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Universal Grammar

I have recently read an article on Newsweek concerning the evolution of language and the so-called Universal Grammar. Long story short, the text is about the ways in which languages evolve. 4,806 more words


Princess Nokia, TESSA, Turbo Sonidero at Block Party for POW! WOW! San Jose

Universal Grammar, Empire Seven, & Cukui present

Block Party
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Princess Nokia

TESSA. (B. Lewis + Lake Stovall) 35 more words

Hip Hop Shows

Grammar or experience?

What is wrong with the idea of “universal” in the Universal Grammar of Chomsky? It is that what is taken as being universal is wrong. It is not the grammar in the brain that is universal, but rather it is the human experience that is universal. 106 more words

Applied Linguistics

Noam Chomsky's Approach to Linguistics

American linguist, whose work was fundamental to the development of modern approaches to the study of language. In addition to his research in linguistics he has a sustained role in political activism and reflection, and has written copiously from an anarcho-socialist perspective on American and global issues, particularly focusing on the oppressive nature of capitalist governments and businesses ( 647 more words

Literary Theory

E is for Esperanto

Try this thought experiment:

A couple learn an inventedĀ language and use it with their child who picks it up naturally. The child eventually meets another person who has the same artificial mother tongue.

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English Language Teaching

Reflections on Recursion

Recursion is an important aspect of human language, and a core part of the notion of Universal Grammar (UG). Recursion is the ability to string together a potentially infinite regress of embedded sentences, which are functionally limited only by human memory and cognitive processing power. 956 more words


Understanding Chomsky Vs. Foucault

Note: I have embedded footnotes into the text using asterisks for formatting issues and general readability.

To watch the debate discussed, click here.

Algernon: The truth is rarely pure and never simple (2009: 54). 4,720 more words