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Fish's Log 3

Hey mates! It’s time for the weekly progress update!

This week was rather slow in the way of work on Spirit Lights as its winding down to the last few days of the school year for me. 109 more words

Spirit Lights

High precision input timing

I’ve heard some developers complain that Unity only updates input once per frame, and that they find themselves in some circumstance where they need more accurate information about when exactly a key was pressed. 164 more words


Chivalry Card Battle Project


A Chivalry Card Battle Game like the Tekken Card Tournament .

Developed a beta version for iOS/Android with Unity3D.

Main Contents

1. Introduction

1) Select a monster… 28 more words


Unity3D: killing them softly

I promised to write, and there’s not much to write about lately, and I’m kinda busy and determined to finally finish Railyard this week, but promise is a promise – new portion of Unity3D tips and tricks for beginners comin’ right up. 461 more words

Dev Stuff

A new tree and a lighting problem

Tonight I drew a tree that looks like a tree, so I am pleased! Now that I have a handful of objects in my Unity scene, I tried to add some lighting and found that Unity lighting does not know how to handle my PNG files by default. 33 more words

Game Development

Starting with Unity3D and Voxel Terrain Generation.

After getting a small understanding of Perlin noise and Simplex noise I started experimenting with different applications for creating the environment.

Unreal3 had a lot of great functionality, including easy procedural generation. 355 more words