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John Stoddart's The Philosophy of Language: the "last truly universalist work"

Joseph L. Subbiondo
California Institute of Integral Studies


Sir John Stoddart (1773-1856) served as England’s advocate in Malta from 1803-1807, editor of The Times… 2,540 more words


How a PhD in linguistics prepared me for motherhood

Annabelle Lukin

Unlike most newborns, on his arrival into the world, my newly-minted son found himself in the arms of someone well-versed in the most fiercely contested question in contemporary linguistics: is language innate? 988 more words


A Brief Essay on Noam Chomsky’s Language Acquisition Theories

My Reflections on Language Acquisition

Nathanial Isaacson

Fresno Pacific University

(Minor adjustments were made from the official essay that I provided the university)


There are many important realms in the field of linguistics. 3,029 more words

Fresno Pacific

Nature or nurture in language acquisition? SOPHIE BRODIE explores the views of two heavyweights!

The age old question of how children acquire language is still very much a subject of debate, one for which a definite conclusion has yet to be drawn. 747 more words

University Of Chester

Is there universal agreement about universal grammar? AZARIA CROSS investigates

Theories of language acquisition are often be broken down into two sides –  nature versus nurture, and two of the main theorists behind these positions are Noam Chomsky and Michael Tomasello. 750 more words

University Of Chester


How much do languages have in common underneath? Are there some rules all languages follow? In this episode, we talk about the Principles and Parameters approach to Universal Grammar, and look at some principles that all languages obey, as well as some parameters that offer a choice between two options for your language.

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