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Ground Zero - Dev Log #2

It’s been a while since the last update and rest assured this project is still under development. I had to put it on the shelf while I worked on… 337 more words


New extended gameplay video

There’s a bunch of bugs (ahem) in this video – the game is still very early in development, mind you.


Move the camera parallel to the ground in Unity.

Currently, in Unity, I have my MainCamera rotated at an angle to the ground. If I use the Translate() method on the camera’s transform object, it moves in local space meaning if I move it in the Z-axis, it moves closer or farther away to the ground at an angle. 166 more words


Returning With a Journey into Unity3D and VR

It’s been years since I’ve updated this, so I’ve got some catching up to do. I’ve worked for several mobile game companies doing Android development and mobile games in Unity3D. 411 more words


UnityScript Deprecated

As of Unity 2017.2, UnityScript has been deprecated. VIDE will no longer support UnityScript (No other asset in the AssetStore will either) in the next version. 24 more words


Blog 736: The Crimbo List

Oh yes, it’s the most productive time of the year!

Well, maybe last year I got ahead of myself. The 36-feature plan I gave myself three weeks of holiday to complete… 1,445 more words

Game Development

Striking has been fixed for good!

Heyo folks! Long time no see!

Today’s update on Boss Golf is a short one.

After wrestling with the physics engine I was finally able to solve the striking for good on Boss Golf. 163 more words

Boss Golf