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No... Canadian universal health insurance is NOT like visiting an underfunded American DMV office

I keep hearing the “fake news” Republican talking point that compares government-run universal health insurance to a visit to a Department of Moter Vehicles office — more precisely to an underfunded DMV that is short on staff and time-saving… 6 more words

Three Myths About Private Health Insurance Companies in America

There is a prevailing false belief that many Americans love their private health insurance and they have choice of doctors, get quality healthcare at affordable prices. 901 more words


Medicare and Morality

If you’re anything like me, you spent the last two nights watching the second round of the Democratic Debates. The number one issue at those debates was healthcare. 835 more words


American Healthcare: A Sad and Nightmarish Experience

A couple of days ago my healthcare documentary, “SCREWED by the Greedy Business of Healthcare in America,” had a screening at Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids, MI. 544 more words


Universal Healthcare- will it work in India?

Before we begin, let us go over some of the basics of Universal Healthcare.

What is Universal Healthcare?

In general, universal healthcare is a system that provides medical aid and care to all citizens irrespective of their ability to pay. 622 more words


Hot Air

I sit between walls made of cardboard.
This isn’t a metaphor – the walls are literally
the kinds of cardboard tri-folds you’d see in
a kindergarten classroom production, except they’re here, 91 more words