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Nature or nurture in language acquisition? SOPHIE BRODIE explores the views of two heavyweights!

The age old question of how children acquire language is still very much a subject of debate, one for which a definite conclusion has yet to be drawn. 747 more words

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Is there universal agreement about universal grammar? AZARIA CROSS investigates

Theories of language acquisition are often be broken down into two sides –  nature versus nurture, and two of the main theorists behind these positions are Noam Chomsky and Michael Tomasello. 750 more words

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The Language Myth

For the past half-century, the dominant view in linguistics has been that human beings uniquely possess a hard-wired concept of language. This implies that all languages are related at a deep level, because all of them are created on the same fundamental grammar template. 560 more words


Language Acquisition Theories: How they can help you learn

In the previous article on modern language acquisition theories, we learned how Universal Grammar forms the basis for a child’s initial acquisition of language and generally how that acquisition actually works. 1,208 more words


Language Accquisition Theories and What They Mean for Language Learning

Language acquisition theories have changed a great deal over the last half century. The most popular notions—for example that language learning ability declines with age—are based on ideas half a century old and not supported by the last several decades of research. 837 more words


Perry Mann: The liberal gene

Perry Mann: The liberal gene

Note: I read “Liberals and conservatives, whence the divide?” by Charlie McElwee with great interest (Gazette, Dec. 13). This is an article I wrote a few years ago that supports McElwee’s article. 860 more words

No Language Instinct and On Dating a Writer; 17-Dec-2014

Language is not inborn

One of my wise professors in college made this statement that humans are superior to other creatures because they have the gift of (complex) language and a great (well-developed) brain. 100 more words

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