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Passengers and Conductor

Here are some passengers waiting to board the train.

Gear VR

Quirk #3: Shorter, but is it?!

Hello folks!

In the process of today’s update, I came upon an interesting quirk when using grids.

I have finished implementing the hole creation in the new terrain, works like a treat. 186 more words


Dev Update #13: All connected! (Save for the golf course)

Hello folks!

As expected, today I was able to finish implementing the new terrain system completely, and connected it to the GUI and everything. So as far as terrain editing/tile placing is concerned, we’re all good to go. 142 more words


Train Depot

Here’s a GIF of the Train Depot. It isn’t anywhere near done but it’s coming along nicely!

Gear VR

How-To: Add an Outline effect when selecting a Hologram


Some many times I want to inform the user what hologram she is selection. I found this very helpful (and free) asset that turn the hologram to a chosen color. 697 more words

3rd person Shooter

I’m thinking back to some of my older projects that I thought I would share.

Heirs of Man and Tumbleweed Express

One of the original issue we have while making these game is trying to create a accurate cursor for the player. 260 more words

3rd Person Shooter

Dev Update #3: Automation and Refactoring


Today’s update is pretty much what I had announced on the previous update, plus some work moving certain methods to better locations in the code. 437 more words