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What happens when the President of the United States of America decides to publish a peer-reviewed commentary in one of the most respected medical journals of the nation? 206 more words


Supreme Court strikes down laws restricting constitutional abortion rights

Despite public opinion on abortion remaining essentially unchanged over the past 40 years, with the opinion that abortion should be illegal under any circumstances consistently being the minority view, that minority of mobilized constituents has been effectively chipping away at women’s legal rights. 164 more words

Abortion Rights

Trump is a blessing. Together we should trample his candidacy and rebuild the Democratic Party

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Author: Meteor Blades

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I voted for Bernie Sanders this morning in the California primary. Come November I will vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election. 1,927 more words

Universal Health Care. Is it Impossible?

We, in the United States, have either the best health care system in the world or not, depending on whether one has access and can afford it. 1,051 more words


Universal Healthcare

When I was a teenager I loved American music, books, movies and radio. I hoped I would eventually get a job and live in America. Today I think America makes the best music in the world, there are some great American authors, some interesting American films and   317 more words

Bernie Sanders

On Universal health care  

If you are unfortunate enough to live in America like I do there is a better than likely chance that you pay for health care coverage, and if you don’t there is a chance you have to pay a fine out of your federal tax return. 1,488 more words

The race for governor will offer a stark contrast

This year’s election will trigger a turnover at the top perhaps unprecedented in Vermont history. A new governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and new heads of the House and Senate will all be in place by next January. 352 more words

2016 Election