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Pointers in Unity3D (C#)

Sometimes I need to use pointers in Unity3D (for example if I need to export external lib (native plugins) written in C++).

This is a short simple example of how to do it: 237 more words


Unity - Dynamic Circle Mesh for UI

I’ve created a dynamic circle mesh that can be used with the new Unity UI system. It comes with a custom inspector for easier use and an example for using the circle as a health bar. 43 more words


Don't Forget To Set Carve Up...

I’ve just exhaled after 1 day of research just for ticking a little, very little chackbox. Really…

I’ve baked my terrain into navmesh and setted obstacles, agent etc. 121 more words

Defend The Tree

Using Maven to handle Unity assets with Git or SVN

Alright. Let’s talk version control.

If you have ever tried to use Git or SVN with a project that contains large files¬†(models, textures, libraries, etc), you’ll know that Git and SVN choke on them. ¬† 2,452 more words

Another Apartment

Started on another apartment (I say that a lot, but it is an apartment building!) Still adding items and whatnot, the rest of the rooms are empty at the moment.

Game Development

Simple Native Plugin for Unity3D (OS X, Xcode)

Unity3D is a great game engine, but very often I met the situation when its standard functions are don’t enough.

In this case Unity3D developers provided us… 159 more words


For the love of games

I’ve always dreamed of making a game that I can be proud of. Creating this blog seemed like a good start, but focus is the one thing that I had a hard time doing these past months. 220 more words