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How the heck do you integrate Swift and Unity?


The motivation for this solution, and really the birth of this guide was that there wasn’t any guides or solutions out there touching Swift and Unity. 1,419 more words


First Post, Hallo!

Hello there, my name is Mike and this is the first blog I have actually made in all my life. A friend of mine told me to make one, so I am giving it a try. 247 more words


Rhythmos Engine released on Unity Asset Store!

Yes! My first plugin  Rhythmos Engine was lauched on Unity Asset Store! :-D 43 more words

Asset Store

Flow Map Shader for Unity Sprites

Hello there, it has been quite a long time since I wrote something on my blog:)

Today I have got a small neat thing to share – simple Flow Map Shader for Unity3D Sprites. 376 more words


ACES: A new system from ReactionGrid that adds live inworld customization to your Jibe 3d multiuser virtual world

If you’re looking for a powerful system that allows you to easily change in-world surface images/textures, make live modifications and add customized web-links within your… 280 more words

Virtual Worlds

Every Journey has a Beginning - This is Mine

I have long dreamed about being a game programmer, but I always let myself get in the way. I have decided to try and learn how to use… 124 more words




This is a small UI system for the Unity3D game engine, that allows a developer to display the status of health, manna, or energy on the screen in a unique way. 22 more words