleAndDoubletouch : MonoBehaviour {

// variable declaration

bool isSingleClick;
float presentClick=0.3f,previousClick;

void Update () {

//Single Click


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Crispy text in Unity3D

We’ve all been there; you import a font into Unity3D, write some UI text and… its blurry . Here is a quick reference on how to get buutiful crispy text in the engine. 206 more words

Touch Inputs in Unity3D

This is the one of the most discussed topics in many forums. Even though Unity3D is a multi platform game engine and supports all the mobile devices, the touch input with Unity3D is still tricky and not so easy to achieve. 850 more words


Unconventional Raycasting

If you have not worked on any FPS or any other shooter game until now, it is easy to predict that you would not have needed the raycasting other than conventional way. 641 more words


How the heck do you integrate Swift and Unity?


The motivation for this solution, and really the birth of this guide was that there wasn’t any guides or solutions out there touching Swift and Unity. 1,480 more words


First Post, Hallo!

Hello there, my name is Mike and this is the first blog I have actually made in all my life. A friend of mine told me to make one, so I am giving it a try. 247 more words