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Will Glow the Wisp - Devlog 16 - Non Narrative Game Progression

In this episode i talk about how the Unity input manager, can introduce bugs in your game and how non narrative game progression can be implemented in different games.


Developing Applications for HoloLens with Unity3D: First Impressions

I started work on HoloLens game development with Unity3D over the past week. This included going through all of the example projects, as well as building simple games and applications to figure out how all of the platform’s features work. 497 more words


Going to the Experimental Game Dev Podcast Show Part 2

In the second episode we talked about, how to become successful as a game developer, what we tried and where we failed.
Listen to this episode here


Thumbstick DeadZone

A nice little post about all the diffrent ways to do DeadZones for Thumbsticks on a gamepad. Pretty useful.



Real-time Driving of RGB LED Cube using Unity3D

RGB LED cubes are great, but building the cube is only half the battle – they also need to be driven. The larger the cube, the bigger the canvas you have to exercise your performance art, and the more intense the data visualization headache. 244 more words

Led Hacks

Let's re-create "Pong" in Unity!

Alrighty, I gave in…

Decided to start making Pong, an all-time classic game, in Unity!

Thus far, going well. It’s much more straight-forward than I thought. 25 more words


Unity3D For 2D?

So I recently stumbled on a tutorial going through a very cool-looking 2D side-scroller platformer game based on what seems like the planet Mars.

Essentially, the main character is some sort of astronaut, and the mission is to explore the planet’s surface while fending off invading alien species (in space ships, because why not) by shooting at them with a laser gun. 195 more words