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It's my job to tell distraught people claiming Universal Credit their money is cut and they will get nothing for 42 days

Universal Credit whistleblower Alex reveals the reality of dealing with unmanageable caseloads and a chaotic

On Wednesday this week, Alex spent a normal day at the office. 1,136 more words


Mandelsham REFUSES to rule out second Brexit referendum?????

While doing the usual Masonic ”Help Me” sign.  Help Me Help Me said the Little Red Marxist Hen!


Meanwhile BBC Question Time audience tell the LimpDum Wallah Sal Brinton & the Labour Spokesperson ”We don’t WANT a second Referendum – just get on with it!’ 233 more words

Universal credit isn’t about saving money – it’s about disciplining unemployed people

The scheme has cost a fortune and done nothing but cause suffering. So why does it exist at all? Tom Walker digs into universal credit’s origins in Tory ideology… 2,583 more words


EXCLUSIVE: People on Universal Credit are being refused prescriptions and dental care

GPs and dental practices can’t tell who is eligible for free treatment under Universal Credit – meaning some claimants are going without

People are being denied prescriptions and dental care because practices do not know whether Universal Credit claimants are eligible for free treatment, according to evidence seen by  781 more words


'Universal Credit drove me to the brink of suicide'

Steve Pogson says confusion, contradictory advice, endless expensive phone calls and repeated delays ultimately contributed to him trying to take his own life

A bereaved dad has told how battling with the ‘chaotic’ Universal Credit system in the wake of his daughter’s death helped push him to the brink of suicide. 796 more words


Theresa May might be scrapping helpline charges, but the battle to reform Universal Credit goes on

Under the current schedule, a million people will be using Universal Credit within the next few months, up from 600,000. We must get it right before so many are asked to rely on the programme to make ends meet  846 more words


One up for the people

Have you heard about universal credit? If you are in the UK and haven’t heard of it, bad you.

You have to know the UK benefit system, simple terms, to claim 6 different benefits, you have to go through six different systems and departments, these departments don’t talk to each other and the systems don’t “speak” to each other. 464 more words