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A watershed budget that changes the landscape for Lone Parents: Belina Seminar report

This is the first of a series on blogs on issues that arose out of our Summer Afternoon Seminar

The 2015 Summer Budget was a watershed  that changed the tax and benefits landscape. 237 more words

Review of benefit sanctions urged amid concern over regime's effectiveness

Advisers to Iain Duncan Smith say there is no hard evidence that stopping payments to claimants is helping people get jobs

The Social Security Advisory Committee also raises concerns over how job centres deal with recipients of universal credit who are in work. 147 more words


Quarter of councils not prepared for universal credit

A lack of information from the Department for Work & Pensions is preventing councils from properly preparing for the switch to universal credit, local authorities have warned. 317 more words


#Benefits staff go on strike but NOT against 'oppressive' #Tory reforms!!!!!! #Social Commentary


The Daily Mirror Headline is a lie! 


This is important strike but their strike is against their conditions not the’reforms’ . Until the workers OPENLY solidarise with their victimised clients there will be NO progress!  19 more words

Social Commentary

Some problems with the design of Universal Credit

• Monthly payments
The government thinks this will help promote good budgeting and more closely replicate monthly salary payments.  Campaigners are worried that the shift from weekly and fortnightly payments to this new regime may push claimants recipients into debt. 901 more words


It's the design of Universal Credit and not the delivery that presents the biggest concern: from striking to altercasting

Universal credit was originally conceived as a positive facet of the otherwise draconian Tory welfare “reforms.” Designed to simplify the benefit system, introducing more flexibilty, and to ensure that benefit claimants were “always better off in work” –  by removing “disincentives” to employment. 2,978 more words

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