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The Language Myth

For the past half-century, the dominant view in linguistics has been that human beings uniquely possess a hard-wired concept of language. This implies that all languages are related at a deep level, because all of them are created on the same fundamental grammar template. 560 more words


Language Acquisition Theories: How they can help you learn

In the previous article on modern language acquisition theories, we learned how Universal Grammar forms the basis for a child’s initial acquisition of language and generally how that acquisition actually works. 1,208 more words


Language Accquisition Theories and What They Mean for Language Learning

Language acquisition theories have changed a great deal over the last half century. The most popular notions—for example that language learning ability declines with age—are based on ideas half a century old and not supported by the last several decades of research. 845 more words


Perry Mann: The liberal gene

Perry Mann: The liberal gene

Note: I read “Liberals and conservatives, whence the divide?” by Charlie McElwee with great interest (Gazette, Dec. 13). This is an article I wrote a few years ago that supports McElwee’s article. 860 more words