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Reusable Audio Mixer Settings

Audio is one of those things any game that is made will inevitably need to incorporate one way or another (unless it is just that extravagant of a game idea). 490 more words


What I’ve Been Working On: Quest System Pt. 2

Last time I showed this little quest system it was but a bare skeleton without functionality (other than redrawing itself as needed) and now it is finally functional. 250 more words


What I've Been Working On: Quest System

I know, I know, a quest system? Really? But hear me out, this system isn’t to support the expected fetch quests or RPG trope-based type of missions only, but instead it is an universal system intended to easily deploy unlockables, achievements, and pretty much anything that needs to track certain variables to change the values of other variables. 230 more words


Made A Variable Visualizer & Editor

There are some things that all games have in common when it comes to functionality (at least when it comes to platform-based games). Some examples for these modules include save file management, achievement and mission tracking, audio and video options, object pooling or performance-related modules, and even rebind-able key and controller options. 372 more words


How do you structure the code for a scoreboard ui with two teams?

The goal here is a basic scoreboard with two teams, and each player has their own scores/stats etc. I feel like I'm cross referencing stuff too much, and I'm going to run into troubles when players leave or switch teams. 318 more words


Demo Updated! Play it with sound!

Hello folks!

The demo for Boss Golf has been updated!

Download information and more, as always, are here!

New for this version:

Boss Golf

Worksop at ACT-W Conference Seattle

On September 23, 2017, I led a workshop during the ACT-W Seattle 2017 Conference on “Introduction to AR/VR Development using Unity3D”.

ACT-W is ChickTech’s regional event that recurs annually, where talented women and individuals build skills, grow their community, and accelerate their career path. 116 more words

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