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BlackHole Bowls - Scoring a Strike [lighting sequence]_V4

I can’t leave it alone, added ‘STRIKE’ text and change of color.

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BlackHole Bowls

Spamocalypse 0.5.0: new level, stats, and artwork.

Finally, I have a new build, which brings Spamocalypse to 0.5.0. The changes:

  • I added the final level. This uses the same scenery as the first (non-tutorial) level, but there’s no loot to steal this time – just get to the sewers where you started!
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Blog 707: The End of the Holidays and Beyond

As Sunday drew to a close I had completed 18 of my 34 festive features. Which is simultaneously encouraging and demoralising; I knew 34 was a stretch, but I managed to batter through just over half of them anyway. 1,239 more words

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Adding System.Data.dll in Unity in order to connect to MSSql

  1. Copy System.Data.dll from your Unity folder (in MacOS /Applications/Unity/Unity.app/Contents/Mono/lib/mono/2.0/System.Data.dll) to plugins folder of your project.
  2. It will work in the editor but when you build a standalone version, you gonna see a dialog like below.
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BlackHole Bowls - Scoring a Strike [lighting sequence]_V3

Two nights work of problem solving and all done. Next……

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BlackHole Bowls

Ghostly Apparitions Development Video 02 - AI GOAP and Action Line Syste

A update video going over the development of the AI systems which were the main focus for “Ghostly Apparitions” over the Christmas break,

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