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A Letter worth writing to ourselves

Dear human –

It all gets over sooner than you think, so let your guard down for a while.

Smile and just breathe.

You’ve tried telling yourself that you don’t mean anything but truly self love is the only love you’ve craved for. 190 more words


The UN’s crimes of omission

Mar 15,2018 – JORDAN TIMES – Nabil Fahmy

CAIRO — When the United Nations was founded, its primary goals, as stated in its Charter’s preamble, included saving future generations from “the scourge of war” and reaffirming “faith in fundamental human rights”. 166 more words


Joel Osteen: Enlarging the Circle of Love

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Joel Osteen has no less than a thousand, half hour wonderful presentations, about positive thinking, hope, optimism and success. 460 more words

The Muslim Times

Who Will Answer My Question

In the beginning man used to move from place to place either on foot or on the back of such animals like a horse; a donkey and a camel. 1,066 more words


A Happy and Healthy New Year: Recognizing the World as a Living System

HUMANS may be beginning to accept the idea of the interconnect of all life as being the keynote to saving themselves and the planet.

Climate change is only one of numerous examples of views heralding a new global awareness. 911 more words

Brain, Mind, Consciousness, & Beyond

India-A disturbed land

In the final part of ‘Cord-Cutting’ I now discuss why an Indian born emigrant would prefer not to return to India apart from personal or professional reasons (which have been already discussed in the previous two articles on the subject). 1,579 more words

Our Struggles!

Animal Souls, the Heart of Good

BETWEEN humanity and Nature, in a perfect world, mutual peace and harmony ought to always reign.

Mutual respect and universal compassion would be an accepted norm between humans and all beings in nature. 903 more words

Reincarnation & Karma