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I have recently started a game project at home, for fun, without being qualified for such a project. After a few weeks of messing around I thought it would be even more fun if I documented it in the form of a blog, just for everyone to see how I stumble across the minefield of game development. 575 more words

Game Development

Deletion == Stability?

I have noticed recently something interesting, while I was working on AI. Currently, AI have been very optimized without loosing its functionality. In particular, the length of AI’s code was decreased from 250 lines to 155 lines. 45 more words


Started developing a 3D bowling game

I have finished the Udemy course for developing Glitch Garden (the Plants Vs Zombies-style game). Now I am delving into the exciting world of 3D! Again, it’s part of the Udemy course for developing Unity games in C#. 45 more words

VIDE 2.2 out now!


I hope you’re enjoying VIDE! Besides adding new features and fixing some bugs, this update focuses on creating a better starting point for new users. 258 more words


Exercises for Simulation in Games - week 3

In this week, I demonstrate my understanding of acceleration, inertia and gravity with the following exercises, which each require their own scenes:

  1. A 2D side view race between three (3 cubes): 2 AI and 1 human player.
  2. 1,985 more words

Learning Svelto ECS framework - Part II

In the previous article we setup the framework and initialized it, but it was doing nothing more but running an “empty loop”. Now that the framework is setup we can start doing something more serious and design our first… 1,229 more words