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On Universal health care  

If you are unfortunate enough to live in America like I do there is a better than likely chance that you pay for health care coverage, and if you don’t there is a chance you have to pay a fine out of your federal tax return. 1,488 more words

The race for governor will offer a stark contrast

This year’s election will trigger a turnover at the top perhaps unprecedented in Vermont history. A new governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and new heads of the House and Senate will all be in place by next January. 352 more words

2016 Election

Obama's high IQ nowhere to be found in Obamacare!

Supersmart Obama gave the commencement speech at Rutgers yesterday and said that being ignorant is not a virtue.  And I agree.

However, just because somebody is really smart doesn’t mean they have any desire to do the right thing or that they make great programs.  187 more words

D. Politics

"Makes More Sense Than Critics Admit": The Brave Politics Of Clinton’s Medicare Buy-In Proposal

Predictably, much of the commentary about Hillary Clinton’s newly expressed interest in making a Medicare buy-in option available to people near retirement age is treating it as another… 325 more words


John Kasich Speaks From The (Political) Grave

John Kasich is the 69th and current governor of the state of Ohio. Prior to that he represented the 12th congressional district of Ohio in the United States House of Representative for nine terms. 457 more words

"Change Requires More Than Righteous Anger": How Sanders Can Avoid Becoming The Ted Cruz Of The Left

As it becomes increasingly clear that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic presidential nominee, a lot of people are beginning to talk about what Bernie Sanders should do now. 431 more words

Ted Cruz

Haiku, Dependency Ratios


“Reuther and Wilson’s – dumb deal killed universal – health care and pensions”