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Augmented Reality Again [Vuforia + Unity3D]

The past few days, I have spent my time experimenting with Vuforia using Unity3D. This time around, i created a simple animation handler and added augmented buttons to control them. 8 more words

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Object Pooling

In our game we often instantiate a lot of objects and destroy them. We don’t think about the CPU overhead and memory space. When we try to instantiate a bunch of objects continuously, like instantiating bullets, we are increasing the memory space and decreasing the performance of the game by giving a lot of headache to our CPU :p. 162 more words


Simple logics and advices

Today i was doing Iad for one of my game.In the game every time the player got out, the Ad will appear(Interstitial Ad).I thought it will disturb the player when he loves to play more or even it makes the player to click on Ads unwillingly, And so I asked the shall we limit the Ads display.He said “OK”. 283 more words

Dev Log 3: Message Box + Interactions

In this image I’m interacting with the box which fires my PlayMaker message box action. This is a simplified version of my original message box UI. 67 more words


Dev Log 2: Highlighting Nearby Objects

Highlighting of nearby interact-able objects is looking looking pretty decent for my Unity project. Each object can glow different sizes and colors while blurring there outlines to make it pop out more.


This was a concept I worked on for a previous project, Wispy Willows.

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Blog 658: Too Bot To Handle

I’ve actually flirted with game-playing artificial intelligence a few times in my life. The most notable attempt has to be the chatterbots behind my Warcraft III… 1,364 more words

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