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WHO praises Thai Universal Health Care while junta wants it destroyed

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

Recently the deputy head of the World Health Organisation, Dr.Soumya Swaminathan, visited Thailand to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding which would allow the WHO to share the experiences of the Thai Universal Health Care scheme with other poor and middle-income countries, especially those in Africa. 644 more words

Thai Politics

Why Would I Buy Health Insurance?

I live in America and I am 25 and in one year I will not be covered on my father’s insurance plan. Time to start looking for insurance plans? 864 more words

Loneliness in America is a Public Health Problem


As part of our series on community-building I am reporting on what happens to Americans as a result of the breakdown of community, which… 570 more words



On August 7, 2018, Rolling Stone reported that Demi Lovato was given Narcan (naloxone) by paramedics in response to a drug overdose after 6 years of sobriety.“I want to thank God for keeping me alive and well,” she said. 466 more words

New Libertarian Study Shows Bernie Sanders Medicare for All Would Save Corporations Trillions of Dollars

Currently, the United States has the least efficient health care system with the highest per capita health care costs in the developed world. That makes it very profitable for the shareholders of the 1 percent. 477 more words

The Truth About Single-Payer Health Care

Yesterday, my Assembly opponent, Anthony Palumbo, posted on social media that the New York Health Act is “just not feasible,” calling it a “pipe dream”.  He’s wrong.  143 more words