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Fake News: Democrats care about the deficit

In 2006 the deficit was about $248 billion.  Democrats called it unpatriotic.  They said tax cuts had killed the economy and skyrocketed the deficit.  They said America was going to go bankrupt.  340 more words

Why America Needs Single-Payer Healthcare

By April K. Hunter

This is a different kind of article on healthcare, one written from a business perspective.

In order for Obamacare to be sustainable, Sarah Lueck states in the  1,348 more words


The Question of Universal Healthcare

I am fully in support of universal healthcare, however, recent studies have been widely misinterpreted by the left as evidence that a bill proposed by Bernie Sanders (whom I also support) will lead to tremendous savings for the federal government. 493 more words


Socialist Andrew Gillum calls for confederacy to pass Universal Healthcare

In a rocky race so far for Florida Governor, Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum suggested to CNN’s Chris Cuomo that we needed a “confederacy of states” in order to get Universal Healthcare.  397 more words

US Healthcare set for a Nationalized System!

Health care in the US is beginning to look like – Canada at it’s worst.  Doctors are retiring en masse, and hospitals are choosing to provide only basic care when the cost for true health seems prohibitive in terms of dollars. 585 more words


California - guinea pig politics.

The man widely thought to be the next governor of California is all in on “free” (actually universal single payer) healthcare for everyone who resides in the state, including illegal residents. 305 more words


Cynthia Nixon - A Staged Hollywood Play

It would seem that NY Candidate, Cynthia Nixon, is endorsing everyone as long as they are of the Liberal ‘persuasion’ and adhere to woman characteristics.   It doesn’t matter what comes out their mouths, it doesn’t matter their ignorance, all that matters is a profile.  704 more words