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How to fix moving object jitter in Unity 2D !!

Moving speed? If the object is moving too fast we’ll see jitter. So as the first thing we can slow down the object and keep the happy balance. 223 more words


The Game Release!

Yes, yes, yes!!! Finally, after all these months of blood, sweat and tears (Okay, maybe just tears) the game is finally finished!

That’s right folks, the game is finally release! 443 more words


Drake Brave Prototype

Here is my very first crude draft of the prototype of Drake Brave. It’s pretty much just Drake jumping around and running for now.

I am thinking of making Drake to be able to throw object towards enemies. 25 more words

Drake Brave

Legacy 2 PBR - a batch Material updater for Unity 5

Hey everybody! I just want to take a quick minute to share a cool Unity extension I made that you may find useful for your projects. 473 more words


Unity 5

I built a small scene for a breakout clone in unity just to test what it would look like. In this case I only have colour and normal information in the scene. 129 more words

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Using Parse SDK with Unity - running on an Android Device

If you are using Parse for your back-end server in a Unity app, and you want to deploy the app to Android, you may run into some issues with the built-in Parse plugin. 185 more words

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Introducing Hikari - Multithreading for Unity

Hello everyone,

I’d like to start by telling those of you who don’t know what “multithreading” is that this post may not be for you. I will be assuming an audience of programmers. 459 more words

Aria Framework