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The super boring but quietly racist Republican move

From CBS News here:

GOP lawmakers want states to receive fixed federal sums per beneficiary. These would likely be less generous than today’s payments, which generally cover costs automatically.

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Republicans 'idealistic' vision for health care!

Sub headline from the Guardian here:

As Republicans struggle to unify around a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, insurance executives appear to have found a friendly ear for their demands…

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Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz Debate American Health Care

On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) debated the merits of the current Affordable Care Act (ACA). A “must-watch,” the debate clearly delineated the progressive and conservative visions of an American health care system. 610 more words


TrumpCare will 100% cover all asshole related behavior and illnesses

It is being hand crafted by a group of world class assoles working for their Orange haired king.

These guys know assholes inside and out.

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Post-Obamacare healthcare meets Republican post-truth horseshit

Senator Fuckface Orrin Hatch From Bloomberg here:

“We’ve got to find some way of delivering all these health-care benefits to people without totally ruining the country so nobody gets any benefits, which is where we’re headed,” Hatch said.

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I was very disappointed when I found out that Donald J. Trump had apparently won the presidential election in November. Although some went into full-denial mode, I pretty much accepted that this creep would become president. 794 more words