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Should endangered languages be saved or left to 'die'? SEAN BARTON considers whether we are over-romanticising language diversity

‘Language death’ is a major area of interest within the field of linguistics. Its contrasting arguments provide many emotive opinions on the topic. Trying to preserve and inject life into endangered languages is the key task for many linguists around the world. 781 more words

Language Debates

Chomsky or Tomasello? KATIE O'REGAN tries to avoid sitting on the fence in the language learning debate.

Would you ever think there would be so much controversy on how a child says their first word? Have you ever wondered where the ability to acquire language comes from? 722 more words

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Universal Grammar or intention-reading & pattern-finding? EMMA BARRY explores two key theories of language learning.

There are two major contrasting approaches to child language acquisition (CLA). The ‘nativist’ approach encompasses the belief that children are born with innate knowledge of language (Universal Grammar). 845 more words

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How do children really acquire language? Is it in their nature or do they need to be nurtured along the way? KATIE ROBERTS investigates.

Do you have a burning desire to know how you started talking and forming grammatical sentences? This may not be at the top of your priority list but there has been a debate in this linguistic field for decades.   905 more words

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Universal Grammar

I have recently read an article on Newsweek concerning the evolution of language and the so-called Universal Grammar. Long story short, the text is about the ways in which languages evolve. 4,804 more words


Princess Nokia, TESSA, Turbo Sonidero at Block Party for POW! WOW! San Jose

Universal Grammar, Empire Seven, & Cukui present

Block Party
at POW! WOW! San Jose 2017
featuring live performances by

Princess Nokia

TESSA. (B. Lewis + Lake Stovall) 35 more words

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Grammar or experience?

What is wrong with the idea of “universal” in the Universal Grammar of Chomsky? It is that what is taken as being universal is wrong. It is not the grammar in the brain that is universal, but rather it is the human experience that is universal. 106 more words

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