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Unity Baked GI

If you see this kind of mess-up light map, check the “Generate Lightmap UV” on the mesh.

And re-bake the scene after checking the option then you can see nice and smooth occlusion and shadow.


Toasty Camera Rail System - Version 2 Plan

The toasty alpha has now gotten to a stage where I am doing a second run of the initial features, the player movements, AI, noise and stealth elements and now I am starting the updates to the 3rd person camera rig(That was show earlier here… 303 more words

Air, Air Everywhere.

I have a personal game project I’ve been contributing to now and again, and it seems to be slowly devolving into a case study of over-engineering. 1,730 more words


18 months of work down the drain

This is a massive, rage-inducing WTF moment. I kept having problems with the pathfinding code marking corridors as impassable even though there was enough room to walk along them, and having issues with checking underneath objects, particularly in buildsings with more than one floor. 478 more words

Game Development

#Hololens – This is the right way to work with #Unity packages and #HoloToolkit


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be part of an online / virtual meeting with other Hololens developers. One of them teach us the correct way to use packages in Unity. 456 more words


#Hololens - Forma correcta de trabajar con #Unity packages y #HoloToolkit

Hola !

Ayer en una juntaba online / virtual con otros Hololens developers, uno de ellos comentó la forma correcta de utilizar paquetes en Unity. En realidad, el ejemplo que comentó (y que yo compartiré aquí) es sobre la forma correcta de utilizar HoloToolkit. 422 more words