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It has been a long while since I wrote anything on here… which is where I try to reflect more thoughtfully and slowly on happenings, and to digest how I feel about things. 1,765 more words


Universal credit flaws pushing claimants towards debt and eviction : Guardian.

Recipients falling into rent arrears because of payment delays, forcing them to turn to food banks, Guardian investigation reveals

Organisations representing more than 1m council households said universal credit claim processing problems had ‘notably worsened’ over the past few months. 391 more words

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When launching a new or revision of benefit it is usual practice to do this, initially, via a pilot where any problems can be noticed and sorted before an enlarged rollout. It is my understanding that such a pilot was under took for Universal Credit and with the degree of current problems should not been subject to the larger rollout until the problems had been sorted. To reduce the intendant rollout should never have been considered, let alone allowed to occur. To many if not all of the claimants the benefits they receive are their only sources of income and they should not be expected to exist on no income for any period of time, let alone 6 weeks. This is gross incompetence on behalf DWP and to say they are working with local authorities to provide extra support at a time when the Government is drastically cutting local authority funding is adding insult to injury. DWP have for some many years proved they and their processes are 'not fit for purpose'.

Bishop of Norwich questions Government on links between universal credit and homelessness

On 31st January 2017, Lord Beecham asked Her Majesty’s Government “what steps they plan to take, in addition to their support for the Private Member’s Homelessness Reduction Bill, to tackle the growing problems of homelessness and rough sleeping.” The Lord Bishop of Norwich, the Rt Revd Graham James, asked a follow up question about the eviction of tenants on universal credit. 401 more words


'Work-Shy' Series Part 2: Back On The Dole

There’s a lot of assumptions about people who happen to be unemployed. I’m not gonna lie – some of them have truth to them. A lot of are directionless and are resigned to the dole money we receive from the Job Centre. 925 more words

DWP Policies and Low-income Households

Transcript of Drew Hendry’s speech in Parliament 17th January 2017

A hard-hitting indictment of the impact of the Governemnt’s austerity measures from the SNP.

Drew Hendry Shadow SNP Westminster Group Leader (Transport)  … 2,021 more words


Delinquent Employers and in-work benefits: Intended and Unintended Consequences

Many low paid and part-time workers are dependent on welfare benefits to bring their income to a level which meets their essential expenditure. This unfortunate fact goes against the prevailing narrative of work-shy, undeserving poor prevalent in the media and used by government to justify deep cuts to the welfare state. 1,092 more words

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