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Gemstone/S, PUM and Unity3D

And again some work is done on the C# wrapper.

The latest work on this topic had been done to make it possible to build an Android app by using the Xamarin toolchain. 256 more words


Roll-a-ball tutorial [Beginner]

As I am  very new i wanted to start with the very basics. The ‘Roll-a-ball’ tutorials seemed the best place to start.

This tutorial taught me the very basics of creating a 3D game, and how to navigate around Unity. 91 more words


You're the Only One not Playing with Unity

It wasn’t too long ago that one could conjecture that most hackers are not avid video game players. We spend most of our free time taking things apart, tinkering with microcontrollers and reading the latest article on Hackaday.com. 1,349 more words

Arduino Hacks

Unity Tip Of The Day - Custom Scriptable Objects Icon

If you use Unity to develop your game and know about its scriptable objects you might know just how useful they are. If you don’t knot about them stop reading this, and read tutorials on them instead. 387 more words


Game Template Source Code

Tired and bored for simple games? Can’t earn a penny from them? We want to help out people who want to succeed with Unity. We will help out whoever that needs help & support based on first come first serve basis. 79 more words

Buy Sell Source Code

Weekly Review: Week 3 Clear!

Guten Father’s Day all! The Sun is shining, the grass is buzzing and it’s time for the Super Sunday Weekly Evaluation Episode! (known from now on as: SSWEE). 926 more words


[Good for shader debug] UAV RandomWriteTarget

Send data to c# script from shader: vert/frag and surface shaders!

C# Script

It keeps a compute buffer which stores the float array, and it’s buffer size is declared to store three float values (4 byte each). 574 more words