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Setting Up Version Control in Unity3D (For Free)

Warning: This isn’t an explanation post about theory, this is a post about a series of steps which you can follow to make sure to… 479 more words


Blog 635: So's Your (Inter)face

I deliberately left off doing any UI work at all in my game, because when I first fired up Unity the UI system was on the cusp of being replaced. 1,002 more words

Game Development

Monster Arena - Game Details / Oyun Detayları


Release Platform: Android

Game Engine: Unity3d 5.0

There will be missions on game arena. You must do missions to get high scores.

Some mission examples: Maximum Speed, Maximum Height, Maximum Air Time… 66 more words

Under Temple Final Assets – Final Push, End Of Modelling and Sets UV layouts

In the final push for the game this week, today I warped up the remaining models for the under temple area and got them all UV mapped(expect for the water pools, which have not, in the end, been used in any levels so I have cut for the time being). 138 more words

Hand Projection Mapping

After finishing my initial capstone prototype I wasn’t to happy with it because even though it worked very nice, it was to boring for my taste. 130 more words


Unity Tutorial: Implementing A Detection Camera

Hello everyone, for the time freeze prototype I decided to implement a detection camera that will potentially be used for Empyreum: Ascension. I decided that it would be a great idea to share the way I did it since I felt like there were not many sources on the topic on the web. 503 more words


Treeker: The Lost Glasses Desura Review

Treeker: The Lost Glasses will take you from a gorgeous island into the stars themselves for some puzzle solving and first person platforming. The famed glasses will let you instantly see things between light and night to solve puzzles and see platforms. 1,455 more words

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