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Bernie Sanders To Introduce Healthcare Bill

Now is the time for people of conscience to stand up and push for Medicare for all. We need a public option for healthcare int his country. 67 more words


Way to Go, Natalie-Ann!

I follow @SquirrelBeebz on Twitter.  Maybe you should, too.

Healthcare and Christians, 2017

Back in 2009 I wrote an op-ed on my blog at the time about the role of Christians and healthcare. I think it turned out pretty well, so I felt like this would be a good time to bring it out again. 1,466 more words


Failure of the US to Protect Citizen’s Health

It was March 2010 and I had just come home to have lunch.  I flipped on the TV and there was Sander Levin, acting Chair of the US Ways and Means Committee after Charles Rangel had stepped aside during his entanglement with the House Ethics Committee. 1,175 more words


TrumpCare (AHCA) - Welcome to Universal Catastrophic Health Insurance

The AHCA would move the USA toward universal catastrophic healthcare coverage, by enabling insurance companies to sign up individuals to $0 monthly premium plans with high deductibles and limited coverage.

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Money for Nothing & Your Drinks For Free

I had a call from my accountant the other day apparently I could buy £300 of intimate meals, all my meals during the week and £300 of gift vouchers tax free, and am not. 324 more words


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Where ER Doctors Work Entirely via Webcam:

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The article “ER Doctors Work Entirely via Webcam” is a glance into an area in South Dakota where telemedicine is heavily concentrated. 364 more words